Best Fitness Bands Under 1500

7 Best Fitness Bands Under 1500 In India, 2022

Looking for the Best Fitness Bands Under 1500 ?

In the age of advance technology and gadgets, we all tend to get surprised by seeing yet another new invention taking place in the market. Every day there are inventions of new features, gadgets and what not.

Recently, fitness bands have come into the market and people are seen interestingly purchasing those. Fitness bands are often regarded as fitness trackers, fitness watches, activity tracker and many such names. Basically, a fitness band is a device that monitors your fitness related metrics such as distance run, distance walked, jogging, calorie burned, heartbeat, pressure.

Many people these days use wearable devices to keep themselves up to date with their fitness and health metrics.

Here are the Top Picks of The Best Fitness Bands Under 1500

So, this article will help you know more about the 7 Best fitness bands Under 1500 and their benefits as well as usages. The important features you must look at while buying a fitness band and the leading brands with the best fitness bands are all listed here below.

 If you are looking for a fitness band and confused about how to choose the best one for you, then do not worry I got you in that case. Here is a list of few fitness bands that are all under Rs 1,500 and also cater to all your needs and wants.

With this, let us scroll down and know more about Best fitness bands Under Rs 1500 and their availability in India.

In Details About the Best Fitness Bands Under 1500

1. OnePlus Fitness Bands

Best Fitness Bands Under 1500


  • Up to 14 Days Battery life
  • 24/7 Health Companion
  • SpO2 & Heart Rate Monitoring
  • IP68 Water & Dust Resistance

OnePlus Fitness Bands is the Best Fitness Bands Under 1500 in India

OnePlus brand has been a well-known as well as a trusted brand all over the country. One plus has always rendered active services to its customers along with new features and technologies every time they manufacture a new product.

This fitness band is black and can be well operated with android as well as IOS. It has a lot of features and techniques that are very useful for the users. It has a removable main tracker that allows for effortless transition between dynamic dual-color and strap combos.

Like other smart bands, it has a strap as well as a capsule. You can easily pop the capsule into and out of the strap. The combined weight of the two is about 23g, which is light enough.

The OnePlus Band has a 1.1-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels. You have the option to set screen brightness at five different levels. There’s a toggle in the app to lower the screen brightness at night. There is support for Bluetooth 5, and this device runs on a 100mAh battery, which OnePlus claims is enough for 14 days of battery life.

The body is of plastic and the display is flat and rectangular. The strap is rubber made and very fancy.

The OnePlus Band can be paired with Android devices running Android 6 and above. The OnePlus Band can store up to five watch faces at a time, which you can then choose by swiping on the home screen. There are more that you can download through the OnePlus Health app.

The band also measures your sleep pattern, blood pressure as well as your heart rate. It is also of SpO2 tracking and is not a very common feature in smartwatches.

This is an advantage for the buyers and can rely on the brand for further better performance. It is obviously sweat resistant and can be used in gyms or in workout sessions. It measures the steps you take in a day as well as the amounts of calories burnt after a workout session.

The OnePlus Band is IP68 certified for dust and water resistance and can handle up to 5ATM of pressure, so you can wear it while swimming. The inactivity rate of your day is also tracked so that you stop leading a sedentary lifestyle. There are also alarm clock setting feature added to setting reminders, stopwatch.

You also get your notifications in the band. The notifications from your what’s app are shown in the band and enables you to reply to them from there as well.

The battery life is pretty good and lasts for 8-10 days per charge. Now, this battery life might vary as per your usage. If you use it continuously for long hours for battery draining activities, then the battery will not last long.


  1. SpO2 technology which is very new and fascinating
  2. Has a good battery life
  3. Good design and build quality


No such cons we found

2. Fastrack Reflex 2.0

Best Fitness Bands Under 1500


  • Up to 10 Days Battery Life
  • Activity & Calorie Tracker
  • Call, SMS and WhatsApp Notifications
  • OLED touch screen display

This is an amazing fitness band under Rs 1,000 and makes a first position in the field of Fitness trackers. It is a unisex fitness band and can be used by both men and women. It has an OLED touch screen display, which makes it easier to use and operate.

There is black and white display. The product dimensions are 5×2.45×1.25 cm. The product is quite lightweight and weighs just 110 grams. It just does not display the steps and calories you have burned but also displays alerts, notifications as well as messages and is connected to the phone which is your operating device.

With the help of technology and features you can pair your fitness tracker with your phone and create your account. Just with a touch you can unlock your fitness band and keep it on. It is compatible with all sorts of mobile phones, be it any version of Android and IOS.

It is compatible with any IOS version 8.0 and above and also android version 5.0 and above. The fitness band gets connected with help of Bluetooth version 5.0 and hence you have a perfect wireless connectivity. It can be customized as per your own needs and wishes.

There are certain features such as calendar, fitness tracker, sleep tracking, pedometer, calories counter, camera control, activity tracker, distance tracking as well as alarm clock.

The band is made of plastic and has a width of 20 millimeters. The case is also 12.5 millimeters thick and the dial color is black. The color of the band is green and is quite comfortable as well as easy to wear. It has one lithium metal battery and the fitness band lasts up to 10 days after a single charge.

You can also find your phone using the phone finder feature, which uses GPS. You can also read your WhatsApp notifications and texts in the watch itself. There is also an option of call notifications ad, so you will never miss a call even when you are working out.

There is a vibrating alarm to wake you up and helps you avoid a sedentary lifestyle. The sleeping cycle can also be measured in the band itself. It is IPX6 water resistance, which means you can casually play around in rain or even in gym and splashes of water will not destroy your band at all.

Hence, it comes at the top of the list of fitness bands and are much preferred by the users.


  1. The display and text sizes seem all fine and can be viewed properly.
  2. The band is compatible in both android as well as IOS.
  3. It is water resistant and can be used in rain or a few splashes of water will not damage it.


  1. The connectivity might seem insecure at times

7. Tokdis Fitness band 2.36


  • Up to 7 Days Battery Life
  • 1.1 inches touch screen
  • IPX7 Water-Resistant
  • App notifications & calls

The Tokdis Smartwatch is quite a good one for an affordable price and also has a nice build quality. It has a black band color made of silicon material and looks way too classy and stylish.

The Tokdis Smart band 2.36 tracks the number of steps, the total distance you have travelled and the number of calories that you have burned. It is Compatible with Android 5.0 and above and iOS 10 and above. This fitness band has a variety of colours and a lot of options for you choose from.

It tracks 3 professional sports mode including Sit up and Rope skipping. It has automatic activity detection like when you are Running and Walking it automatically understands and activates its features. It also has a quite comfortable to look at and also has a good text size.

The screen can be seen even in sun and is quite good. There is a continuous heart rate monitor which monitors all the heart rate and helps you see the algorithm. Even when you are working out you can see your heart rate and act accordingly. The material of the band is plastic and is quite sturdy.

The display is touch screen and can be operated with the help of your hand and can be easily accessed. It measures your steps that you take in a day and alerts you when you are leading a sedentary lifestyle.

The blood oxygen level is also measured with this device and there is also an electrocardiogram which measures the SpO2 every time you are wearing it.

The sleep goals can be met with this device as the sleep pattern and hours of sleep is being recorded in your watch. The battery life is pretty good and lasts up to a week after a single charge. You can also remove the body from the strap when you feel like to.

It is also water-resistant and can be easily carried to the gym and for your workout sessions. It is safe to wear it even in rain or while doing water sports like swimming and water sports.


  1. The battery life is long-lasting
  2. The design is quite sleek and stylish to match all occasions.
  3. It is user-friendly


  1. The sweat resistant features work for a certain limit and might get damaged due to water

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