Ptron Bassbuds Wave

Ptron Launched its Bassbuds Wave with the 40 hours of battery and fast charging in India

Ptron Bassbuds Wave Earbuds with 50m low latency , and forty hours of playing time were unveiled on the streets of India this week on Wednesday. The wireless earbuds are equipped with the DSP environment noise Cancellation (ENC) technology. Additionally, they are available in mono and dual earbuds. 

They also support USB Type-C charging that is fast. They also have smart touch features that make it easy to switch between various modes and music control. They are currently being sold exclusively on Amazon with an initial price discount on the initial 100 users. The company says these earbuds will appeal to individuals of all life styles.

Specifications for Ptron’s Bassbuds

Ptron Bassbuds Wave feature come with dynamic drivers that measure 13mm and have dual bud options that are mono/dual. It can take up to 1.5 minutes to completely charge the earbuds. They come with 50ms of low latency movie mode, which provides a no-audio delay movie watching experience. 

The earphones utilize Bluetooth v5.3 with an transmission range of up to 10 meters.

Ptron Bassbuds Wave Ptron Bassbuds Wave also come with DSP ENC technology that allows for noise cancellation. “The Bassbuds Wave’s advanced DSP ENC system provides the most immersive sound experience, and the clearest calls even in windy conditions,” stated Ameen Khwaja, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ptron.

These Bassbuds Wave earbuds by Ptron have a battery of 40mAh each that provides 40 hours of playing time. The earbuds’ case has a battery of 300mAh that provides 3 hours of playing time with 10 minutes of charging time, according to Ptron’s. 

They are compatible with USB Type-C speedy charging, and are IPX4 waterproof. The devices weigh 7.8g each, while the case weighs 32g.

price and availability

Ptron has set the price of Bassbuds Wave at Rs. 1,299 in India. bassbuds wave at the price of Rs. 1,299 in India. The earbuds are sold exclusively on Amazon for a rate of. 999.99 in Satin Black. The price promotion is only available to the 100 first customers who sign up on the day of the offer, i.e. May 25.

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