7 Best Fitness band under 3000 In India, 2022

Hey, are you also one of them who is looking for best fitness band under 3000

In this article we will discuss how to choose best fitness band under your budget and also provide you the list of the best fitness band

Fitness band is a well-known device used by the people to keep track on their daily activity, track their heart rate according to the exercise they do and many more things.

Fitness is one of the most essential things in our life. It is important to spend some time for yourself and good diet is the key to success. But due to busy schedule people don’t find enough time for themselves.

So for these people fitness band is best option

If you’re a fitness enthusiasts and are looking to keep track of your health, you’ll find a fitness band to be the perfect fit. 

It can help you keep the track of everything from the number of steps you’ve taken during the day to how much sleep you took in last night. There are numerous models and brands available, and how do you decide what one is the best fit for you?

I have listed the total 7 Best Fitness band Under 3000 a/c to their overall performances. 

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Let’s understand the every basics points of fitness band one by one 

Fitness Band : These fitness band are gadgets which helps you achieve your fitness goals while keeping your body in good shape. It’s a hand that functions like an actual watch. It is linked to your phone and records your fitness-related measurements like distance you jogged or walked and calories consumed, and in some occasions heart rate. 

These fitness bands are commonly described as exercise trackers.

In simple word it is a gadget or an application to track and monitor the performance of a person’s fitness, such as distance and distance walked or run, calories consumption and, in certain cases, heartbeat

Benefits of the Fitness band 

The current generation is obsessed with fitness, and everybody these days is trying to stay healthy. A good fitness band can help you maintain your fitness. Let’s look at some of the most important reasons

1. It allows you to keep track of your progress:

In the event that you’re looking to keep fit, create goals that keep you fit. A fitness tracker will help keep the track of your performance throughout the day and ensures you meet your targets. It can even produce precise informational graphs and reports that allow you to examine your progress.

2. Tips for training and free exercises:

It’s difficult to stick to a exercise routine when you’re physically active. However, your exercise regimen is crucial.

Help is at hand by providing a variety of workout tips that are specific according to the fitness levels of your clients.

3. Helps set achievable goals:

If you’re trying to be fit, you need to set daily goals. We aren’t equipped to keep up with the appropriate realistic targets. Therefore, the fitness band can help in keeping our goals in reach and prevent our body from engaging in excessive exercises.

4. Health surveillance:

The fitness tracker will keep track of your heart rate daily, calories burned and also your daily steps. As it is, you will be in a position to monitor the fitness level. Self-tracking lets you follow an exercise program that you can follow more frequently and also rest more comfortably.

5. It keeps you focused:

It’s not easy to keep an ideal body health, since it involves a week that is good and the one that’s not as good. You should feel these as your daily routines and sleeping patterns alter over the course of the week, days as well as months. A fitness tracker can help you identify the patterns that can be easy to maintain in order to meet your long-term objectives to be fit. You can showcase your achievements with your fellow fitness enthusiasts.

How we have selected the best fitness band under 3000

there are thousands of the fitness band out there in the market in the name of the Therefore, it’s very important to look at some features that are most important in a fitness band

This is a brief buying guide to help you choose in the best fitness band and which features you should look while purchasing the best fitness band

We live in a world of speed that we don’t have the time to look after our bodies. 

But a well-maintained body is the only thing that will help you succeed in everything.

It is likely that you have previously used fitness trackers in case you are conscious about the significance of exercise.

But still confused like which is the best fitness band and like how you can select the best fitness band over the thousands of fitness band

don’t we are here to provide you the 

the first thing you should consider while choosing the best fitness band 

Display : it is the main component of any product’s fitness band is much more different, or you can complex as compare to others gadgets make sure you are getting the good quality of the display in the fitness band we have also ensured that we have listed to all the fitness band with the good quality of the display in the price range of the 3000

Battery life : when it comes to the fitness band we all know that there are the lot of digital features available in that fitness band and all that requires the good battery life now what does the good battery life means it means average the 7 day of battery backup for nay fitness band will be fine, and we have make sure that all the 7 fitness band have minimum of 7 days battery backup that you can use without any problems 

Also, the most important things in the fitness band is it’s the features 

Features : manly features you should look in the fitness band is its the features which support you in the journey of the fitness like its fitness tracking, Water resistance and more features like this you are going to get the good number of the features in our list of the all seven best fitness band under 3000

Details of all 7 Best fitness band under 3000

let’s get the details of all the fitness band in details

1. Mi Smart Band 5

Mi Smart Band 5

Brand : Mi

Display : Large 2.79 cm and dynamic AMOLED colour-display

Battery Life : up to 2 weeks battery life

Features : 11 sports modes, 24-hour Heart rate & Sleep monitoring, Stress monitoring and many more

Warranty : 1-Year Warranty

Colour Available : Black, Teal, Purple, Navy Blue and Orange

If you are looking for the best fitness band under 3000 then the mi smart band 5 is the ideal fitness band for this there are many reasons behind listing this fitness band on the top here are the reasons

Display :

The large 2.79 cm comes with the dynamic AMOLED Colour-display which gives you the Brighter, bigger, better screen which will help you to us in the brighter day as well as and makes this fitness band different from others at the same time

This screen is extremely crisp, and has a beautiful bright colours comparable to phones of the same quality, and the top brightness is strong enough to withstand bright days

There are plenty of options to pick from, including animated models, and this makes the otherwise dull display appear interesting. The watch faces can be accessible through the Mi Fit application by clicking Profile and then Mi Smart Band 5 > Store.

Battery :

if I’m talking about its battery, it lasts for almost the nine days with the one hour of actively each day

The charging time of the mi smart band 5 It took around 2 hours to completely recharge the band with 100% of battery

Features :

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 comes with the fitness mode of 11

  • Other sports-related tracking options: The Mi Band 5 can monitor 11 sports modes which is an increase from that of the Mi Band 4, which has six. It tracks treadmill, outdoor running cycling, walking pool swimming, as well as the freestyle catch-all. It also includes ellipticals and jump ropes and indoor cycling. Yoga and rowing machine workouts.
  • A more frequent monitoring of your heart rate: The Mi Band 5 can monitor your heart rate all hours of all day long, even when you’re asleep. It can be set to record your heart rate continuously throughout the day, but only when you’re sleeping or both depending on the battery you’d like it to utilize.
  • More accurate sleep tracker: The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is now able to monitor REM sleep, in addition to light and deep sleep. It also tracks napping throughout the daytime.
  • now with 24 hour sleep monitoring: In December 2020, Xiaomi rolled out an update for Mi Band 5 Mi Band 5 with version that includes the ability to track sleep for 24 hours. Now, users with irregular sleeping patterns can track their sleep using this fitness monitor.
  • Menstrual cycle monitoring: Xiaomi added menstrual cycle tracking to the Mi Band 5, which tracks your menstrual cycle as well as Ovulation cycles. Mi Fit gives you reminders prior to every period and also. Of course, I was not capable of testing this feature, and therefore cannot comment on its value.

Pros :


Battery Life

Attractive Features

Cons :

Design not attractive

Should You Buy ?

Ans : yes, definitely you should go with the Mi smart band 5 if you are looking for the best fitness band under 3000

2. Honor Band 5

Frequently asked Questions 

Here are the same frequently asked questions related to the topic on Google I have answered it have a closer look

Q1. Which is the best fitness band under 3000?

Ans: Mi Smart Band 5 Honor Band 5 and Realme Band 2

Q2. Which is the best fitness band under 2500?

Q3. Which fitness band is most accurate?

Ans : Mi Smart Band 5 Honor Band 5 and Realme Band 2 are the most accurate fitness band according to our research as compare to others

Q4. Which fitness band is best in India?

Ans : questions is quite confusing if we talk about the best fitness band under 3000 then it will be the Mi Smart Band 5 Honor Band 5 and Realme Band 2


Now you are all set to choose the best fitness band under 3000 we have covered all the 7 best list and the buying to make your choice easier now it’s all up to you which one you want to choose if you will ask us to recommend you then we will recommend you to buy or pick any top 3 fitness band 

Be aware that all efforts to get fit will be useless when you don’t track your fitness progress and plan your workouts in a way that is appropriate

also Through extensive research we’ve discovered the best fitness bands that cost less than 3000 rupees and present these to you through this article 

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