7 Best Earphones Under 700 In India, 2022

Looking for the Best Earphones under 700 ?. Nowadays, the market is totally manipulated by the brand from the influencer to all the content creator.

There are many earphones under this range, I know you are also one of them who is really confused in choosing the Best Earphones under 700 but don’t worry we are here to help in choosing the best earphones under the price range of the Rs 700.

The earphones we have listed in this Article are all tested, and we have putted on their overall performances, so there is no worry in the quality and sound quality you can pick any on your basics needs

Without wasting more time, let’s dive into the list.

I hope you have checked out the list, let’s discuss the all earphones in details one by one.

Details about the Best Earphones under 700

1. Mi Dual Driver

Best Earphones under 700


  • Dual Dynamic Drivers
  • Magnetic Earbuds
  • Passive Noise Cancellation
  • Tangle-Free Wired Cable

No doubt, Mi dual driver is the best earphones under 700. There are many reasons behind putting this earphones on the top of the list

Sound quality :

The sound quality of Mi dual driver is mind-blowing from the bass to the balanced, it’s all depends upon you which type of music you want to listen in this Earphones

It will stand on your requirements, you will not disappoint with the sound quality of this Mi dual driver in-ear earphones it’s our promise

Build quality & Design :

The unique thing that I liked in its design is that the material left earbud is convex, while its counterpart on the right is concave that also help you to fit in your ear perfectly

If I’m talking about its build quality then it is made up of anodised aluminium with clear plastic end caps that cover an appearance reminiscent of carbon fibre

There are magnets within the earpieces to hold them in place while the device is not used, This design allows them to fit perfectly.

Features :

This earphone comes with the passive noise cancellation that’s work perfectly and let you isolate from the surrounding noise in reality also.

There is also the inline remote control which help you in receiving call and easily control your music

The tangle free wire is also one of the factor which makes this earphones different and unique from all other wired earphones

In The Box

Earphones, 3 Pairs Ear tips (S/M/L) and User Manual

What I’m Think

let me be very honest if you are looking for the best earphones under 700 then this is going to be first choice if I’m talking about my opinion

I’m currently using this Mi dual driver as my secondary, but I’m surprised with its sound quality and the passive noise cancellation I will, must say you can go with Mi dual driver earphones if you are looking for the earphones under this price range

2. Realme Buds 2

Best earphones under 700


  • 11.2 mm Bass Boost Driver
  • Tangle free design
  • Cable organizer
  • Inline remote features

We all know the realme by its best budget smartphone making, but it’s not limited up to smartphones realme launches the best budget earphones realme buds 2

Design & Built quality :

The design of Realme Buds 2 in the black-yellow colour scheme doesn’t appear to be an affordable audio product. The focus on detail and the quality seems to be akin to a premium product. 

Realme Buds 2 has an amazing design, especially given the sticker price of 599 rupees. The Realme Buds 2 are equipped with an audio jack that gives you a significant enhancement in the microphone and the sound quality.

Additionally, there is an elastic yellow clasp to help you keep all the wires in well-coordinated manner. The earbuds are packaged in a stylish way which allows you to wear them over your neck when you are not using them. The earbuds are comfortable and fit comfortably.

The rubber cables on top of the Y-splitter seem to be robust, and the braided cable connecting the Y-splitter’s Y-splitter’ end is quite attractive as well.

Sound Quality :

The sound quality of the Realme buds 2 is no doubt excellent, from balancing the bass to the clarity all

It’s our promise, you are not going to disappoint with the sound quality of the Realme buds 2 if you are looking for The PUBG then this Realme buds 2 is quite popular for also playing the PUBG

Not only popular but also the Clarity that you got while playing The PUBG you can clearly listen the Footsteps of the enemy

Consistent with its slogan ‘feel the real bass’, the headphones have a raised bass reaction, which will give real goosebumps while listening to the music and playing games like PUBG and Freefire.

The passive noise cancellation facility isn’t just a buzzword, but you actually persist with the fact that it’s having the superior sound quality. If you are going with the sound quality of this product, you can definitely try this out for sure.

Features :

The one thing we don’t like in the wired earphones is its messy wired but no worry in this realme buds 2 you are going to get the adjustable Cables strap which helps you in adjusting the wire and prevent the look of this wired earphones

160% Louder Bass that will give you an enthralling experience of sound, with astonishing durability and an incredible feature of intangibility thanks to two magnets on the bottom of the headphones. It comes with an amazing option of a controller equipped with a built-in mic in it. 

The more you pay attention to these earphones, the more you’ll become attracted to it.

3. boAt BassHeads 225

Best Earphones under 700


  • Passive Noise cancellation
  • Hands-Free Communication
  • Super Extra Bass
  • Polished Metal Design

boAt Bassheads 225 is the 3rd number Best Earphones Under 700

Sound Quality

The sound quality of these headphones is really nice as compared to others in this price range. These earphones give  the user an intense  deep bass sound quality. It also provides a bass-driven stereo sound and good debilitation of surrounding noise.

It has unbelievable techno clarity with super extra bass. As the headphones feature 10mm drivers, they give you explicit sound with remarkable bass.

Build Quality and design

The material accustomed craft these earphones which ensures its longetivity may be a polished metal. Also tangle-free cable is employed in building that features user-friendly controls for straightforward operating.

On the design front, you will be very impressed. Despite the metal construction, Boat BassHeads 225 is incredibly lightweight. It also comes up with L-Shaped 3.5 mm audio jack & Microphone which is again made from metal. It gives us a premium feel and appealing appearance.

Overall the look and built quality are excellent for the worth what we pay.


Water resistance(sweat proof) is the key feature of these earphones. One can easily use them while gyming, running, cycling etc. Also, provides an extra smooth grip for much secure and comfortable fit for your ears.

1 year warranty from the date of purchase with a carrying case along, to protect the device and provide the best user experience.

Come along with Sensitivity  of (dB) 92db 3db and  Frequency Response of 20Hz-20KHz.

4. JBL C100SI



  • Light weight and comfortable
  • One button universal remote mic
  • JBL Signature Sound
  • Tangle free wire

Here is the 4th number of the Best Earphones Under 700

Sound Quality

It convey quality sound with heart-pounding bass, making it the best investment.Trebble is kind of good and really balanced voice.

It delivers the best sound quality you expect from JBL.

Frequency range → 20-20kHz

Impedance → 16 3.2 ohms

Driver sensitivity → 100 3dBSPL, 1mW

Maximum SPL → 5mW

Build Quality and design

In order to deliver signature JBL sound without deformation , JBL C100SI Ear Headphones features a light weight design.

It will also permit you to manage calls on iOS and android with the feature of one-button universal remote with mic.

Ultra light and cozy, the JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphones with Mic also include a noise-cancelling option which will resound all ambient sound.


Rapid Launch approach to Google Assistant / Siri. Also , the single-button with inline microphone allows you to answer calls and switch between songs.

They’re feather-light for all-day comfort.

5. boAt Bassheads 152

boAt Bassheads 152


  • Boat signature sound
  • Angled headphone jack
  • Hands-free communication
  • Super extra bass

Sound Quality

Escape from old habits through HD sound via 10mm drivers, crystal clear explicit sound to your ears helps you carry out what you have got envisage perfectly, enhance your senses with the BassHeads 152.

Enhance with 10mm drivers, experience audio nirvana to essential the pace of your environment with a fast instep and a motivated mindset.

Build Quality and design

Communicate coherent with the integral mic that has high sensitivity and a flexible frequency.

Lay hold of calls using the inbuilt microphone and tune out freely with the tangle-free braided cable. It’s been made for your comfort.

The braided cable put on to the nirvana with its soft feel and tangle bouncy features.


It gives 1 year warranty from the first date of purchase and this product is foldable as well as collapsible.

It has a wired connector type and also highly resistant as well as durable.

That’s make this earphones on the 5th number on the list of the Best Earphones Under 700

6. JBL C50HI



  • Bass sound
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • One button universal remote with mic
  • Hands-Free Call

Sound Quality

If you expect the legendary sound quality and delievering the bass response , then these extremist lightweight headphones would be the greatest option.

In spite of their influential sound accomplishment, they’re feather-light for all-day comfort and include a range of ear-tips in 3 sizes. An under control microphone with global remote control permits you talk and let your calls on Android and iOS devices.

Build Quality and design

It is build in such a way that the inherited 3 size of ear tips permit you to select a size that gives you the most easy listening experience, even for lengthy listening periods.

It is designed with a feather-light for all-day comfort and comprise a range of ear-tips in 3 sizes.


It has a built-in microphone ,hands-free call , wired connector type and consist of 3.5mm jack of headphone.

It has great fidelity twin cable and its thin and tangle prone cable make it much stable.

The best feature of these earphones is the fair price and great stamina.

7. boAt Bassheads 242

boAt Bassheads 242


  • Long-lasting coated cable
  • IPX4 waterproof
  • Structure for fitness enthusiast
  • 10 mm Dynamic Drivers

Here comes the last, the number of the Best Earphones Under 700 is boAt Bassheads 242

Sound Quality

Audio sound inflate via 10 mm dynamic drivers that can get really high. It has a high frequency sound response of 20Hz-20KHz. Moreover, it is monaural.

It has a deep and intense bass. As it has connector of size 3.5mm which makes it more preferable over others.

Build Quality and design

Serenely crafted midway down the cable to endorse practicality mixed with an aesthetic design that allows for communication and music playlist control

Move with unconstrained spirited freedom via shape adjustable secure fit ear hooks made for you to lose yourself in your workouts and your music.

Fashionable with a unfastened freestyle, yet made to sustain through distort , contorting and tangling so that you can carry your style and music with you everywhere.


It is sensitive and has a passive noise isolation.

Comprises of compatibility of all 3.5mm jack device and rated at power of 3mW.

Has HD inspirational sound that can energize your system so as to become the soundtrack to your nirvana.

To maximize your comfort and secure fit, ear hooks are crafted from silicon.


Q1. Which is the Best Earphones under 700 ?

Ans : Mi Dual Driver, Realme Buds 2 and Boat BassHeads 225


I hope I have covered your all the point regarding the best earphones under 700. Now it’s all up to you which you want to select according to your requirements and budgets

I have listed the 7 best earphones under 700 you can select any from the 7 without any hesitations

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