NoiseFit Evolve 2

NoiseFit Evolve 2 smartwatch is going to launch in India with Price of Rs 7999

The most well-known brand of wearables Noise has introduced Noisefit Evolve2 in India. Noise always released smartwatches and earbuds that come with reasonable cost, however, NoiseFit Evolve 2 was released in the middle-priced category. The watch has an AMOLED display and has a an extended battery life of 7 days. It comes with a seven-day battery life. NoiseFit Evolve 2 also comes with several sensors, including an oxygen level monitor and a heart rate monitor and a heart rate monitor, among others.

Noisefit Evolve 2 is the successor to Noisefit Evolve, which was released a few years back. The Evolve smartwatch had a stunning design and was available in appealing colors. The NoiseFit Evolve has an amazing design. It is available in the form of a round dial that is composed of polycarbonate and small border. Two buttons are located on the right-hand side on the right side of this smartwatch. Let’s take a look at the specifications and cost of the smartwatch.

NoiseFit Evolve 2: Specifications

NoiseFit Evolve 2 features a circular dial that has small borders. It has an 1.2-inch AMOLED display that has resolution of 390×390 pixels. It also has a diameter of 42mm. The case for the watch is made from polycarbonate and is fitted with silicone straps that measure 22mm. The smartwatch is equipped with a variety of health sensors, such as the heart rate monitor and a blood oxygen tracker and sleep sensors. It also has a an instant reply to messages and calls feature which is only accessible to Android customers only. The NoiseFit Evolve 2 smartwatch is equipped with 12 sports tracking options such as cycling, walking and hiking. Regarding battery life the watch comes with the capacity to be up for seven days.

SoundFit Evolve 2. Prices and availability

Its NoiseFit Evolve 2 is sold for sale at an initial price of 3999, however the initial price of the device is 7999 Rs. The smartwatch will be for sale on December 14. It will be available in three color options which include Charcoal black Cloud Grey and Rose Pink.

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