7 Best Earbuds Under 2000 In India, 2022

In This Article, we will discuss all the 7 Best Earbuds Under 2000

Demands of earbuds increasing day by day, that’s why every brand wants to compete another in the with their own budget Earbuds 

Choosing earbuds under your budget is still not easy the reason is there are many choices out there in market 

we have plan to help you in choosing the Best Earbuds Under 2000 and give you the best list among all the earbuds

There is always the earbuds is much better in the term of Bass and Noise cancellation on compare to earphones

List Of 7 Best Earbuds Under 2000

Here is the list of all best earbuds according to Their performance

1. Noise Air Buds

Best Earbuds Under 2000


  • 13 mm speaker driver
  • 20-hour playtime
  • IPX4 sweat-resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Noise Air buds is the best example of the best earbuds under 2000 If I talk about the reason behind putting this earbuds on the number in list of our picks is its look and Sound Quality

Design :

At first look they seem similar to that of an earphone. However, they have a speaker driver. Styled in a proper “P” shape you can see the speaker on the side of the air bud.

The design of earbuds is really amazing as they have a soft touch to the ears. 

Not only this, they also have music and volume control that comes with smart touch. At the back of the air buds you get to see the logo of “Noise” brand. Also, they are 4.5 grams in weight.

All in all it looks super stylish and premium. It is such a thin product that you can easily carry it in your pocket.

Sound Quality 

It has the amazing sound quality which is unmatched. The brand has embedded air buds with 13 mm audio drivers. This is why, you can experience the top-notch sound quality. Not only this, but audio properties such as bass and everything is balanced smoothly. 

The sound is loud, but it doesn’t hurt your ears even if you get to the maximum volume. If you are searching something for the media consumption,

Then the Noise is never going to disappoint you because it provides you a balanced and stereo experience.

Battery life

With the product description, the company claims to provide maximum 20 hours of battery backup. However, the case has got 500mAh battery along with this each of the bud has got 45mAh battery inside them.

With all this goodness, you can expect the power backup of more than 15 hours. The air buds provided by Noise takes approximately 75 minutes for fully charged.

On the other hand, the case takes at least 2 hours to be fully charged. But you need to make sure that you don’t use fast charging adapters to charge it.

Build Quality

At first the Noise air buds feels so good and premium. To provide protection for the air buds, the company provides a case. However, the case is in oval shape that comes with matt finish.

Hence, you can see the logo of brand Noise on the top of its lid and also at the back. Along with that, you will also find a type-C port for charging purpose. Also, it is the thin product that easily fits your pocket.

Overall performance

Noise Air Buds is one of the best choice for those who are preferring to work from home as this product provides you a long time usage.

It is very easy to wear these buds as they are super light. Not only this, but the user has to push it into their ear holes.

Now, just hold it and hang from the ears. In case the user feels pain, it is recommended to place the air buds correctly. Air buds from the Noise comes with the touch controls.

It also comes with managing, tracking calls and voice assistance with just few steps. Not only this, but the response of the touch also comes within seconds, which is one of the best things in this product.


  • Longer battery life.
  • Light-Weight
  • Best and Balanced sound quality
  • Budget Friendly


  • Sound Leakage Sometimes

Still Confused, Watch This Video

2. Oppo Enco W11

oppo enco w11


  • 8 mm dynamic driver
  • IP55 Water and Dust Resistant
  • 20 Hours of Music
  • Lightweight

So you want an upgrade for your earbuds? Here’s the best option for you, which is Oppo Enco W11. Which is also considered as the Best earbuds under 2000 Let’s take a brief look at it.


The airbuds are designed in three of the sizes of foam, silicone ear tips that can easily fit into your ear. Also the box consists of a short USB Type-C cable along with the user guide.

However, these airbuds can be divided into two groups which are in-ear style and semi in-ear style.

Sound quality

The chipset embedded into the device is really amazing and works smoothly. You can pair up the devide via Bluetooth 5.0 with the simultaneous transmission.

In simple terms, the connection will be established in the both earbuds at the same time.

It is not that difficult to connect the device with any of the Bluetooth device. Apart from that there’s not a switch button or any gesture on the case to pair up the device.

Battery backup

The company claims to provide 5 hours of playback through the buds and 20 minutes with the case.

On an average you can use the product for 18-20 times with 80% of volume by pairing it up via music playback, video streaming, gaming, and calls as well.


  • Sound Quality
  • Less Latency
  • Ultralight Design


  • Bass is Average

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3. Redmi Earbuds 2c

redmi earbuds 2c


  • Environment Noise Cancellation
  • Sleek & Stylish design
  • 12 hours playback time
  • Voice Assistance

Have you heard about the brand new Redmi Earbuds 2c?

No, then it’s time to upgrade your sound quality with the Earbuds 2c at Rs.1299. However,

If you are searching for some high-quality products, then this one is the best option for you, and also be considered as the Best Earbuds Under 2000

Now explore areas of Redmi Earbuds 2c in detail.


The Redmi Earbuds 2c comes in blavk colour. The wireless earbuds has medium and small size of ear tips. Also the company provides you with the user manual for your ease.

It is compact in size that you can carry in your pocket. The design is like that of a capsule which looks classy and fashionable as well.

Sound quality

The product has got Bluetooth 5.0 which has the wireless range taht covers upto 18-20m. This Bluetooth device gives you a better and table connection with enhanced connectivity.

Hence, the product doesn’t provide you that much of amazing bass and x-factor in the music. The Redmi Earbuds 2C is great to go for any occasional purpose.

Battery Backup

The company provides you with the 300 mAh battery with this product. Each earbud have 43 mAh battery.

Xiaomi claims to provide 12 hours of battery backup with the provided charging case. However, if you use the device with the level of 50-60%, then this will give you a battery backup of 4 hours.


  • Long Battery Life
  • Value for Money
  • Sound Quality
  • Voice assistant


  • No Proper Noise Cancellation

4. Boult Audio AirBass

Boult Audio Airbass


  • In-Line Touch Control
  • Low Latency Mode
  • IPX5 Water & Sweat Resistant
  • 24 Hours Of Playback

Boult Audio Airbass is also one of the best example of best earbuds under 2000

Who would love a hindered connection to the music because of just a cable? Of course not anyone.

This is why presenting Boult Audio Air bass that gives you wireless connection that connects you with the music within seconds. Let’s take a deep dive into more from the product in detail.


The Boult Audio Airbass comes with a case with black, blue and red colours. You can find the logo of the company at the back of this product.

However, they are really tiny so that you don’t face any difficulty while travelling. It provides the mark for right and left ear.

Sound quality

If I’m talking about its sound quality is Best and balanced sound quality, You can feel the latency in these earbuds, but they are equal to 0.

Those people who have a sharp sense of sound or the game players can sense it. You can even use it on a high volume because it doesn’t hurt your ear.

Battery backup

The Boult company claims that this product has battery backup of 24 hours. However, in actual the earbuds provides you a usage of 5.5 hours when fully charged.

Not only this, but the case can charge the buds four times. After this the product gives you a playtime of 20 hours.

Overall performance

The Boult company has done a great job at the sensor area because you get the finest voice assistance and also the best and balanced sound quality. Yes you can choose this earbuds for your budget


  • Smart touch control
  • HD Sound Quality
  • Sweat & Water-Resistant


  • Not Good For Small Ear holes

5. Realme Buds Q2

Realme Buds Q2


  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Fast Charging Support
  • Bluetooth v5.2
  • 10 mm Bass Boost Driver

No one wants to disrupt their quality time with music.

If you are one of those people then you have landed at the very right place because we are presenting Realme Buds Q2 the best earbuds under 2000 that gives you commendable performance. Let’s explore all the areas.


The design of this product is really compact as it’s comes with a classy color black and white. The product will cost you Rs.2499. The earbuds weigh 4.5g which is really light weight wgen you wear them. They look elegant yet classy.

Sound quality

The product provides you the option to enhance the volume but you should not choose this option because it creates distortion. You will experience that the volume of earbuds is already loud so you don’t need the enhanced mode. The sound is really clean.

Battery backup

The brand promises to provide you a playtime of 28 hours but you have turn off the ANC mode. If you use it with ANC turned on mode, the battery life is 20 hours.

Apart from that, the product supports fast charging that gives you a battery backup of 5 hours.

Overall performance

It’s not a bad playtime that offers you 20 hours. However, the charging time is real quick so that you catch up to your game, music and anything quickly.


  • Value for money
  • Sound Quality
  • Design
  • Battery Life


  • Noise Cancellation
  • Bass Quality

6. Mivi DuoPods

Mivi Duopods


  • Powerful Bass
  • 30Hours Battery Backup
  • Touch Intuitive Controls
  • Splash and Sweat proof

Mivi launched the product named Mivi duo pods recently and is making the music lovers go crazy enough. That’s why we put this earbuds on the 5 no of best earbuds under 2000, You want to take deep look into it? Let’s go.


Mivi duopods is product which looks premium because of its matte finish. You get the color choice which red, white, black and blue. This tiny capsule is manufactured with plastic of average quality.

Sound quality

At this price, the Mibi Duopods delivers excellent sound quality. However, we can’t ignore the job of microphone support. In case you are outside and using it for call, you can never be disappointed.

Battery life

The Mivi promises to give you a battery backup of 24 hours but in actual it deluvers 5 to 6 hours of playtime with one time charge.

Overall performance

When you are in a crowded area, you will find these AirPods working fine. However, for gaming and music, you can never be disappointed.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Good Quality of Bass
  • Build Quality


  • No Proper Noise cancellation

7. Portronics Twins Mini

Portronics Harmonics Twins Mini


  • IPX6 Resistant
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Active-Smart Case
  • 9 hours of playtime

Potronics is a big name in the industry of electronics and gadgets. However, they have recently launched their latest product which is Portronics Twins Mini at Rs. 2000. Are you excited? Let’s take a quick tour and also discuss in details.


As the design doesn’t give a premium quality of looks, but it comes with a matte finish case. The buds are made of plastic, but they are small to easily adjust into your ear.

The size really comoact and travel friendly as well.

Sound quality

You can expect the HD quality of sohnd through the 8mm audio drivers. Also, the bass is not upto the mark but it gives you a decent performance as well. You can enjy your songs with any issues.

Battery life

Potronics claims to provide a battery life of 9 to 10 hours. When music is your best friend at work then this the best option for you. They approximately takes half to one hour to get fully charged.

Overall performance

With the battery backup of 9 to 10 hours, you get the best voice assistance plus best sound quality that gives you seamless experience makes this earbuds on the list of best earbuds under 2000 in india 2021.


  • Good bass quality
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Unique Design


  • Noise cancellation

How To Choose Best Earbuds Under 2000

Earbuds are a compulsion in our lives right now, as we tend to use them everywhere for talking in calls to listening to music.

Generally, on purchase of smartphones, we get earbuds along with the new phone as a part. But once they get a defect it’s time for us to buy new earbuds.

So, then we are seen confused and try to understand which one to buy, what to look for while buying, etc. How can we figure out which is good for us and which one is not?

which one will last longer? So, these are like general questions that we have while we are choosing our new products. Let us take a look at the article to understand further. Some common things people look at while purchasing are brand name, quality, and price.

These are the most frequent criteria that people look at while purchasing a product. The first thing is the brand as well-reputed brands have an upper stack when it comes to preferences.

Then they look at the product and wonder if it matches their taste if the design is aesthetically pleasing if the appearance is nice or not.

After all this, they tend to check the price and analyze if it is worth it or not. Well, these things are a part of the whole purchase process, but these are not the only things to be seen. Some rational customers know that brand and looks are not important.

Other things like sound quality, noise cancellation, sensitivity, frequency response, drivers, etc. are the most important factors. Let us see what more to expect while buying earbuds.

Compatibility is a very important criterion that needs to be fulfilled when it comes to purchasing earbuds. They must be compatible and connect to all devices be it android, iOS or laptops, PC, etc.

If they are not connective and only selectively connected to some devices then it’s a problem as there is no versatility and hence can be a problem.

The frequency range is generally measured in hertz (Hz) and generally refers to the range of audio frequencies that are earbuds can repeat.

So, knowing the frequency response will help you select the right product that you’re looking for. Like if you like to listen to music with lots of basses, then you should look for earbuds with low bass frequency. Sensitivity should be taken into consideration.

It refers to how loud earbuds can go and show how electric signals can be changed into acoustic signals. They are generally measured by sound pressure level (SPL) and also help you understand what is right for you.

It’s always preferable to buy a mid-range level of sensitivity buds because they will not be dangerous to your ears. The fit of the earbuds is important because not all ear shapes are the same. So, every earbud is not going to fit your ears properly.

Thus, finding the good one that will fit you is necessary because bad earbuds will not only harm or hurt your ears but they might even create hearing issues for those with sensitive ears.

Drivers are also responsible for creating the sound within your device. So, the stronger the driver the better will be the overall sound.

Drivers can also boost the different sound effects for a good listening experience. Noise cancellation feature is very important because it will help you separate the unnecessary sound, noises from your background so that they don’t create any sort of disturbance.

You can focus on your work more properly when such unwanted noises will be canceled out. Even when you’re talking to someone overcall in some noisy surroundings, this feature will help in delivering a crystal-clear voice and the person on the other side can hear you properly.

Water-resistant earbuds are now on the trend because you can carry them easily while you’re working out at the gym or doing exercise at your house or maybe running long distances.

They can be your perfect partner in the process of staying healthy. They block out moisture from sweat so that it does not get destroyed or defected. Wireless and Bluetooth connective earbuds are more convenient.

They will help you remain hands-free while you can listen to your favorite song, roaming around without. It offers great freedom, especially when you’re doing sports or any activity that requires a lot of movement.

Lastly, the brand should also be taken into consideration because it is true that well-known and well-repeated brands are much more reliable as compared to the new ones.

The products have served properly to the customers because of which everybody trusts them. However, they should not be the first criteria while you are purchasing earbuds. Noise, BoAt, Samsung, OnePlus, Apple Air pods have all been active contributors to this field of earbuds. They come up with new features and technologies every year to serve the customers better.

Always check the product details and batter life as well as the year of manufacture while purchasing. Now, you can easily look for a nice earbud while keeping these points in mind


I Hope you have now get your all query answered in this Article, It’s now easy to choose which earbuds is best for you

Choose according to your Budget and requirements I have mentioned the all best earbuds according to their day-to-day Performance

If you ask me which one I will recommend you, then I will recommend you the Top Three Listed product in the 7 Best Earbuds Under 2000 in 2022

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