Laptop : Guide to Buy Laptop at cheap price

laptop buying guide

What is Laptop CPU? The inside hardware of a laptop consists of a series of components. A central processing unit (CPU), which is the high-tech, ultra-small integrated circuit chip (IC), which acts as your computer’s brain. The central processing units or CPU of a PC operates much like an electronic brain in that it uses … Read more

How To Choose Best Smartphone

So, how to buy the best smart phone in India? The entire world is in the move to smartphones. Smartphones with camera, music player, and lots of data storage and downloading options are the hottest choice in the emerging markets. In India, smartphone sales have been on a rise. With the market becoming more competitive … Read more

11 Best Headphones Under 1000 (July2021)

best headphones under 1000

Today in this article, I will introduce the most awaited topic, Best Headphones Under 1000 . You will get the list of all the 13 headphones.  I have shortlisted these headphones among the thousand of headphones out there in online stores or market. There are many headphones that I have personally used for minimum a of 3months; after that, I … Read more

5 Best Laptop under 30000 (India 2020)

best laptop under 30000

Hey, I know you’re looking for the best laptop under 30000. I know you are worried about your budget, but don’t worry; I have selected the list of best laptop under 30000 and fit for your budget. Most of you are confused about how to buy the best laptop. There are many things we have … Read more