7 Best Earphones Under 2500 in India 2022

Hey, are you also one of them who is looking for best earphones under 2500

In this review we will discuss how to choose best pairs of earphones under your budget and also provide you the list of the best earphones 

There are many earphones available in the market or online store, but It's hard to choose the best earphones under budget 

Earphones are the most used and thing in the phone component

so it's always our priority to choose the best pairs of earphones, so we can use for long time and also get some great output music

I have listed the total 7 Best Earphones Under 2500 a/c to their performance 

Before going in details let's see the earphones which is best

List of the best earphones under 2500

1. OnePlus Bullet Earphones

2. Sony MDR XB55AP

3. Noise Shots Rush

4. Sony MDR-XB450

5. Oppo Enco M31

6. Noise Shots Neo 2

7. Samsung Level U 

Details of all 7 Best Earphones under 2500

1. OnePlus Bullets

Battery Life4-5 Days on normal days
Call and music control
Product Dimension37.5 x 11 x 2.5 cm; 26 Grams
In The Box‎Wireless earphones, User Guide, Type C charger
and extra earbuds 
Warranty1 Year
Color AvailableBlack and Red

OnePlus Bullet Wireless is the best wireless earphones under 2500

the wireless earphones with excellent battery backup and also design come with a 1-year warranty

now, what about the sound quality

 the sound quality is the best overall, but if you are looking for fully bass, or you are a bass lover, then 

these earphones may disappoint you

But if you are looking for clear crystal sound and also some base, then you must go for these earphones

The build quality of this OnePlus bullet earphone is outstanding

the earphones are made up of tangle-free and good quality rubber, which helps you to use these earphones for a long time

Without any problems

this is also easy to carry; these two pairs are too much flexible

there is the feature that I liked in this OnePlus bullet wireless earphone is its auto disconnect or pause when both magnetic earbuds combine

it allows you to connect your earphones with your phone without touching wear on the ear. It will automatically connect

this is also the reason for lost lasting battery backup

best earphones under 2500

Source: Oneplus website

Should You Buy This ? 

Yes, obviously you should buy this if you are looking the best wireless earphones under 2500

This wireless earphones are for you 

If you are still confused, should you buy or not 

then watch this awesome video 

2. Sony MDR XB55AP

ConnectivityAux Cable
Battery LifeWired
Call music control and Electronic Dance Music
Product Dimension4.26 x 3.59 x 1.93 cm; 4.46 Grams
In The Box‎Wired earphones, User Guide
Warranty1 Year
Color AvailableBlack only

Sony XB55AP is best wired earphones under 2500

Sony is well-known for it's the quality and brand 

the best combination of music and the build quality of this Sony XB55AP with the bigger 12 mm driver that easily fit in your ears 

the tangle free wire gives you the portability and easy to carry anywhere

there are 3 extra ear tips for you fitting if the default ear tips didn't fit in you, you can use another ear tips according to yours

it is made up of the mix of rubber and plastic which gives you the premium look and more attractive 

if I'm talking about the bass is not too much boom but balanced with the sound which some people can and some person didn't, it's all up to you

but if you are looking for balanced bass then must go with these two pairs of earphones

there is Powered Bass Duct++ that produce the extra deep bass

the Inline remote allows you to go for the hands-free calls

Frequency range of 4 Hz-24,000 Hz

the cord length of 1.2M with y-type

Should You Buy This ?

The answer is all depend upon you if you want the best wired earphones under 2500

then must buy this is the number one of wired earphones under your budgets 

3. Noise Shots Rush

Battery Life2-3 days on normal use
IPX5 Water Proof, Full Touch Controls and Voice Assistant/Siri
Product Dimension7.4 x 7.4 x 4.7 cm; 90 Grams
In The BoxEarphones, extra ear tips, charger case, warranty card
Charging Cable and User Manual
Warranty1-year warranty
Color AvailableSilver, Red and Grey

Noise Shots Rush is the best earphones under 2500

the wireless earphones with the great design and sound output with 24hour music playback

this Noise Shots Rush is also considered and best for the gaming purpose

this earphone comes with the 83ms low latency mode which is best for any types of gaming 

its Comfortable In-ear Design gives you the best ear fitting 

The no drop design with silicone hooks is made for hustlers and doers. It ensures that you have a secure and comfortable fit all the way.

Enjoy a more enjoyable gaming experience with Shots Rush's dedicated gaming mode. 

You can now hear your enemies better, respond faster and win the game easily

if you are enjoying the music while workout or running then this two pairs of earphones is for you

You can use your words to accomplish your goals.

Tap and hold the Shots Rush earbuds for interaction with Siri or Google Assistant.

best earphones under 2500

Source : Amazon

Should You Buy This ?

If you are looking for the earphones for your gaming, then must purchase this earphones for your better gaming experiences

4. Sony MDR-XB450

ConnectivityAux Cable
Battery LifeWired
Extra Bass
Product Dimension‎24.6 x 22.2 x 27.2 cm; 183 Grams
In The BoxEarphones, warranty card and User Manual
Warranty1-year warranty
Color AvailableRed, Black and blue

Sony MDR-XB450 is also the best example of best wired earphones under 2500 

if you are here or looking for the best bass boosted earphones then this is going to be your choice

the most dislike about the wired earphones is its wire but in this earphones you have no worry it's my promise

I have use this earphones for at least 1 year without any problem

that's why I have putted this earphones on the number of 4 in the list of the best earphones under 2500

its Comfort-relieving cushioned padding wraps around the ears, allowing you to enjoy long music sessions with ease and comfort. 

This allows for powerful bass response and acoustic sealing.

The tangle free wire gives you the permission to carry anywhere easily

there is still question in your mind like

Should I Buy this ?

Hey if you are looking for the bass boosted earphones under your budget then this earphones is best for you

must buy this 

5. Oppo Enco M31

Battery Life12 hours after continues use
AI-Powered Noise Reduction During Calls and
IPX5 Water Resistant
Product Dimension14.5 x 2.9 x 12.7 cm; 22 Grams
In The Boxwireless Earphones, warranty card, Additional Ear tips 3 pair
and User Manual
Warranty12 months warranty
Color AvailableBlack and Green

Oppo Enco M31 is the best wireless earphones under 2500

A/c to Wikipedia  Oppo is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company

 Its major product lines include smartphones, smart devices, audio devices, power banks

I hope this much introduction is enough to understand any brand 

best wireless earphones under 2500

Source : Oppo Website

There are unique features AI-Powered Noise Reduction which ensures that your calls are crystal clear even in noisy environments

You can hear every detail with a wider range of sounds and a frequency range that reaches 40KHz

its IPX5 Water Resistance protect you from the water and sweat as well as keep safe 

the battery life of this earphones is also the best with the 12 hours of continues play 

this earphone is giving competition to the first number of our list OnePlus bullet wireless earphones 

the best thing about this wireless earphones is its wide range of 10 meter

Now the main question is

Should I Buy ?

Yes, you should buy this one if you are looking the best wireless earphones under 2500 this perfect for this price range must go with this

6. Noise Shots Neo 2

Battery Life4-5 normal uses
Full Touch Controls and Gaming mode
Product Dimension6.62 x 3.98 x 3.03 cm; 43 Grams
In The Boxwireless Earphones, warranty card, 2 Extra fin Earmuff,
1 earmuff, and User Manual
Warranty1-Year warranty
Color AvailableBlack, Green, Blue and Orange

Noise Shots Neo 2 is the best wireless earphones under 2500

cool look and design with gaming mode

Enjoy up to 3-4 hours of pure music per charge, and another 10-12 hours with the charging case. 

This will ensure that you have enough time to enjoy your favorite companion all day.

best wireless earphones under 2500

Source : Noise website

Shot Neo 2 earbuds have full touch controls, so you can control your device without reaching for your phone. 

You can now manage your calls, change your tracks, or access your voice assistant with just one click or touch.

Its Hyper Sync TM enables instant pairing of any device in the room.

If you are frustrated from the tedious and time-consuming processes, this will save your time

Noise's IPX4 water and sweat-resistant prevent your earbuds from water and safe without any problem

 that's also the best thing about these earphones

The best part of this earphones is its Design and premium look which makes you different from others 

Should I Buy this ?

Yes, if you are looking for the best earphones under 2500 and which should be earbuds

then this is the only choice for the earbuds in this range In my opinion Must Pick this 

7. Samsung Level U

Battery Life11 hours after continuous use
Microphone, Noise Cancellation and Built in Button
Product Dimension2.6 x 16.1 x 18 cm; 104 Grams
In The BoxEarphones and charger adapter
Warranty1-Year warranty
Color AvailableBlue

Samsung level u is most overrated wireless earphones, but we can also consider as the best earphones under 2500

if I'm talking about the brand Samsung I hope you all know about this brand this is the most popular brand among the smartphones

its Bluetooth 4.1 technology and a neckband design. 

This allows you to easily active and pairing with smartphones or other devices.

best earphones under 2500

Source : Samsung Website

The best features of this earphones is  noise-cancelling feature that allows you to answer calls with no disturbances.

 It cancels external noise to provide clear sound and provides a clean listening experience

the built-in button features allow you to listen to music or answer calls without even touching the phones

if I'm talking about its sound quality, it is best and crystal clear

Samsung, always known for its build quality and best products, this is also one of the example of Samsung products

its earplugs are adjustable you can adjust according to your ear size 

Should I Buy this ?

My answer will be no, I will not recommend you this

there are many reasons behind it but if you loving Samsung products then you can go with this otherwise 

there are many choices I have listed you can choose from first 5 earphones that will be good choice

Let's understand the basic term of earphones and also How To Choose Best earphones under 2500

best wireless earphones under 2500

Earphones are most used component of phone we all are used 

previously, we get the pair of earphones in the phone box

but now mostly phone company doesn't provide us the earphones 

that's why we have to look online or offline for best earphones under own budget 

What is Earphones : A piece or equipment that fits over, in, or into the ears. This is used to listen and play music, the radio, and many more things

Hey, if you are searching for best earphones under your budget then there are many aspects you have to look before or while purchasing any earphones 

there are many lets understand one by one 

Sound Quality : we have to always look for the sound quality well we all purchase the earphones for the best sound quality right ?

Now how to know the sound quality of earphones

well there are many methods to understand the sound quality of there are many factors like check the output or check the frequency mentioned on the box 

more frequency will output the more sound 

for the sound quality don’t worry I have listed the best sound quality of earphones under 2500 in my list pick any from my list 

Wire quality : you can also consider the wire quality in the wired earphones if there is the tangle free that will be the better choice 

Battery : The battery play the main role in the wireless always prefer the longer battery life wireless earphones 

which will helpful for you in many ways 

Features : The features in any best earphones in this price is Microphone, In line Button and Water resistant this is the minimum features you can also go for more 

if there is more than this minimum then that's will be the better choice

Hey, let's take some frequently asked question and provide you answer

Q1. Which is the Best Earphones under 2500 ?

Ans : OnePlus Bullets, Sony MDR XB55AP, Noise Shots Rush and Sony MDR-XB450

Q2. Which is the Best Wireless Earphones under 2500 ?

Ans : OnePlus Bullets, Noise Shots Rush, Oppo Enco M31 and Noise Shots Neo 2


Hey I have discussed all thing in details, I hope now you are all ready to choose the best earphones either wired or wireless I have provided the both in this list

I will suggest you to pick the top 5 earphones from my list that will be the best choice

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