Noise Launched its New Earbuds Noise Beads TWS In India here are prices and specs

Noise Launched its New Earbuds Noise Beads TWS In India, here are prices and specs

Officially, Noise launched its New Earbuds called Noise Beads TWS in India. They feature a stemless design, and have earbuds that are round with a metallic finishing. These Noise Beads offer a Strong battery life up to 18 hours. They have tactile controls on their exterior surface, and are housed in the form of a charging case that has round corners. They also have rounded corners. Bead also comes with the Type C charging feature, IPX5 rating, and Bluetooth 5.1.

While Launching the news earbuds, Noise announced the price at Rs 1499

Specifications & Features

Noise beads feature an elongated charging case that has a pebble shape with a metallic-like appearance. The charging case features LED lights that display how much battery remains inside the case. Noise provides a reliable connection using Bluetooth 5.1 along with Hyper Sync technology. 

It’s reported that it pairs more quickly when used with Android phones than when using iOS phones. They say that the Beads are also extremely comfortable to wear. Beads are also very comfortable to wear. It weighs just 4.5 grams.

Concerning battery life and battery life, the In terms of battery life, Beads offer an incredible battery life of 7 hours after one charge, while the charging case provides another battery lifespan of eleven hours. Thus, the total playback time customers will experience will be 18 hours. To ensure your safety, the earbuds are IPX5-certified, meaning they can be worn during a training session and walk in rain. There is also extra features like Google Assistant and Siri.

Note : The Sale of this earbuds will be live on Amazon 24th December with two different color Grey and Black

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