9+ Best Earphones Under 1500 (India 2022)

Today I’m going to introduce you the best earphones under 1500

I promise you that you get the list of the earphone that I have personally used.

While Choosing the earphone I take these things on my mind Impedance Frequency, Range, Quality, Driver Size, Hours of Battery Life Deep Base Noise Isolation in The Cheapest price

The most used gadget is the earphone. Many people are confused about how to buy earphones.

 Many questions raised in mind which brand, how much battery life, what should be the range? Don’t worry. I will answer all your question in this article

List Of Best Earphones Under Rs 1500:

1. Mivi Thunder Beats

Price 899 INR

Mivi Thunder Beats is the Best Earphones Under 1500 in india. I used this earphone for over one year. I personally love this earphone,especially the deep bass and sound quality

Mivi thunder beats made up of a metallic finish exterior body that gives you a premium look also improve your sound quality    

you can take calls, adjust volume skip the track without touching the phone mivi provides you the 3-button inline remote

it comes with the Bluetooth 5.0 that allows you to connect the two devices at one time and also gives you the range of 30feet that’s enough For More Info

 If im talking about the fitting of this earphones they provide you the three different size of Earbuds(S,M,L) and give you the comfortable fit

 Passive Noise Isolation In this earphone improve your music experiance 

This earphones is also for Workout Sessions(long term)

Battery Life Upto 8 hours of battery with Usb Charging Cable

Range 30feet thats enough for any Music Lover

Available In Black

2. Boat Rockerz 255

Price 1399 INR

Boat Rockerz 255 Is the example of best earphones under 1500 its Latest 4.1 Qualcomm CSR8635 Chipset makes different from the other earphone that’s the result you can feel the authentic HD Sound and its bass output is also great 

this earphones also helps you in sports activities

its comes with the IPX5 that means sweat-free water resistance

Instant voice assistant (ok google,Hey Siri) you can control your earphone like make a call, play music, play and pause without touching your phone and earphone with the help of instant voice assistant 

Range 10m

Battery Life 6Hrs

Available in Black,Yellow,Blue,Neon,Red,Green

Best earphones under 1000

3. Realme Buds 2

Price 599 INR

Realme Buds is the best earphones under 1000, the best-wired earphone I have ever seen. It is the first magnetic earphones under this price range you can easily carry

Realme Buds 2 comes with higher frequency, and 11 mm audio drivers is for the great sound experience

Easily control your earphones with the help of 3 button Remotes

Well, Designed to feet in your ear easily also help you in Day to day uses 

Available In Green,Orange,Yellow

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4. Sennheiser Cx 80s

Price 1499 INR

Sennheiser cx 80s is the best earphones under 1500. This earphone gives you the balanced bass and sound quality not too high, not too low

 The earphone is lightweight. You can manage the call and music by smart remote Sennheiser provide you the three ear tips easily fit in your ear

In the box one earphone, one safety guide, one quick guide, three ear adapter size (S/M/L)

Best earbuds under 1500

5. Ptron Bass Buds

Price 1499 INR

Ptron bass buds are the best wireless earphones under 1500 it is true Wireless Stereo Earphones with latest v5.0 technology that provides you the best sound quality

Things I Like about This earphone is In an emergency case, and you can charge your phone from your earbuds.

the earphones can be controlled by the one-button pickup call play/pause/next

the battery life is about 3hrs with a charging time of 1.2hrs  Range Upto 10m

Available In Only Black

In box one earphone, one safety guide, one quick guide, one charger

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Best Earphones Under 1500

6. Boat BassHeads 225

Price 449 INR

If you are looking for the best Wired Earphones under 1500, then boat bassheads 255 is the best option for you under this price range. This earphone will provide you the best bass and sound quality 

This is made up of Polished Metal that enhances your sound quality and your longevity, the powerful 10mm audio driver help for super extra bass

Available In Black,Blue,White,Forest Green,Orange,Red

Passive Noise Cancellation

7. JBL C100SI

Price 599 INR

JBL C100SI is the best earphones under 1500. If you love the lightweight and comfortable earphone, this earphone is best for you its 3 size of ear tips that help you in fitting and comfort

You Can control this earphone by its one-button call music and many more.

Available In Black,White,Red 

 In The Box

  • 1 JBL C100SI headphones
  • 3 ear tips (S, M, L)
  • 1 Warranty & safety card

8. Sony MDR-EX155

Price 1099 INR

Sony Mdr EX155 is the best wired earphones under 1500 due to its price. I put this earphone on the 8th Position it doesnt mean this earphone is not good ; otherwise,

 if I’m talking about you the sound quality, then we all know the sony charge some extra money if we compare to other but also provide you the best  sound quality & also build quality 

the thing I like about this earphone is they provide your four sizes of earbuds that’s can easily fit in your ear  

you can control your earphone by inline remote for mannage your call and music

Available In Black,White,Light Blue,Red

9. Redmi Earphone

Price 399 INR

Redmi earphone is the best budget earphones under 500. If you are looking for best budget earphone under 500, then redmi earphone is for you

In This price range, the redmi providing you the excellent sound quality. This earphone is a combination of balanced bass balanced sound quality. That’s enough for this price range.

I Must Recommend this earphone which is looking budget earphone under 500 this is made up of Aluminum Alloy Sound Chamber

Available In Black,Red,Blue

In Box 1 earphone 1 user manual

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10. Boat Bassheads 100

Price 499 INR

Last But not least, boat basshead 100 is one of the best earphones under 500. The 10mm audio driver makes the boat bassheads different from other in-ear earphones

The resistance of 16ohm give detailed sound quality and improve your listening experiences 

Noise Cancellation is passive not bad in this price range 

Available In Black,Red,Pink

In Box 1 earphone 1 user manual


Earphone / Earbuds

In Simple Way The Very Small Headphone Is Called Earphone This can easly fitted in  ear canal 

 Many People Underestimate that earphone is not comfortable but this is not true thats depend upon your quality if your earphone are of good quality obiviously your


Pros Of Earphone

  • Easy To Use: If we compare earphone to the headphone the portability of earphone is far better than headphone the reason is Small size ex: when your sleeping you can easily use the earphone.                                                                                                                                                               
  •  Price: The Price Of Earphone Is Low As compare to headphone                              
  • Sound Quality : The sound quality of earphone is good also depends upon your brand or quality but this the pros factor of earphone                                  
  • Sound Leakage:  The benefit of sound leakage is while listening music you can also listen or feel surrounding ex: when your driving you must have to hear or feel the surrounding at that case you cant use headphone.

Cons Of Earphone

  • Noise cancellation:  Noise Cancellation clear from name cancellation of surrounding noise ex: When Your traveling and wear earphone, you can feel or listen the outside noise that’s a drawback of earphone                             
  •   Long Term Use : It Feels irritation when you use earphones for a long time. The earbuds of earphone of different types, and it can damage for ear canal(Rare Case Don’t need to afraid)


 The Electrical Accessories wear over the Ear due to the immense size of the headphone. There are many pros and cons before going to the pros and cons,


 take a look at the types of headphone

Types Of Headphone:

There are two types of headphone

IOn-ear Headphone

On-Ear Headphone

 The headphone there is no proper noise cancellation but good sound quality. These come in 2 types wired and non-wired. There are many pros and cons.

II. Over-ear Headphone

Over-Ear Headphone

The Type Of Headphone which is designed for noise cancellation base and sound quality but the price is also high, but I include some over-ear headphone under 1500

Pros Of Headphone

  •  Noise Cancellation: The driver size of the headphone is more bigger than the earphone  that helps in noise cancellation
  • Bass: if you love bass must go with headphone the reason is Bigger driver size
  •  Long Time Use: if you love music listening for a long time, then headphone is best for you the designing of headphone didn’t apply pressure on your ear that’s why there is no worry of  pain

Cons Of Headphone

  •  PriceThe price of headphone is higher than earphone, but headphone gives you some extra facility as compared to the earphone
  • Noise Leakage :There Is no Noise Leakage means you cant listen to surrounding while listening. This is the main drawback of headphone You Cant use while driving and many more places.
  •   Chargingcharging is the main problem of headphones. After a few hours, you have to recharge, but in an earphone, there is no problem like this.

How To Choose Best Earphones under 1500

Most of the people are confused about how to choose the best earphone what we have to look at while purchasing the earphone. Don’t worry; I’m going to tell you what we have to look while purchasing earphone or headphone 

If you’re looking for good deals on high-end electronics like earphones, then you should know

how to choose earphones under 1500Rs without facing any problem.Since this is a leading departmental store selling top brands like Bose, Philips, Sony, Boat, and many more,

it is considered as one of the most credible stores selling branded headphones, digital and wired headphones.

There’s nothing better than purchasing products from leading brands that are trusted and appreciated by the customers.The boat is one of the renowned brands that has carved a niche for itself in the electronic world.

Best Earphones Under 1500Rs If you’re specifically looking for under the same price range, then you can check out the complete list of best earphones under 1500Rs.

Here you will get detailed information about the model name, current price, features, function, durability, and quality of the product.

You will also get the option of buying the headphones online or offline.Apart from the list of headphones, this store also offers an impressive collection of Bluetooth earphones under different categories.

One category is the Bose Bluetooth Smart Noise Canceller Headset. These innovative earphones utilize the advanced technology to let you enjoy music, movies, conferences, and other audio sources with clarity.

The latest version of this model has extra functions that make it even more attractive. The built-in cardioid acoustic model makes it perfect for individuals who have long hours of work.

The built-in cardioid acoustic model of Boat Bluetooth Smart Noise Canceller Headset has extra noise cancellation features like the noise-canceling feature and noise-control feature.The model named as Best Earphones Under 1500Rs (best in-line mic) by this site has all the qualities that can make you enjoy the excellent sound quality.

 This model is loaded with noise isolation that lets you get rid of external noises from bothering your ears. In fact, you can listen to your favorite songs without getting bothered about the roaring of the vehicles on the street or the buzzing of the birds outside your window.

With the noise-isolation feature, you can say goodbye to all these disturbing sounds.Moreover, with the latest technology and advanced functionalities, the Bose wireless headphones have incorporated a superlative speaker design called CQC.

The powerful speaker driver controls the mid-range frequencies so that you can enjoy the pure and refined sound. 

The built-in noise isolation gives you a perfect listening experience with the help of different earphone brands. Moreover, the noise isolation technology has made it possible for the user to enjoy even a call without disturbing the other party.

 All the three major categories of earphones under this range are Bose, Sennheiser, and SEDi. Each has its own unique characteristic.If we take into consideration the most advanced audio devices like wireless earbuds, it is undeniable that Bose offers great compatibility and durability.

 The Bose wireless earbuds are incorporated with innovative technology that allows you to enjoy music for more than one year.

 This basically means that the original earphones are covered by a one year warranty.

 Further, the earphones from Bose are light in weight and can be easily carried around anywhere.Let me tell you about the best wireless earphones under this price range. One of the most popular models of wireless earphones from Bose is the Bose QuietComfort 3.

You will be amazed to know about this model has the ability to provide an ambient noise-canceling feature that will allow you to enjoy your music without disturbing others. 

If you want to listen to your favorite tracks while working on your PC, this is the model that you must buy. Apart from that, the Bose QuietComfort 3 also features the best digital noise cancellation system that will offer you crystal-clear music.

 Another the great thing about this model is that it comes with built-in volume control, so you will not have to constantly easily adjust the volume while listening to your favorite tracks.If we look at the second-best models available in the market, we will find two different models that are highly appreciated by many customers.

The first model is the Bose x Mate Wireless Headphones under the category of the best wireless earphones. 

These earphones from Bose are known for their supreme sound quality and come loaded with tons of great features. I

n addition to that, the Bose x Mate Wireless Headphones is also equipped with the latest Bose MP3 technology

that provides better sound quality. In this way, you will never experience any interference while you use these earphones from Bose.

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Remember These Thing  While Purchasing:

Brand,Button control,Quality,Tangle,Battery,Life Range,Price,Senstivity Impedance, passive noise cancellation

noise isolation,performance,glide,warrenty Period( Minimum of 1 year warranty ) 

For More Info : Watch This Video

Frequently Asked Question (Faq’s)Q1. Best Earphones Under 1500

Ans. Mivi Thunder Beats, Boat Rockerz 255

Q2. Best Earphones Under 600

Ans. JBL C100SI,Redmi Earphone and Boat Bass head 100

Q3. Which Is The Best brand Bluetooth earphones under 800 rupees

Ans. Realme Bud2 will be the great choice


If I’m talking about the best earphone under 1500, there are many its all up to you how to choose. I have already told you all things how to select the excellent earphone also listed, but you have also take care of your budget 

If you want my recommendation, I will go with my top 3 earphone that is Mivi Thunder Beats Boat Rockerz Realme Buds 2

Last Thing I Want To Say Please Must give the your valuable feedback In the comment its means a lot to me 

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