5+ Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000 In India 2022

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Here we are going to discuss all the things regarding the gaming headphones and at the last we will also introduce you with the list of the best gaming headphones under 2000.

No doubt there are hundreds of the gaming headphones that leads to confusion to us while choosing the best one in the hundreds of the average products

But no worry we are always here to help/solve your problems

I hope you have check out the basics terms related to the gaming headphones before moving to the details about the gaming headphones

The basics and the buying guide will help you to choose the right products as you will understand the whole things about the gaming headphones so without wasting further time let’s dive into it without wasting further more time

Basics terms

What does Gaming Headphones means

From its name, it’s all clear that types of headphones which is totally designed and built for the gaming purposes only

Difference between normal and gaming Headphones

Best Gaming Headphones under 2000

There are many things that distinguish gaming headphones from regular headphones.

Normal headphones are neutral and not coloured. Audio output is coherent. No bass boost, no unnatural treble extension, no vocal forward. These headphones have the sole purpose of producing the sound that was intended by the studio recorders or composers.

Details and clarity in gaming headphones are not considered too much or not important. These headphones are highly coloured and not natural. The bass is amplified, which distorts and bleeds into other frequencies. However, the manufacturer attempts to provide surround sound compatibility for them so that they can experience the game’s ambience while wearing it.

How to choose the Best Gaming Headphones under 2000

As I already mention that the choosing the best product from the thousand of the average products it always not an easy job, but we have made easy by pointing and summarized that terms you should look while choosing the best gaming headphones

Build quality

The first that matters in the gaming headphones is its build quality

When choosing a gaming headset, build quality is also important. To keep costs down, most entry-level gaming headphones will be made from plastic. 

These headphones are susceptible to creaking and require extra care. Gaming headphones made of steel or aluminium are more durable. These headphones are slightly more expensive than plastic, but last longer and offer greater value. 

The quality of the headphone cables is also important things to consider while deciding or picking the right gaming headphones. These days, many models come with braided or tangle-free cables, which generally offer more durability.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is most prior or the most important component of the headphones in also the gaming one the sound quality should be the best from balanced to clearity

We have make sure to pick those gaming headphones only under the list of the Best Gaming Headphones under 2000 which have the best sound quality and also have the balanced sound and clarity as well as

So you can pick any without hesitations

Comfortable and ear cups

While using gaming headphones, it’s normally we are going to use in hours, so headphones should be comfortable. Gaming headphones that are lightweight and less stressful on the head are more comfortable. 

The headset’s weight rests on the head via the headband. You should look for headphones that have adjustable headbands. They offer greater flexibility and a more personalized fit.

Earcups in headphones can be comfortable due to their design and materials. 

Gaming headphones are generally are made up of two types of the material, one is leather or another is fabric. Fabric-made ear cups are typically made from breathable mesh material that is more comfortable during long gaming sessions

I will, must recommend you to go with the fabric one which is more comfortable as compare to the leather one

Details about the Best Gaming Headphones under 2000

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core


  • 40 mm with neodymium magnets
  • Noise-cancelling
  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound effect
  • Electret condenser microphone

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core is the first number of gaming headphones in the list of our Best Gaming Headphones under 2000

Sound quality

If I’m talking about it’s the sound quality, They are quite satisfactory for neutral listening. It also possesses clearer voice quality due to its built-in passive noise isolation.

Pumping out of high-quality  sound with pin-point sound precision is due to 50 mm directional drivers The bass of HyperX Cloud Stinger Core is slightly exaggerate and the treble is  with virtual 7.1 surrounding sound through NGENUITY software. Creating an open sound stage is one of the ample job of these headphones.

Build Quality And Design

Sturdy steel sliders are been used in buildung these earphones in order to adjust and provide a pleasant fit. Batteries are build with lithium polymer which ensures long-lasting life.

Also they are  build in such a way that  ear-cups can rotate upto 90 degress so you can rest the headset restfully around your neck.

Distractions will be blocked with the help of its closed-cup design while in order to keep you immerse in the game , 40 mm drivers and intensify bass have been used.


Lagging  amount is nearly equal to negligible. It’s too attractive and impressive as even in noisy environments , your mates will be able to sound you clearly.

It comes up with freedom from cords  as it possess a  2.4Ghz gaming-grade non-wired connection. It lasts for 17 hours from a single charge that means it possess a long-lasting life battery which is one of the key feature of these headphones.

It is great headphones at decent price with great durability.

2. Ant Esports H1000 Pro

Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000


  • Optimum Sound Quality
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Diffused RGB Rings
  • Comfortable and easy to carry

Here comes the second number of the Best Gaming Headphones under 2000 is Ant Esports H1000

Sound Quality

It has a superior audio quality with some added  convenience. It has a advance sound insulation effect due  to its roound 3D  earcups.

Also , it possess a clear , accurate and more smooth audio due to  high sensitivity effect of these headphones. It too possess a sound splitter cable for audio and mic. It has a stereo audio channel that geneartes the imitation of sound from different directions.

Build Quality And Design

It is built with round 3D ear cups to generate excellent  audio insulation effect and is way much convenient to wear. Ear cups are made from a glaring LED RGB to adjust in the gaming environment. Also ,has a functionality of volume control button with a 3.5 mm jack.

Diffused RGB rings around the ear  cups are ultra-fine to avoid any obstacle in low light game setups.

Designed with adjustable head-strap and light-weight construction in order to provide the comfort for hours of gameplay.


It has a  authentic accuracy and generate spatial awareness due to the pair of customed tune 50mm neodymium speaker drivers.

It has a feature of self adjustable head beam design with a gaming headset. These headphones also has a high quality speaker unit over 50mm.

Provide comfort for multiple hours of gaming due to its ear cups made of air permeable protein over the ear.

3. Redgear Cosmo 7.1


  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Noise cancellation microphone
  • LED effect on the ear cups
  • Customization driver

Sound Quality

You will be receiving more precise audio sounds from all directions because of it’s true virtual 7.1 surrounding sound engine. From this you may easily get to understand that from where your enemy goes to attack in game.

For quick , stable and long-lasting comunication , Redgear Cosmo 7.1 are equipped with prime quality built-in noise isolation microphone.

Build Quality and style

It reduces pressure and energy , also provides much comfort for long gaming periods thanks to its splendid noise cancellation memory foam ear cups. It also comes up with convertable split headband.

It is designed with gorgeous RGB LED effect around ear cups and above the microphone. it’s designed in such the simplest way that these headphones helps in controlling volume with equipped audio control.

It also block any reasonably distraction from surrounding which pprootes you to stay specialize in the sport as long as you would like.


It has a customization driver which provides the power to assist new network devices. Also possess 1 year warranty from the primary date of shopping for.

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 contains a driver unit of 50mm and a speaker frequency of 20-20kHz. It possess a cord length of two.2m with 7.1 surrounding sound.

It promotes a passive noise isolation which means it’s successful in sealing out all form of unwanted noise from surrounding and provides crystal clear audio.

4. boAt Immortal IM-200


  • 7.1 Channel Surround sound
  • 50 mm Drivers
  • Noise Isolations
  • Breathing RGB LEDs

Here are the reason why we have picked up this gaming headphones in the best list

Sound Quality

It promotes a way to victory with advanced  7.1 channel surrounding sound.  Also provides a position accuracy to win every game.

It provides a mic driver customization that cancel the noise and promotes your focus on game. Also comes up with  equipment of quick-witted denoising mic and addition of advanced ENx technology which helps in delivering crystal clear and unhindered voice in order to stay in tune disregarding of large distance.

That’s also the reason why Boat Immortal IM-200 is the Best Gaming Headphones under 2000

It has a mic impedance of 20Khms which will help you in conquer different level of missions in respective game. They are loud and pretty goood at 80% volume.

Build Quality And Design

It is build with extra soft earmuffs that possess a comfortable and cosy listening time . It’s USB gaming headphones has a securely braided cable which in further encourage hassle-free broaden use.

It is designed extremely lightweight and over ear industry design prefers super soft earmuffs.  Also comes up with dolby atmos to give a theatre like atmosphere and  experience.


boAt Immortal IM-200 comes with a  microphone windshield , warranty card and has a immortality of IM200. It is a user manual hardware.

There is no such  battery requirement to use these headphones.

It provides surrounding sound isolation which means it is succesful in sealing outside sound and generate a clear sound.

5. Cosmic Byte G1500


  • Soft, Matte Finish Ear-Cups 
  • Flexible Omnidirectional Mic, adjustable for position
  • 7.1 Noise Reduction Sound
  • Aluminium Foil Flat Cable with Velcro Cable Tie.

Sound Quality

Irrespect of the direction you are standing , you can heard even the slightest sounds in the noisiest environments and this is all due to implementation of 7.1 virtual decoder chip which helps you to play game without any kind of distraction.

It’s effect of 7.1 noise cancellation and mode of vibration promotes you to listen and feel every moment of the gaming session.

Build Quality And Design

Cosmic Byte G1500 7.1 Channel headset is build from aluminium flat foil cable to prevent the headset cable from hustling up. Moreover , It is accompanied with velcro cable-tie, so as to prevent it by getting tangled.

It is designed with extreme comfort and styled matte finish ear-cups with a lining of red color. If you want control on your headset, you will be having control via on-body volume rocker as well as vibration.


A flexible omni-directional noise cancellation mic is the key feature of these headphones. It also possess continuous-breathing and LED backlight .

It has  a sensitivity of 105 3dB and frequency range of  20Hz – 20 KHz .Also possess driver diameter of 50mm which makes it more preferrable over others.

The chip has the feature of multichannel decoder that is 7.1 virtually.

6. EKSA E900 Wired Stereo


  • Stereo bass sound quality
  • Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Durable metal frame build quality
  • long-lasting wearing comfort

Sound Quality

To produce clear and shocking bass , 50 mm over ear speakers have been used in E900 gaming headset so that you can immersively play Red dead redemption || , overwatch , Call of duty , Battlefield 1 , PUBG and many more games.

It promotes reduction of background noice to collect your voice more distinctly , clearly and precisely. Also it gurantees high quality and loud voice.

Build Quality And Design

The sturdy construction of E900 gaming headset, property of headband being adjustable with flexible microphone , soft earmuffs accord with human body.

It is designed in such a way that it fits perfect without any type of constraint and with excellent durability.


It is featured with well padded hairband and has the compatibility. Provides audio with super bass stereo.

It a microphone with very high sensitivity.


We have discussed all thing regarding the best gaming headphones under 2000 now you are all ready to choose your gaming headphones

Yes you can choose any from our list without any doubt or hesitations it’s our promise you are not going to get disappoint

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Q1. Which is the Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000 ?.

Ans : HyperX Cloud Stinger Core, Ant Esports H1000 Pro and Redgear Cosmo 7.1

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