Nokia Comfort and Go Earbuds with a 24-Hour Battery Life, Launched in India

Nokia Comfort Earbuds along with the Nokia Go Earbuds+ are released on the market in India on Tuesday along with the Nokia G21 phone as in addition to Nokia 105 (2022) and Nokia 105 (2022) and Nokia 105 Plus feature phones. 

The Nokia Comfort Earbuds come with a water-resistant body, as do they also have a splash-proof body. Nokia Go Earbuds+ have an egress-proof body. 

The two true Bluetooth stereo (TWS) headphones are designed to provide a time of more than an entire day on just one charge. The earbuds come with a charging case, and are available in two distinct colour choices.


Nokia Comfort Earbuds price in India is the price of Rs. 2,799 while the Nokia Go Earbuds+ come with a price of 1,999. 1,999. The earbuds will be sold in Black and white colours at numerous local stores as well as large-format retail stores and online stores in the near future.

The Nokia Comfort Earbuds and Nokia Go Earbud sand both were released globally, including the US, in the year 2000. The Nokia Comfort Earbuds debuted with the price of $54 (roughly the equivalent of Rs. 4,100) However, the Nokia Go Earbuds+ was priced at $34 (roughly around Rs. 2,600).

Nokia trademark licensee HMD Global also introduced the Nokia G21 smartphone, as well as Nokia 105 (2022) and along with Nokia 105 Plus smartphones with features on India. Indian marketplace on Monday along with the brand-new earbuds.


These Nokia Comfort Earbuds come with 10 mm drivers, and come in an IPX5 water-resistant construction. The earbuds have adjustable ear tips as well as environmental noise cancellation (ENC) feature. The earbuds are rated to provide the equivalent of 9.5 hours of play time with a single charge when the charging case included extends the battery’s life by as long as 29 hours as the company claims.

In terms of connectivity In terms of connectivity, these Nokia Comfort Earbuds come with Bluetooth v5.1 connectivity. They also have support for control via a touchscreen. The case that comes with it has the USB Type-C port to allow charging.

Each earbud is equipped with 60mAh batteries, and the charging case comes with a battery pack of 330mAh.

In terms of measurements in terms of dimensions, in terms of dimensions, the Nokia Comfort Earbuds Case measures 64x29x44mm and weighs in at 44g. Earbuds however, on the other hand measure 28x25x23mm and weigh 5 grams each.

Nokia Go Earbuds+ specifications

The Nokia Go Earbuds+ come with drivers of 13 mm and an IPX4-rated, splash-proof design. They are said to provide 26 hours of playing time on one charge when used in the charging case, which comes with a 300mAh battery. But, each earbud is certified to last the equivalent of 6.5 hours of use.

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