11 Best Earphones under 500 (July 2021)

In this article, we will be discussing the best earphones under 500. there are many earphones in this budget, 

but it's hard to choose which is the best earphones for your budget

Don't Worry here. I will clear all your doubt regarding the earphones and also how to choose the best pair of earphones.

This information should help you when choosing the best pair of earphones Whether you need to purchase earphones to listen to music, enjoy games, or even for whatever reason.

Hopefully, this article will help you find the best earphones under 500

All the earphones that I have put on this list that's all are my personal opinion after using some on amazon Flipkart customer review also

Please take a look at the table of contents that I have discussed in this article

List of all 13 Best Earphones under 500


1. Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution


  • Earphone type: In-Ear
  • Connectivity: Wired
  •  3.5mm jack
  • 10mm dynamic drivers 
  • In-built HD microphone
  • 1.25m strong & flexible cable
  • Multi-function button
  • dimension : 1.25 metres x 0.00 cm x 0.00 cm
  • In The Box: Earphones, User Manual, six ear tips (S M L)
  •  light weight – 13g

  • 2. Boat Basshead 255 in ear 


    • Earphone type: In-Ear
    • Connectivity: Wired
    • 3.5mm AUX cable
    • Integrated controls with noise isolation mic
    • 1.25m strong & flexible cable
    • Multi-function button
    • Dimension : 12.4 x 7.2 x 2.6 cm; 18 Grams
    • In The Box: Earphones,warrenty card,extra earbuds
    • Available in : black,green,white,blue,orange,red
    • light weight – 18g

    3. JBL C50HI


    • Earphone type: In-Ear
    • Connectivity: Wired
    • Cable length 1.2M
    • Driver size : 8.6mm
    • Noise Isolation Microphone
    • Strong & flexible cable
    • Multi-function button
    • 1 year warrenty
    • Dimension : 6.00 x 3.00 x 17.50 cm
    • In The Box: Earphones,warrenty card,extra earbuds
    • Available in : black,blue,,red
    • light weight – 13g

    4. Boult audio bassbuds


    • Earphone type: In-Ear
    • Connectivity: Wired
    • In-Line Controls(Easy Controls)
    • IPX5 Water & Sweat Resistant
    • Noise Isolation Microphone
    • Strong & flexible cable
    • Multi-function button
    • Special Feature : Also Use while sports and fitness
    • Dimension : 10 x 6.5 x 2.8 cm; 34 Grams
    • In The Box: earphone, earbuds, Instruction Manual
    • Available in : blue,,red
    • light weight – 34g

    5. Boat Basshead 100


    • Earphone type: In-Ear
    • Connectivity: Wired
    • 3.5mm AUX Cable
    • Compatibility : All devices
    • Tangle Free Cabe
    • 1year Warrenty
    • Dimension : 120 x 0.1 x 0.2 cm; 40 Grams
    • In The Box: warrenty card,extra earbuds,earphones
    • Available in : Black,White,Red,Green,Pink
    • light weight – 40g

    6. iball Earwear Sporty


    • Earphone type: In-Ear
    • Connectivity: Bluetoth
    • Battery Life : 4 hours(enough in this price range)
    • Magnetic Earphones
    • 1 year Warranty 
    • Compatibility : All devices
    • Special Feature : Connect with 2 device at a time
    • Battery Type : Li-Polymer
    • Dimension : 2 x 2.2 x 2.5 cm; 18 Grams
    • In The Box: Earphones,holding clip,USB charging cable,user manual,extra           earbuds,extra ear-cushions
    • Available in : Green,Black,Yellow
    • light weight – 18g

    7. Boat Basshead 152


    • Earphone type: In-Ear
    • Connectivity: Wired
    • 3.5mm angled jack
    • 10mmDriver
    • Compatibility : All devices
    • In Line Mic 
    • 1year Warrenty from the date of purchase
    • Dimension : 120 x 0.1 x 0.2 cm; 19 Grams
    • In The Box : 1 basshead 152,warranty card,extra earbuds
    • Available in : Black,blue,mirage,red,purple,white
    • light weight – 19g

    8. Ptron Boom lite in ear


    • Earphone type: In-Ear
    • Connectivity: Wired
    • 3.5mm angled jack
    • 1.2m tangle cable
    • Passive Noise cancelling
    • In-line Remote Control with Mic
    • Compatibility : All devices
    • 1year manufacturer warranty
    • Dimension : 120 x 0.8 x 0.8 cm; 70 Grams
    • In The Box : 1earphones,user manual
    • Available in : Black
    • light weight – 70g

    9. Boat Bassshead 102


    • Earphone type: In-Ear
    • Connectivity: Wired
    • 3.5mm angled jack
    • 120cm cable
    • Passive Noise Isolation
    • Active Noise Cancellation
    • In Line Mic
    • Compatibility : All devices
    • 1year manufacturer warranty
    • Dimension : 19 x 7.8 x 17.3 cm; 12 Grams
    • In The Box : basshead 102,warranty card,additional earbuds
    • Available in : Black,red,blue,green,orange
    • light weight – 12g

    10. Bould audio Loop 


    • Earphone type: In-Ear
    • Connectivity: Wired
    • 3.5mm angled jack
    • 12mm driver size
    • IPX5 Water & Sweat Resistant
    • Passive Noise Isolation
    • Aluminium Body
    • In Line Mic and Control
    • Compatibility : All devices
    • 12 months warrenty
    • Dimension : 10 x 6.5 x 2.75 cm; 32 Grams
    • In The Box : 1 earphones, 2 earbuds
    • Available in : Red,Black,Blue,Grey
    • light weight – 32g

    11. Skullcandy JIB


    • Earphone type: In-Ear
    • Connectivity: Wired
    • 3.5mm angled jack
    • 10mm driver size
    • Frequency range: 20-20Khz
    • No Mic
    • Compatibility : only with Laptop, MP3 Player, Tablet
    • Dimension : 0.99 x 0.99 x 2.01 cm; 11 Grams
    • In The Box : Only Earphones skullcandy JIB
    • Available in : Black,red,blue,white,pink,purple
    • light weight – 11g

    Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution

    best earphones under 500

    Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution is best earphones under 500.

    I also used this earphone for at least one year that's why I'm put these earphones on the top of my picks

    also not only this reason there are many looks at the reason

    The Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio earphones with Microphone comes with a built-in microphone that lets you keep on making calls

    even if you are not near your phone.

    It also features noise-cancelling technology, which means the buzzing sound that comes along with most wired headphones, is eliminated.

    Although it comes with a built-in microphone, the actual charging port is located at the bottom of the earphones,

    and hence it does not interfere with any other USB devices like mobile phones.

    The headphone uses a standard ear cushion for the noise cancelling, and it also has a built-in cardioid microphone to pick up any sort of audio within a greater range.

    One thing good about these earphones is the fact that they have automatic noise cancellation.

    This is one of the biggest purchasing features of these earphones, which helps people enjoy their music without having to get bothered about hearing loud noises.

    Another good feature of these earphones is noise cancellation,

    which can be used while watching your videos. If you use your laptop or a mobile phone to watch your videos,

    then the Hi-Res Audio Wireless Headphones with Microphone will help you enjoy your videos without having to hear any background noises.

    These features make the Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Wireless Headphones with Microphone very popular among mobile phone users.

    When it comes to battery life, this headphone has one of the longest battery lives of all normal headphones.

    You can make use of the headphone for long hours without worrying about its battery life as the headphone has large battery life.

    However, you can expect around two hours of battery life from the battery of the Xiaomi

    Redmi Hi-Res Audio Wireless Headphones with Microphone.

    This high-end headphone also offers music features that are similar to the best music devices available in the market today.

    The Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Res Audio Wireless Headphones with Microphone offers a chance to listen to your favourite music tracks through several options.

    You can enjoy music and videos while commuting on public transport. You can also use

    these headphones while you are relaxing at home and can have quality private music playback without bothering others.

    If you like your music to be very loud, then you can set the volume to a high level so that others can not disturb you.

    There are different types of the Qi-type battery that you can find in the Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Res Audio Wireless Headphones with Microphone.

    These batteries are designed to produce high volume sounds but are capable of lasting for long hours.

    The headphones come with a warranty that gives you ample time to try the headphones out before you decide to buy them.

    It is worth noticing that these headphones do not use traditional wires but use advanced technologies such as Bluetooth and MMS to let you connect to the computer.

    The Microphone of the headphones has a very sensitive microphone that can work even in complete silent conditions.

    The bass and treble response of the sound system are greatly improved over the wired headphone.

    The Xiaomi Wireless headphone has a clear sound clarity.

    The other headphones that you can find with this brand are quite costly and do not have all the necessary features that can make music listening enjoyment.

    The price of these headphones is competitively priced, and it does not require you to spend more than 500 to get a pair.

    you can check them out from the stores or even online. You can be sure of the quality of this product as it comes with an extensive two-year guarantee.

    You haven't to worry about the warranty as it comes with the purchase of the product.

    Boat Basshead 225 in ear 

    best earphones under 500

    Boat bassheads 225 is best earphones under 500

    the best thing I liked about these earphones is its build quality the earbuds are made up of metal and good quality of plastic

    also, the wire is tangle-free

    Multi-Function button you can manage all thing by the single button

    In-line microphone

    The 10mm driver of Boat bassheads 225 gives you the passive bass and sound quality also some noise cancellation

    there is also one year of warranty from the date the of purchase

    No worry about the carrying to various place its lightweight of 18g help you to easily carry

    JBL C50HI 

    best earphones under 500

    JBL C50HI is best-wired earphones under 500. the best buying thing about this earphones is its lightweight of 13g

    there is one-button remote with mic easily manage your calls and music

    you can also use the google assistant with the one button
    with this mic, you can connect to your meeting, friend and many more what you want

    if I'm talking about the comfortable, the JBL C50HI is best in this the lightweight and its extra three sizes of ear-tips to easily fit in your ear and give you comfort

    the best I like about the JBL is its give the sound guarantee by Infinity Harman, JBL Harman

    Boult audio bassbuds

    best earphones under 500

    boult audio bass buds are the best earphones under 500

    Build Quality: The earbuds are made up of aluminium body and also lightweight

    the best thing I like about this earphones is its lightweight after the great metallic body

    It is also tangle-free

    You Can also enjoy Crystal HD music and even 3D sounds

    the in-line control help you in access the call music and many more

    Boat Basshead 100

    best earphones under 500

    Boat bassheads 100 is best-wired earphones under 500.

    the brand of this earphones is the boat we all know without any hesitation if your music you must have listed about the boat

    if you are music and also bass lover must choose these earphones ( Boat Basshead 100) 

    there is a PVC cable that is 100% Tangle-free

    many peoples are worried about the wired earphones is so much confusing how to carry there is no worry about these earphones is tangle-free

    The boat also provides you the one year of warranty from the date of purchase

    its design is inspired by the HAWK

    the inline mic help you to easily manage your call music etc

    there is also an instant voice assistant without touching your phone you can access the Siri and google assistant

    Availability there are many colours in amazon 

    iBall Earwear Sporty

    best earphones under 500

    iBall Earwear Sporty is the best wireless earphones under 500. in this price range, the wireless is possible that's a big deal

    there is Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity help you to connect your smartphones easily

    it is sporty earphones that are perfect for your running

    there is a special feature you can connect two phones simultaneously

    battery backup: There is 4hours of battery backup if you listen to music continuous on high volume

    ts angular earbuds are best for your comfort, and while you run or sport, there is no worry about the fitting

    its earbuds are Magnetic earbuds

    Boat Basshead 152

    best earphones under 500

    Boat Basshead 152 is the best-wired earphones under 500.

    The best selling feature of these earphones is its 3.5MM Gold Plated Angled Jack also its look

    its PVC dual-tone braided cable provides you the best tangle-free and also durable

    if I'm talking about connectivity: Compatible in all the devices

    In-Line Mic

    for your fitting and comfort boat basshead 152 provide you the extra earbuds in the boxes

    the build quality of the boat basshead 152 is made up of metallic finish ergonomic earbuds

    these earphones are available in variant color on amazon

    Introduction To Earphones 

    Earphones are simply a set of small loudspeakers worn around or on the ears of a user.

    They are electronic transducers, that convert an electric signal into a corresponding sound.

    The most popular types of earphones are made by the two companies namely; boat and JBL

    Also Read : Best Headphones under 1000

    However there are many other brands in the market, which also manufacture headphones and smartphones.

    In recent years the demand for earphones has increased dramatically.

    This is due to the fact that they help to make a better listening experience while using music.

    For instance researchers said that earphones can greatly help people hear their songs in high volumes when compared with the old conventional speakers.

    Another reason researchers said that earphones can help hearing is that they minimize background sounds, which listeners normally ignore, and allow the listener to focus more clearly on the music.

    Another advantage earphones offer is that they allow the listener to block out background noises to increase the level of sound quality.

    Nowadays there are many types of over-ear and Bluetooth wireless earphones available in the market.

    The most commonly used type of earphones is the wired headphones which are either over-ear or in-ear type.

     Although most people prefer to use the over-ear wired headphones as they are more comfortable than the wireless ones but both types of wired headphones have their advantages. 

    Over-ear wired headphones are usually smaller than the wireless ones and they can be used for a longer period of time.

    How to choose Best Earphones under 500 

    how to choose best earphones

    How to select good earphones on a low budget is not a very easy question to answer. You can only go with what you are comfortable with and what you think will be the most comfortable for you to use.

    If you want to know how to select good earphones on a low budget, then you should probably ask yourself one question before you even start

    do I have a clear idea of what kind of music I want to hear?

    Most people tend to shop by what they know (and love) most, so let's see how to narrow down your choices.

    Do you want wired or wireless earphones? Wired earphones are generally more expensive than wireless ones, especially if you choose to listen to music wirelessly -

    that is, using headphones while you work on your laptop or computer.

    The most important thing when selecting earphones on a low budget would be the sound quality.

    Look At Video for more info

    Wireless earphones are usually much easier to deal with; you don't have to worry about wires that may get in your way.

    How to select good earphones on a low budget also involves your budget and your personal taste. But if you will stick to these basic tips, then you will at least get some decent options.

    Your choice will definitely depend on how you plan to use them.

    If you are looking for a good pair of Bluetooth earphones, then you should shop around for good deals.

    Online stores are the best place to go for earphones on a low budget like amazon.

    Things Required while purchasing good earbuds. 

    Sound Quality: The first thing to know about Bluetooth earphones is that they are cheaper than traditional earbuds. In terms of sound quality, they are about the same. Bluetooth earphones provide better sound quality because

     they can pick up more than one source at once, whereas with traditional headphones, you are limited to only hearing one source at a time. Now the big question is, are Bluetooth earphones worth it?

     To help you decide, we have listed a few pros and cons for each type of Bluetooth earphone below.

    The built quality of Bluetooth buds two ranges from good to great. These buds also provide a great clear sound and are extremely durable.

    Batteries: When comparing the built quality of earphones of different brands, the most important thing to note is the batteries. The build quality of the battery greatly affects the sound quality and comfort of the Bluetooth earbuds.

    One of the best brands of Bluetooth earphones in the market is the Bose company. Bose has made earbuds that work very well and are comfortable.

    Q1Best earphones Under 500?

    Ans: Redmi hi resolution,boat basshead 255

    Q2Best wireless earphones Under 500?

    Ans: iBall Earwear Sporty


    I hope I have cleared your all doubt regarding the best earphones under 500

    I have discussed all things that we look for while purchasing good earphones on budget

    you also get the list of amazing earphones by

    if you have any doubt, please give your valuable suggestion in the comment box


     hope i cleared 

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