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7 Best Laptops Under 1 Lakh In India, 2022

Looking for Best Laptops Under 1 lakh ? 

In This article, we will this about this topic in detail

In This digital Laptop is now an essential part of our life that’s why choosing the best laptops for you is important 

there are many laptops available out here in online store or market

Choosing the best laptop is not an easy Job, that’s why

We have decided to help you in choosing the best laptops under 1 lakh and also give you the brief detail about all the related term 

Needless to mention, laptops have become a very essential part of our daily lives, especially after the pandemic.

Everything is new to us, starting from online schooling to work from home. With so many laptops in the market, we get very confused with which one to purchase. Laptops vary from each other in several aspects like CPU speed, RAM, Graphics, Size, etc.

So here is the list of 7 laptops that are considered the best in the present market and all under Rs 1 lakh. With great design and compatibility, these laptops have been successful in catering to all the needs of the consumers in the market.

Their handy outlook along with their overall brilliant performance sets them apart. Let us take a look to know more about it.

I have shortlisted the best 7 laptop under your budget with their overall performances 

Let’s see

Details About the Best Laptops Under 1 Lakh

1. Apple MacBook Air

Best Laptops Under 1 lakh


  • Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU
  • Touch ID
  • Force Touch trackpad
  • Retina display with True Tone

Apple is always the go-to laptop for professionals and students. The new MacBook Air 2020 has a 13 inches screen size with 2560×1600 pixels resolution, and the slimmest laptop you will ever come across. It is like a notebook making it easy to carry in hand.

Apple MacBook Air is the first choice of The Best Laptops Under 1 lakh

MacBook has Apple M1 Chip, designed specifically for Mac. The laptop is powered by an i3 processor. It has 8 core CPU which just does not make it 3.5x faster compared to the previous generation but also balances high-performance core with efficiency cores.

GPU is of 7 or 8 core, making it 5x faster in graphics and works as wonder. The battery life is up to 18 hours after a single full charge. The entire system is snappier and there is immediate response. It wakes instantly from sleep.

256 GB of SSD card is available giving enough storage to fulfill all the needs. All your data, files, works and projects are protected and safe as there is Touch ID. One touch is enough to unlock your Mac, buy an app in App Store, secure documents and make purchases.  It connects to Wi-Fi, USB, your other devices.

The camera quality is quite clear and there are three inbuilt microphones to make your voice clear when you’re facetiming or in an official call. Moreover, the shiny texture, true tone technology, force touch trackpad makes it the most desirable laptop.

However, it does not have inbuilt MS applications like MS Teams, MS Office, MS PowerPoint etc. These needs to be installed later after purchase by spending some extra amount.

However, the pros and cons have been mentioned below for a better clarification.


· It is superfast from bootup, opening apps to downloading documents.

· It is super slim and very easy to carry around.

· Screen, sound and Mic quality is perfect

·  Is reliable to be used for long without much battery-drainage.


· After continuous workload for nearly 7-8 hours, it heats up and becomes a bit slow and battery drains rapidly.

· The camera quality is better but not the best.

2. ASUS ZenBook 14

Best laptops under 1 lakh


  • Corei7 10th Gen Intel® CPU
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Integrated Intel Iris X Graphics
  • LED-backlit Full HD (1920 × 1080),

ASUS ZenBook 14 has an all-metal build and is World’s Thinnest 14-inch laptop. It is lightweight along with 11th Gen Intel Core i7, 2.8 GHz processor speed.  

ASUS ZenBook 14 is the Best Laptops Under 1 lakh.

The product dimensions are 20.8×31.9×1.4 cm. Its operating system is Windows 10 Home. The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The RAM size is 16 GB. Storage is as huge as 512 GB and a lot of your files, documents and information can be safely kept without any storage shortage issue.

The battery life is pretty good and lasts up to 22 hours but however it depends on the usage. There is pre-installed MS Office Home and Student 2019, McAfee Anti-Virus with a validity of 1 year. The keyboard has edge-to-edge design with a whole row of extra function keys.

There is also a number pad 2.0, full size backlit. There is IR HD web camera with Windows Hello support. The security is maintained as there is a face recognition login system.

The sound system is very good and clear. It has 2 thunderbolts and is compatible with Bluetooth v5.0 as well as Wi-fi 6. There is AI Noise-cancelling technology to ensure best experience. Ambient noises are filtered out for clear and proper voice.

There is optimized cooling and enhanced audio quality. It has been passed several tests of Altitude test, drop test, high-temperature test and low-temperature test as well.


· The laptop is really very light and easy to carry and the body is quite aesthetic.

· The touchpad is the primary beauty focus and has a dynamic setting

· The battery last nearly the whole day. Even with high brightness and workload, the battery life is quite good.


·  The touchpad can be a bit problematic and get in the way of typing. But that is not something which will obviously happen, it may or may not.

· The machine gets heated due to heavy workload

· The speakers are mediocre and not like something too good.

3. HP Pavilion 13 11th Gen

Best Laptops Under 1 lakh


  • 13.3 Inch FHD (1920 x 1080)
  • Intel Iris X Graphics
  • 11th Gen Intel Core i7
  • Intel Turbo Boost Technology

HP Pavilion 13 is a 11th Gen Intel Core i7 laptop with a display of 13.3 inch and has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It is a Windows 10 laptop with lifetime warranty and has a net weight of 1.24 kg and this laptops is the best example of the Best Laptops Under 1 lakh.

The memory is 16 GB with a storage of 512 GB. So, you can pack all your documents, projects and work in the laptop without any storage issue.

The video graphics is supported by Intel Iris X graphics. The battery life however is 8 hours and 30 minutes maximum and that is a real drawback.

Many people who work in 9-5 jobs or students going to college might not like this characteristic as charging the laptop while working for long is not preferable for them. Also charge points may not be available everywhere and hence is a real problem.

The webcam is a HP Wide Vision 720p HD camera with integrated dual array digital microphones. The keyboard is full size, natural silver and backlit so that dark environment won’t pose as a problem in between your work.

The audio quality is quite okay and has dual speakers and HP Audio Boost. The laptop is compatible with Wi-fi 6 and Bluetooth 5. There are USB ports, HDMI 2.0, 3.5 mm headphone port as well. Microsoft Office Home & Student is in-built along with Alexa built-in.


· Lightweight and quite compact

· 1 TB SSD Storage

· 16 GB ram so multitasking is easy


· There is no dedicated GPU and instead uses integrated Intel GPU

· The battery life is very less and not preferrable.

· Gets heated due to long hours of working and suddenly might go-off.

4.Asus ZenBook Duo 14


  • 11th Gen Intel Core i5
  • Intel Iris X Graphics
  • 14.0-inch, FHD (1920 x 1080)
  • Touch screen IPS-level Panel Support Stylus

Asus ZenBook Duo 14 is another great product of Asus along with touch screen display. It has two screens one is the normal screen and the other is present just beneath the screen.

Asus Zenbook Duo 14 is also considered as the Best Laptops Under 1 lakh.

It has a metal finish and a slimmer body with an aesthetic body. It is powered by the latest 11th Gen Intel Core Processors i7, 2.4 GHz Base speed and 4 cores.

The body is sturdy and light. The screen size is 14 inches with a 1920×1080 pixels resolution. It is a touch screen laptop complimented with Stylus support. There is anti-glare display, LED Backlit. The keypad is a backlit chicklet keyboard, decently spaced has precision touch pad.

There is Screen Pad plus, through which the 12.65 inches landscape can be split into two halves. The dual screening helps with multitasking. The touch screen is also very responsive. 4096 pressure-level active stylus is also provided to work on the screen.

You can sketch, draw and even write handwritten notes. Both the screen as well as the Screen pad is touch-enabled and responses to stylus touches. The camera is of 720p IR Webcam and in-built in the laptop. Its battery life is good and last up to 17 hours at a single charge.

There are several ports like USB, Type-A port, a micro-SD card slot, audio jack. The ZenBook Duo’s 14 speakers are Harman branded and good in quality. Asus has tied up with Adobe to bring some widgets for the Screen Pad. The laptop performs admirably and the laptop breezes to avoid heating up.


· Unique and a very rare design

· Screen Pad helps in handling work easily

· The battery backup is very good

· Touch effective quality makes work easy


· The touchpad is clunky and sometimes not really necessary

· No Thunderbolt 3

· Weak GPU

5. Lenovo Yoga 7

Best Laptops Under 1 lakh


  • 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake Core i7
  • 14″ Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Intel Iris Xe Integrated Graphics
  • 16 GB RAM DDR4-3200

Here is the 5th number laptops of Best Laptops Under 1 lakh

Lenovo introduced Yoga series with various designs and features. The Lenovo Yoga 7 is a 11th generation laptop with an Intel Core processor of i7. The processor speed is 2.8 GHz.

There is a preloaded Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity and upgradation to Windows 11. The display is of 14 inches full HD with screen resolution of 1920×1080. The screen is touch-enabled and has fingerprint reader. The keyboard is quite spacious as well is backlit.

The graphics is Intel iris Xe Integrated the power is your imagination. 512 GB SSD storage makes space for all the data, 16 GB ram makes sure that all these details are available and accessible to you all in a flash.

The screen has AGC Dragon trail glass. It has a sleek body of 15.9 mm and you can explore a 360° transition. The battery life is also very good and you can have 10 hours of non-stop streaming and uninterrupted work.

There is also provision for a rapid charge express and hand you can get three hours of run time in just 15 minutes. Bluetooth version 5.0 and thunderbolt 4 bring lightning speed and performance.

There is provision for face ID recognition as well as touch ID recognition. The whole laptop can be bend and made to look like a tablet. When you bend the laptop, the keypad will actually go out to the back and the screen will be there in front which can be used with the help of touch control. The trackpad is very smooth and the stylus named as the active pen is very responsive.

The keyboard is nice and handy. The speakers are great and quite loud and has stereo speakers. There is a inbuilt camera with a 720p HD facility.


· Excellent speakers and audio system

· All day battery life

· Powerful Processor


· Laptop gets heated while typing on keypad

· Screen Brightness reduction should have default limitations

· The touch screen facility is sometimes unresponsive

6. Asus ZenBook 13


  • 13.3 Inch wide-view Full HD
  • Corei7 10th Gen Intel® CPU
  • Up to 16 GB memory
  • MX 250 NVIDIA®

Asus ZenBook 13 is a 10th generation laptop along with the Intel Core processor i7, 2.8 GHz base speed, 12 MB cache and 4.7 GHz Max Turbo. It has a screen size of 13.3 inch and the screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. that’s make this laptops on the last number of the Best Laptops Under 1 lakh.

The whole laptop has a metallic chassis and is very light and thin. It is one of the world’s thinnest laptops along with Asus ZenBook 14. It has a RAM size of 16 GB making it fast as well as effective.

There is a storage of 512 GB giving enough amount of space to keep all your data as well as documents protected. It is a classic coffeehouse laptop, stylish but not necessarily showy. The graphics are supported by Intel iris XE graphics.

There are several ports available such as 2x thunderbolt for USB-C, USB A, HDMI 1.4, microSD card reader. It has a Windows 10 Pro Operating System and is quite compatible and user friendly. Aside from just looking nice it has a lot of additional features that makes it more interesting. Instead of the typical Webcam it has an IR camera with 720p Webcam.

The microphone quality is generally excellent and delivers very clear sounds. It also includes a number pad 2.0 in the touch pad. If you press an icon on the top right of the touchpad it will turn on the number pad for you. It has a USB C port on its left side. It has a very lightweight body and easy to carry to workplaces or to college.

The price is also kind of right and proportional to the features that the laptop provides. It has a very amazing battery life and can go on for hours just after a single charge. You can use the laptop for a long period of time without any battery issue. The keypad lifts towards you as you fully extend the screen, making typing on it more pleasant.


· Has a very attractive and aesthetic design and build body.

· It’s very light weight as well is handy.

· It has a very phenomenal battery life.

· Decent CPU performance


· There is no headphone jack

· The touchpad is sometimes unresponsive

· Sometimes read on graphics are underperformed.

7. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Best Laptops Under 1 lakh


  • ‎Intel Iris Plus Graphics
  • Tablet Mode
  • 12.3 Touchscreen
  • 8 MP Rear Webcam

Here we go, the last number of the Best Laptops Under 1 lakh

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a part of the Surface Pro seven series. It has an operating system of Windows 10 Home with lifetime warranty and validity and has a 10th generation processor with Intel Core i5. The processor speed is 1.1 GHz and the processor account is 4

The laptop generally comes with 8GB ram along with a storage space of 128GB. It has a screen size of 12.3 inches and has screen resolution of 2736×1824 pixels display.

The graphics are supported by Intel UHD graphics (i3) or iris plus graphics (i5 and i7). There are provisions for touch screen. It is more of like a two in one laptop and can be used both as a laptop as well as a tablet if necessary.

The laptop comes with a pre-install software of Windows 10 home, Microsoft office 365 with a 30-day trial. The body is made up of a magnesium alloy, and is available in two color platinum and Matt black.

The back of the body can be folded so far that it can lay flat on its back with a comfortable position for painting or writing or designing along with the help of a stylus.

It has a 3.5mm headphones socket just around the corner along with other ports such as USB type a, USB type C as well as Microsoft’s proprietary surface connector slot.

Other specifications worth mentioning are the five-megapixel front facing and eight-megapixel rear facing cameras, dual mics, stereo speakers, Wi-Fi six and Bluetooth 5.

The battery life is also pretty good and can run up to 10.5 hours at a single go. Coming to the performance, it boosts fast and perform is every day-to-day task with the normal applications.

The iris scanner works great and logs you pretty fast. The display is quite good, and the camera is quite of a good quality. It is very much travel-friendly and can be taken to different places when you’re travelling as well as working. Since it is very handy and compatible, it is easy to carry.


· It is very handy and travel friendly. Since it is two in one it can be carried to different places.

· The laptop is quite pretty looking and has funky keyboard covers.

· The battery life is pretty good and the safety and security along with the iris scanner works very well.


· The storage is quite less and hence there might be storage issues.

· The device gets heated up at times.

· It is a pretty decent device but then not a value for money gadget.  

Hey, let’s take some frequently asked question and provide you answer

Q1. Which is the Best Laptops Under 1 Lakh?

Ans : Apple MacBook Air, ASUS ZenBook 14 and HP Pavilion 13 11th Gen


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