7 Best Earbuds Under 3000 In India 2022

With the advancement of time, technology and scientific advancements have taken a jump. Everything has evolved and taken a new, better shape, which is the need of the hour. With that we bring next topic called Best Earbuds under 3000. Now, the reach of people has increased and everything is available to us just with a single click.

Earbuds have taken a very key role recently, more among the recent generation. Earbuds are very much preferred as they are handy, small, and wireless. There are no messy cables, tangling of cables, and stuff. So, people have no restriction on their movements and listen to their music freely while grooving.

There are a lot of brands in the market that have introduced earbuds as one of their products. Certain criteria need to be seen before buying earbuds.

So, let us scroll down to know about the Best Earbuds under 3000.

Details About Best Earbuds Under 3000

1. Realme Buds air 2

Best Earbuds under 3000


  • 25hrs Total Playback
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • 10 mm Hi-fi Bass Boost Driver
  • 88ms Super Low Latency

Realme Buds air 2 is the first number of our list of Best Earbuds Under 3000


Realme has recently been a well-reputed brand among customers. This headphone has an in-ear placement and comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

It weighs around 133 grams and has a shiny appearance. It is fully compatible with androids and windows. The earbud has large DLC drivers of 10mm.


A full charge provides up to 25 hours of average battery life, and you can go for a day without charging and still using it.

It takes 2 hours to charge itself. The earbud is supported by one lithium polymer battery which is already included in the box. It is wireless and helps you have unrestricted movement. It is not a problem to move freely while using the earbuds. There will be no tangling of cables and such problems.


The latency is super low and that of 88ms. It has a Bluetooth version of 5.2 with smart wear detection. The wireless range is up to 10m. The case is glossy and has magnets to hold the buds together.

They are also IPX5 sweat and water-resistant and do not malfunction when in water making them perfect to be used even when at the gym or exercising.

Workout fans will appreciate this. Slight water and sweat will not harm it but, remember to keep the case dry. There is a dual-mic environmental noise canceling algorithm for calls so the unwanted noises won’t interrupt your calls and important meetings.

A microphone is in-built within. The box comes with a pair of earbuds, charging case, charging cable, and ear tip of all sizes.  


· The battery life is excellent and impressive.

· The sound quality is great and the bass is too good.

· The device gets quickly paired to the operating phone and is very stylish.

· It is very lightweight and sits securely without any pain in the ears.


· No app support for IOS as of yet.

· There are unreliable controls and not so good.

2. OnePlus Buds Z


  • 20 hours of Playtime
  • 10 mm dynamic Drivers
  • IP55 Sweat and water-resistant
  • Bluetooth version BT 5.0

The OnePlus earbuds come with a wireless feature that is compatible with all android and iOS smartphones, laptops, audio players, tablets and this is the also considered as the Best Earbuds under 3000


It comes in a very classy design and nice built quality. It has a bass sound mode which makes the sound clearer. Each earbud has advanced 10mm dynamic drivers and delivers deep bass definition. It has an in-ear earphone form factor.


It has sufficient power life of up to 20 hours were 5 hours in the earbuds and 15 hours in the charging case. It takes just 10 min to charge and gives 3 hours of lively audio.


You can elevate your sound with dynamic 3D stereo with Dolby Atmos and panoramic sound fidelity using the latest Dirac Audio Tuner Digital technology.

It is lightweight, comfortable, and wireless. It is a Bluetooth streaming earbud with v.5.0 technology that can be easily connected to your operating device.

There are no messy cords and helps you move freely without any restrictions due to the tangling of cables. Moreover, an impressive IP55 ensures water resistance and stays protected even when there are water splashes and sweat. The nano-coating repels water, providing protection.

Quick pair lets you pair automatically and every time you open the case, quick connect immediately connects your phone to the buds. There are dual microphones and OnePlus noise reduction algorithm to cancel the unwanted noises from your surroundings. There is ultra-low latency for gamers and weighs just 50g.

View more at the OnePlus website


·The packaging and build quality of the product is very impressive.

· The sound quality is nice and every genre of music sounds well.

· The comfort is a 10/10 as they sit properly and are lightweight.


· Better for only android users and is much preferable for them.

· Though water-resistant yet there is a warning against the usage of water or liquid for cleaning.

3. MI True 2C Earbuds

MI True Wireless Earphone 2C


  • Up to 20Hrs Playback Time
  • 14.2 mm Dynamic Driver
  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • Voice Assistant

MI is a well-reputed brand that produces all sorts of headphones, smartphones at a reasonable price. So, MI TWS 2C comes with its wireless features and is compatible with any android and IOS device.

MI True 2C is also the Best Earbuds Under 3000


It is designed for portability and can be easily packed and carried.

There is a 14.2 mm large composite diaphragm and is used to make the sound fuller and richer with a more natural feel and restore real texture and details. AAC audio codec technology is supported to improve the audio quality and experience.

This provides the users clear sounding audio. It has a mic and noise-cancellation feature that blocks unwanted noises from the surrounding.


The battery life lasts for 5 hours after a single charge and the portable pocket-size charging case provides up to 20 hours of music backup and makes it simple to recharge the device making it a powerhouse.


Each earbud is equipped with two built-in high sensitivity microphones, which use beam-forming technology to eliminate the background noise during calls and allows the other users to hear you properly even when you are in a noisy background.

The half in-ear design fits your ear snugly for more comfort and stability inside and out.

The earbud and the stem join in an intelligent curve design that naturally fits your ears well. A single earbud weighs 4.7 g which is as much as light as an A4 sheet.

Google Assistant and Alexa are compatible and with a single touch,  you can access your favorite voice assistant and control it with just your voice.


· It gives excellent quality for calls and music as well. ENC works well. The Bass is superb.

· Reconnects instantly after opening the case.

· Is universally compatible with all devices.


· The battery life is not much recommended.

· Poor design and the stem are pretty thick and could have been Average build quality and can easily break if falls from a long height.    

4. Skullcandy Jib True


  • 22 hours of battery life
  • IPX4 Sweat and Water-Resistant
  • Dual microphones
  • Noise-Isolating

Skullcandy has started becoming famous in the market by manufacturing various products with one of them being Earphones, earbuds and this skull candy earbuds considered as the Best Earbuds Under 3000

The Jib Wireless Earbuds has an in-ear earphone form factor and sits perfectly on your ears. It is easy to connect and control. You can use either of the buds and go for solo buds if you want to.

Build Quality

The build quality is quite good and impressive. It is water and sweat resistant, so carry it while exercising and don’t worry about it getting damaged.

There is noise cancellation present to omit the unwanted noises. The bass is incredible and general noises are crisp and not at all tiny.


It has a commendable battery life that gives a playback time of 22 hours, along with a dual microphone for clean and clear calls.

The charging case goes for 16 hours while the buds have a 6 hours battery life.


The earbuds connect themselves with the operating device with Bluetooth v 5.0. It weighs around 48.5 grams. The whole get-up of the earbud is very attractive, light and comfortable, and easy to carry.


· The feel of the sound produced is really good.

· The bass is amazing and generally the voices are clear.

· The noise cancellation feature works well and cancels noises from the background.

· The battery life is too good.


· The earbuds might fall while exercising or jogging.

· For calls it is a bit lagging and is good for only music.

· They are quite bulky and might be a problem for some.


Best Earbuds Under 3000


  • Up to 20 hours Playtime
  • Type-C Fast Charging
  • Smart Voice Assistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0

The Cross Beat Pebble earbuds are carved classify and made to look very sophisticated and aesthetic. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity version 5.0. It has a CVC of 8.0. That’s keep this earbuds in the list of Best Earbuds Under 3000


The bass has been upgraded a lot as compared to the previous versions and models. It is supported by all android, IOS, and window-based devices.

The earbuds feel like they are tailor-made and fit perfectly in your ears. It has a noise cancellation algorithm that works to cancel out all the unwanted ambient noises from your surrounding and provide the best sound quality possible.


The battery life is of 20 hours non-stop and gives you all day long entertainment. The earbuds are very lightweight and sit comfortably in the charging case without falling or causing trouble.


It is IPX6 Resistance graded and is splash and sweat proof making it perfect for your gym, jogging, cycling.

There is an in-built microphone in it that can be used while you’re talking in a call and delivers a clear voice for the person on the other side to hear. It has the feature of universal phone control. The product comes with a warranty, charging case, and charging cable. It weighs around 300g and has a plastic consistency.


· The buds fit nicely in your ears.

· It is lightweight and easy to carry.

· The music quality is good.

· Is a durable product and is designed in such a way


· Does not connect to multiple devices even though it is mentioned.

· The noise cancellation is not so active and does not work properly.  

6. Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro

Best Earbuds Under 3000


  • 28 hours total playback
  • Dual transparency mode
  • 35dB active noise cancellation
  • AI scene judgement

The Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro comes with high-definition wireless audio with Qualcomm chipset. It has various colors like blue, white, pink leaving the customers with a lot of options to choose from.

Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro is the Best Earbuds Under 3000

Sound Quality

It gives a studio-quality sound and has in-ear headphones form factor. The product has a fast and stable connection with Bluetooth version 5.2 to provide seamless high-audio for calls, meetings, music, and games.

The sound quality is very impressive with dual drivers that are designed to provide the best sound quality from the deep base to clear treble.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle environment, just connect the headphones. The latency is super low and works with 86 ms and has great sync while you play games.


It has a battery life of up to 30 hours. A single charge gives 7 hours of battery life with a single charge. Needless to mention, it is IPX4 water and sweat-resistant.


All the voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri are supported. Well, it is compatible with all sorts of devices and smartphones. Also, whenever you take the earbuds off the ear the music pauses, and to resume just wear them back.

The comfort provided by it is worth mentioning. With a simple touch on the earbuds, you can easily control to play or pause music, answer or end calls and activate your voice assistant.  


· The shape of the earbuds is an advantage. There are large to touch-sensitive areas on each earpiece.

· There are no connectivity issues. The earphones automatically power up and connect to the last paired devices when removed from the case.

· The bass is good.


· The sound quality is not so good and decent. It does not meet up to the expectations as specified.

· There might be occasional lagging when dropped off.

7. Noise Shots Neo 2


  • 20-hour total playtime
  • Dedicated Gaming Mode
  • 6 mm Speaker Driver
  • No-lag Gaming Experience

Noise has never been a disappointment to the maximum of the customers. It has recently launched the latest budget-friendly wireless earbuds names “Noise Shots Neo 2” in the market.

It has a very compact design and connects to the operating device via Bluetooth version 5.0. The product is priced below Rs 2000 and has a great build and design quality that’s why we put this earbuds on the last number of the list of Best Earbuds Under 3000

The look is quite classy and fulfills the aesthetic of maximum customers. Each earbud can be used solo if you want to. Though it has minimal design yet it gives a premium look.

They are very lightweight and weigh something around 40g


Each and can be easily carried in pockets. The surface is very shiny and will not let dirt sit on the buds. The Noise Shots Neo 2 offers fairly good audio quality with a decent number of bass with 6 mm drivers.

It comes with multi-functional touch control on each earbud and can be used to perform everything be it attaining calls, controlling music, launching voice assistant, and more.


It has a decent battery life of up to 5 hours of listening from the earbuds after a single charge. Both have an in-built microphone and amplify sound for outdoor use. It can be used for gaming and is very efficient.


· The product has a good built quality and is quite lightweight.

· It is sweatproof and IPX4 certified.

· Overall audio is quite loud and clear.


· There is no Type-C USB

· Might not be comfortable for all users

Hey, let’s take some frequently asked question and provide you answer

Q1. Which is the Best Earbuds under 3000 ?

Ans : Realme buds air 2, OnePlus Buds Z and MI True 2C


So, earbuds are the new trend. Hence, now you can find the best earphones for yourself and treat your ears well. Listen to good music along with good and nice earphones.

I have discussed all thing in details, I hope now you are all ready to choose the best earbuds I have listed the all 7 Best Earbuds under 3000

I will suggest you to pick the top 2 or 3 earbuds from my list that will be the best choice for you under this price range

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