Mi Band 7

Mi Band 7 Launch Scheduled for 24 May Xiaomi Teases a Larger Display Greater Viewing Area

Mi Band 7 has been confirmed by Xiaomi. The fitness band is scheduled to launch along with the launch of the redmi note 11T series in China in May 24th. Xiaomi has also shared details on details of Mi Band 7, which is the successor to Mi Band 6. Mi Band 6. Mi Band 6.

The Chinese company has also stated it will be sporting a Mi Band 7 will get an 1.62-inch AMOLED display with 25 percent more screen space.

The specifications leak earlier revealed that the device would feature an LCD with a resolution that is 192×490 pixels and a display that is constantly on (AOD).

In a post via Weibo The Chinese company has announced that it will release its new Mi Band 7 smartphone. Mi Band 7 will go to market on May 24th. Xiaomi confirms that the new Mi Band 7 will come with a bigger screen and more space for viewing than the predecessor, the Mi Band 6.

The company also revealed that the latest smartwatch will feature a 1.62-inch AMOLED display with 25 percent more viewing area. The company has announced that the latest model will be revealed during the launch party of Redmi Note11T’s China launch event.

Zeng Xuezhong, Director of Sales and Marketing and Head of Xiaomi’s Smartphone Department at Xiaomi, declared in a Blog post on Weibo that the latest Mi Band 7 has a bigger, runway-shaped display.

Xuezhong added that it is likely that the Mi Band 7 will have NFC function, and can accommodate up to 300 cards to be used in bus applications. Xuezhong stated that this will be the most capable Mi Band yet.

Mi Band 7 specifications

According to an earlier report in the media, it appears that the Mi Band 7 has been predicted to come with GPS support AOD, the display of 192×490 pixels.

It is reported to be model number M2129B1 or M2130B1. The fitness tracker is nicknamed “L66”. It is believed that the Mi Band 7 is also believed to have an energy saving mode that can extend the battery lifespan for the tracker.

The device is said to only keep track of steps and basic sleep data in the energy saving.

The fitness tracker might have a Smart Alarm feature that can awaken a user 30 minutes prior to the time they set for alarm in the event that it detects sleepiness.

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