Give your home a smart appearance with Incovize home appliances..

The online Indian shopping industry is growing and blooming rapidly. This industry expands at larger dimensions. So, people expect more flexibility, safety, reliability, and affordability from the products. The market for electronics devices is no exception.

To fulfill the basic needs of Indians, Incovize came into the scene. This Indian startup brings high-tech home appliances with smart innovations for Indian consumers. It also offers a smart home solution under every budget. The company conveys maximum innovation urging to make a footprint in the Indian electronics industry, too.

What challenges do Indian consumers face while shopping for smart home appliances?

  • Expensive ranges – Home appliances in India are a pretty costly investment. Eventually, electronics with the latest technology and luxury appearance can cost you immense. So, the consumers become conscious and careful about selection.
  • Waiting for festivals – Indians mostly wait for festivities like Diwali, Christmas, New year, etc., for the biggest deals, offers, and extravaganzas. Eventually, in peak seasons, the product costs even elevate a more, making it hard to afford for many.
  • Tons of eligibility issues –Thirdly, several brands mandate consumer eligibility criteria. You must pass those eligibility standards to purchase products on loans like air conditioners, Refrigerators, SmartTV’s , smartphones, Laptops or even lifestyle products. It indeed makes the process more bothersome and complicated.
  • Less No-cost EMI facilities –Despite this, consumers pay additional EMI costs when buying a product. This, in maximum stages, can be very disappointing. Imagine getting a new TV and paying a thousand bucks extra – annoying, right?
  • Less scope of returns/replacement –Another significant complaint of consumers is electronics companies don’t accept replacement requests or offer return policies. Therefore, if you encounter technical difficulties or defects on the purchased item, the total loss will be yours only!

Incovize : an all-in-one solution: 

Incovize is the solution to all consumer problems. It brings brand-new innovations with extreme facilities. From Extra Discounts to Cashbacks and No-cost EMI to product warranty &  replacement, affordability to durability, Incovize offers all-in-one solutions under one umbrella.

It’s a brand-new Indian electronics manufacturing and e-Retail company. It stepped into the electronics and lifestyle products company recently. The company highly aims to fulfill the requirements of Indian customers. Thus, it offers budget-friendly, sustainable, customer-friendly, and Trusted Luxury Home Commodities & Consumer Electronics like Air Conditioner, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Water purifiers, Mixer Grinders, Smart Coolers,  Smart LED Tvs,  Smartphones, Laptops and Life style products like Bluetooth Head phones, Ear Buds, Home Theatres, Blutooth Speakers and More…

Incovize : Be a part of Incovize’s unique membership plans

Incovize has an all-year membership plan offer categorized into three segments: Prime, PRO, and Premium.

  • Under prime membership, you can access hundreds of reliable Incovize products with 18% flat extra discounts, 12 months extra warranty and without any eligibility No-cost EMI facility up to 9 months for your every future product purchases. In addition, buyers will get a 100% assured free Beard trimmer that fits the modern lifestyle. This reliable product comes with 3years of warranty (2 year standard product warranty + Incovize’s 1year extra warranty) with this membership plan.


  • In the PRO membership plan, Members will get assured 30% extra discounts, 24 months extra warranty, 5% instant cashback, and without any eligibility No-cost EMI facility up to 12 months – for your every future Product purchases ! On Pro membership purchase  , you will receive a initial free gift product of Electric glass kettle with over heat protection features, This gift comes with a 1year regular and 2years of Incovize membership’s extra warranty.



  • The premium membership brings you 60 months of extra warranty on all products with flat 60% extra discounts, Instant10% extra cashback’s , and without any eligibility No-cost EMI facility up to 24 months for your every future Product purchases, Plus, Initially you will get a high-quality, feature-friendly Electric Rice Cooker as a complementary gift on Premium membership purchase ! Made of premium quality materials, this Electric Rice Cooker comes with a 5years Regular warranty + Incovize Membership provides extra 5years warranty.

Under Incovize membership plans, consumers don’t require to pass any eligibility criteria. Plus, there’s no need to submit a PAN card and Credit card for the product loan. And all products fall into the No-cost EMI facility at Incovize. No worries of your CIBIL Score again. (Grab the Offer – Incovize ) – One Stop Solution For all your Electronic Needs…

Incovize consistently innovates new trustworthy products indulging the latest cutting-edge Smart technology to offer state-of-the-art luxury home appliances to consumers. This Made In India company aims to launch its own motorcycle in two variants Diesel and Electric modes with 350cc and 1000cc in April 2023. The company envisions solving the affordability and durability constraints of Indian consumers efficiently. Easy to make your Home Luxurious with Incovize Membership… ( Grab Now )

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