Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro Earbuds will launch in India soon Here are details

It’s been a while since Xiaomi released a pair of earbuds for sale in India under its own brand the chance of the launch of this earbuds is around the mid of December or January.

This Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro earbuds already launched in China on 3 September

In addition to Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro, Xiaomi could also unveil the release of a new speaker, but, we don’t know much information about it at present writing of this article

Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro price in India

Let me clear that this expected one As Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro earbuds launched in China of the price of CYN 699 Which is around 8200 INR if we convert

Then we can expect it will around 8k -10k INR

Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro specifications, features

The Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro comes with an AirPods Pro-inspired design. These Earbuds are among the very first ones to connect with the LDHC 4.0 codec.

The earbuds are said to provide an average of 6 hours’ listening with ANC enabled. Additionally, the addition to the charger case to the equation will give you a battery lifespan of around 21 hours. It is available in three colors. TWS 3 Pro from Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro comes in three colours: white, black, and dark forest green.

Xiaomi claims that an improvement over the LDHC 4.0 codec will enhance the audio quality up to “HiFi-level”. The earbuds have an active noise cancellation feature which blocks 40db of noise from outside. Its ANC option of Xiaomi TWS 3 Pro headphones includes ambient sound modes and a voice enhancement mode and a three-stage mode to block noise. They can also play 360-degree sound like AirPods Pro.

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