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7 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 In India 2022

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Hey, let’s discuss some basics term related to the Bluetooth speakers before moving to the list of Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000

What is Bluetooth speakers ?

Speakers are loudspeakers that receive audio signals using radio frequency waves rather than audio cables. So, speakers are generally wired as well as wireless.

Though the wireless speakers are on-trend and preferred by most people. These audio transmission signals are received with the help of two variations namely Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth to transmit audio data to the receiving speakers.  

These wireless speakers are composed of two units: one being the main speaker combining itself with an RF receiver and the other being an RF transmitter unit. The transmitter connects itself to the audio output of any devices such as hi-fi equipment, televisions, computers as well as an MP3 player.

These speakers generally have a good sound quality and are a good choice. If you are a music lover who loves the treble and bass to go all perfect with the music then speakers are the ones for you.

Nowadays, most of the speakers are wireless and can be easily connected with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There are certain criteria that you need to consider before buying a speaker.

So here in this article, we will provide you with a guide on how to purchase a speaker as well as provide a list of speakers under Rs 3,000.

So, there are certain things that you should check out before you get a Bluetooth speaker for yourself. First comes the portability of the speaker whether it can be carried easily or not and also its size. Some speakers are as small as a soap bar and weigh just a few grams.

Then if you are buying a wireless speaker the Bluetooth connectivity is also necessary. The version affects your choice, of course, Nowadays version four and five are both out in the market and it is worth noting that version five is faster than version four.

So, you have to keep in mind the version of the Bluetooth speaker that you’re buying. Next comes in the list is the waterproof nature of the speaker.

Since water and electronics don’t generally go together it is always preferable to buy a speaker which is waterproof and this is generally denoted with the help of the speaker’s IP rating. So waterproof speakers are very much preferable because you can use them even when you are having a pool party or something.

Nowadays most of the speakers are wireless as well as are capable of more than just streaming music. Take for example the smart speakers which have also access to a virtual assistants like Amazon, Alexa, Siri as well as Google assistant.

These are very much hotly produced speaker which is right now in the market and is kind of preferred by most of the people. Take for example Amazon Echo which is a smart speaker, and I’m mostly designed to sit in the home and require the main power socket.

You can do a lot of stuff is in the speaker other than just listening to music like setting reminders, commanding to do something, hearing the news, asking for some sort of information, and many such features.

Multiroom is also a new feature which is to be seen while you’re buying a Bluetooth speaker or a speaker for that matter.

Sometimes one speaker is just not enough for a whole room or a whole place.

People generally tend to use the speakers when they have a party or some sort of function at their place, so it is always preferable to buy those speakers which have multiroom audio that is you can pair up with multiple speakers together for a larger and a bigger sound.

Some Bluetooth speakers have an in-line socket that is an aux which allows you to connect your speaker to any audio source with the help of a cable.

So,  it is always preferable to buy those speakers which have an audio socket because you can use them both is wireless and wired.

Sound quality should also be considered and is the most important feature that you should look for while buying a speaker. If you like to listen to a lot of high-resolution audio, then it is worth buying a speaker that supports an aptX HD as it reduces distortion.

So, let us see the list of speakers under Rs 3,000 which are trending as well as preferred by most of the customers and we make the list of the Best Bluetooth speakers under 3000

List of the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000

1. Sony Extra Bass XB12

Sony Extra Bass XB12


  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Extra Bass
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Small and light design

Sony Extra Bass XB12 is the Best Bluetooth speakers Under 3000

Sony has always been a very well recognized and well-known brand among its customers as well as its users. It always comes up with products and devices which perfectly cater to the needs of a customer. This brand is generally everywhere is starting from your phones to speakers and even TVs.

The Sony SRS XB 12 speaker is a small device and measures only 92 mm tall and has a diameter which is approximately 74 mm. It has a cylindrical rubber body which makes it more durable as well as strong.

The building design is great and the rubber body will protect the device even if it falls from a particular height. There is a great variety of color options available which ranges from black, blue, red, green as well as grey.

Every color variant comes with a similar color strap which kind of adds a little more-classy look to the speakers. This strap can be used to carry the device with your hand when you’re walking. This tracking also is used to hang the device and put it in a place if you want to.

The speaker body has five different patterns between the use of the control panel. Two of the buttons are for moving the soundtrack from forward and afterward and there are two separate buttons to control the volume levels. Glass button which is available on the speaker is the power button.

Long pressing the power button will switch on the device. Pressing the same button once they pause or play the music. The same button can also be used to receive calls and a long press Will activate the virtual assistants such as Apple Siri and Google assist.

It also comes with a feature of connecting with another speaker to give a more enhanced sound output this feature can be activated using the add button which is placed on the right side of the clay or pause button.

The chart status can also be understood as there is an L-shaped indicator that reminds you of the charging status. There is a mic hold which is placed below the charging LED.

There is another panel that has separate micro USB ports for charging and there is also an aux in-port. The whole body is covered with some sort of rubberize material. The hole is bigger with something around 320 g and is not much.

It has been designed in a way that is travel proof, so you can easily carry them on when you’re traveling in your bag pouch or luggage.

The speakers generally connect to Bluetooth devices within three seconds and get started. It comes with a Bluetooth version of 4.2 and has a connectivity range of up to 10 meters. This speaker is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

The battery life is pretty good, and it takes just five hours to get charged completely and can give a performance for 3 to 4 days.

This is a part of Sony’s extra bass lineup speakers, which means that it delivers much stronger bass sound output. It has a good quality sound which is sharp, clear well as loud at the same time. The mid and highs are perfectly balanced and do not have any sort of distortion.

Overall, the speaker is a good choice and can be purchased.


  1. It is small in size and portable.
  2. The sound quality is amazing and very clear.
  3. It is IP67 rated which is a good thing and can be used in water.


  1. It has a very long charging hour.
  2. It takes longer to connect the speaker with the help of Bluetooth.

2. BoAt Stone 1200


  • Music Up to 9 Hours
  • IPX7 Water & Splash Proof
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Portable and easy to carry

Boat Stone 1200 is the second choice of the Best Bluetooth speakers Under 3000

The boat has always been a good brand amongst all the customers as well as users. The Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker comes with a cylindrical portable design with weighs around 1.7 kilograms.

It’s quite heavy but the carrying strap at the top helps the speaker in carrying and it can add less weight because of that. The build quality of the Stone 1200 has a premium feels with. The body has a fabric material all around along with a matte rubber belt at the center.

The rubber belt at the center houses all the buttons. Like the big button with a boat emblem and a led ring, a power button that can only be used to turn on and off the power.

A button for true wireless stereo, with other Stone 1200s connecting and a true wireless stereo sound, be able to get or enjoy. There is also a dedicated voice support button that helps you to summon features, whether you are using an Android or IOS with just a touch.

The back of the rubber belt has a place for a 3.5 mm audio jack, USB Port, and Charging Port. To enhance more bass output either side of the speaker has an inbuilt passive bass radiator.

In addition to the radiators, both sides of the speaker also have an RGB Led ring that syncs with the beats when listening to music.

For turning On or Off you need to press the M button for a second. The Boat 1200 also offers IPX7 features which it is protected against water and dust.

Besides Bluetooth connectivity, it has a dedicated USB port to plug in your pen drive and an aux port. It has a Control Button which is a big Power Button with a LED ring around and added to it is a Dedicated Button For TWS.

A Voice Assistant Button is also available and there is also a Dedicated Bluetooth/ FM Mode Button. There is a  Volume Up/Down and Previous/Next Track Button.

This all the features make the Speakers on the 2nd number of the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000

Below this, there is four LED light that indicates the battery level of the speaker. Both indoors and out, the performance of the speaker is surprisingly good.

It can handle any type of track with no distortion and with no crackling. It also has a good mid-high frequency separation without interference with each other and keeps the sound simple and pristine. The mid is usually where the vocals lie, the Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker performs well.

Because the sound isn’t hollow or sharp, it retains the wealth or warmth of the voice. And it is pleasant to listen and maintains the natural sharpness with richness and natural tone of the voice. With other frequencies, it retains a strong separation.

The dedicated passive bass radiator gives us an outstanding bass with a smooth and clear tone. The bass answer is a lot better on the ground than the table. Indeed, highs, mid, and lows are nicely tuned in every track that you play, and it sounds very good.

The BS 1200 is compatible with Bluetooth version 5.0, which ensures that the playing of movies by smartphone or TV does not lag. In addition, it can be plugged via a 3.5 mm Audio Jack or a pen drive.

The boat has a 3600mAh, battery built-in. In which you can get a playback time of nine hours without the LED lights On, and the LED lights turn On, it can last for about 7 hours. This Stone 1200 thus uses a Type-C for charging, and it can complete a single full charge within 4 hours. Indeed, the lifespan of the battery depends on its use and volume level.


  1. It has an IPX7 rating
  2. It has an impedance of 6 Ohm and a sensitivity of 75 dB to 3 DB.
  3. The charging span is quite fast and does not take long.


  1. The connectivity might be an issue at times

3. Infinity Fuze 200

Infinity Fuze 200


  • 10 Hours Max playtime
  • Deep Bass Sound
  • IPX7 Water-resistant
  • Dual Speaker connect

Here comes the 3rd choice of the Best Bluetooth speakers Under 3000

The speaker is a hit among most of the customers and users. It is wireless and has Bluetooth connectivity technology, which works just perfectly right.

You can listen to your favorite music with crisp sound and perfectly tuned bass of the Infinity Fuze 200. It will give you unbeatable sound quality with immense and precise bass no matter which genre you are listening to so that you can enjoy your playlist to the fullest.

If you are hosting a party or you want a deep bass you can switch between the two equalizer modes by pressing the volume buttons simultaneously.

The Infinity Fuze 200 has Bluetooth connectivity so you can play your songs wirelessly anytime without tangling wires as you can carry the speaker with you anywhere.

You get Bluetooth connectivity with the new Infinity Fuze 200 so you can connect your device wirelessly anywhere anytime with its long-lasting 10 hours of battery backup to play your music non-stop without fear of charging it again for a whole day.  

The speaker is portable and lightweight enough to carry it around without any issues. If you are connected to your smartphone, you can even access the Google Assistant by pressing the power button two times and get your daily updates and even make calls as the Infinity Fuze 200 has an inbuilt microphone that works flawlessly to deliver your voice on the other side.

There is two equalizer mode which has one for normal mode and the other for deep bass output. The speaker is IPX7 rated and is waterproof. This can be used anytime in the pool or any water area, so this can be used there with no fear of it getting damaged.

The Infinity Fuze 200 is IPX7 waterproof to save your speaker against spills and splashes of water and the durable fabric even saves dust and water from entering the speaker.

Moreover, you can also switch between the equalizer mode by pressing the volume up or down button simultaneously and enhancing your experience.

This gives a more thumping bass and can be used when you are hosting a party. You can connect two Infinity Fuze 20r and take your music to another level with increased bass and music with the Dual connect feature. It comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

If you ask me, then I will recommend you to go with this Bluetooth speakers, this is the best example of the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000


  1. Dual speaker connect technology
  2. It is highly portable and can be carried anywhere
  3. IPX7 waterproof design which protects form from water splashes


  1. The volume gets crackled at deep
  2. The bass might get distorted and create a bad sound quality

4. JBL Go 3

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000


  • 5 Hours of playtime
  • Bluetooth v5.1
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • Type C Cable

JBL has a very well-known reputation amongst its customers. The new GO 3 is a mostly plastic affair, as before, but it comes with quite a few new physical features.

That’s make this Bluetooth speakers on the 4th list of the Best Bluetooth speakers Under 3000

The speaker comes in a rounded, oval form, covered in tight-knit fabric and rubberized plastic. Just like the GO 2, the sound comes out of one side (emblazoned the JBL logo), with the other covered in a plastic patch so the speaker can lay flat without sliding around.

The fabric covering most of the JBL GO 3 brings just the right amount of texture, so it’s always easy for you to grip. Also new to the JBL GO 3 is a fabric loop for hanging the speaker from a hook, or clipping it to a bag.

The loop is permanently affixed to the speaker and is convenient if you want something you can hang up and forget about for an afternoon.

Though the loop is a bit small, it’s big enough. The cloth edge above the JBL logo sports three rather high-profile buttons for adjusting the volume and playback. Because they’re big and distinctively shaped, it’s easy to make volume adjustments by feel.

Apart from that, the speaker also has two buttons on the end opposite its strap for power and Bluetooth pairing—just tap the pairing button and once you hear the guitar strum, select the speaker in your device’s Bluetooth menu.

The speaker isn’t compatible with the JBL Portable app, so what you see initially is all that you get. The JBL GO 3 is IP67 rated for dust and water resistance, which means it’s reasonably dustproof, and it can handle full submersion in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes.

However, while it’s plenty durable, this isn’t exactly ideal for someone looking for a pool speaker. You can play music all you like, and even when the cloth covering is soaked through, the speaker sounds fine, but as soon as it goes in the pool it’s going straight to the bottom and taking your tunes with it.

The JBL GO 3 is a Bluetooth speaker that uses the 5.1 firmware to connect to your device of choice. It only supports the SBC codec, which is a little disappointing, but not surprising as outdoor speakers rarely go in for high-quality codecs like aptX or AAC.

This is fine seeing how the GO 3 serves as an adventure speaker, though you may run into some audio-visual lag if you watch videos while paired to it. There is no 3.5mm port for wired listening, nor can you use the USB-C charging port for audio.

The speaker also doesn’t support Bluetooth multipoint. JBL claims the GO 3 can last up to 5 hours on a single charge but in our testing, we found it well exceeds that. At a constant output of 75dB, the JBL GO 3 lasted 10 hours, 14 minutes on a single charge, more than double what was advertised.

If you’re out in the yard blasting some tunes, you’re almost certainly going to have the volume higher than that, which will impact battery life. The speaker takes about two and half hours to charge over USB-C. It doesn’t support fast charging.

The JBL GO 3 isn’t the highest-fidelity speaker, but it doesn’t need to be. You won’t have trouble hearing most details in music out on the patio, though nothing will sound perfect. Overall, The JBL GO 3 is a neat little device on-premise. It has a pretty good aesthetic look and is a good choice.


  1. It is waterproof and can be used in your pool party
  2. The battery life is pretty amazing
  3. The connectivity is pretty precise and works well.


  1. The loop is small

5. Portronics Breeze Plus

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000


  • 20W Super solid bass
  • Multi-Function key
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • IPX6 Water-Resistant

The Portronics breeze plus Bluetooth speaker was launched on 18 August 2019, it was launched with a 20-watt stereo speaker and powerful bass radiators. and it comes in only Gray colour.

The portronics breeze pulse comes with a powerful 20-watt stereo speaker whose sound quality is too good. not only a 20-watt stereo speaker but the breeze pulse comes with passive bass radiators too.

The portronics breeze plus comes with a v5.0 Bluetooth an inbuilt aux port for connectivity options. its Bluetooth connectivity range is up to 10 meters. it has an aux port and a charging port available.

It is powered by a 2000 mah lithium-ion battery that takes almost 3 to 4 hours to fully charge and plays non-stop music for up to 7 hours on a single charge. the input power of this Bluetooth speaker is 5-volt dc.

It is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker which is IPX6 certified, which means you can play music on this speaker even in rains. Yes, the portronics breeze plus comes with an inbuilt microphone that receives clear and noise-free voice over the phone call.

Like another Bluetooth speaker, the portronics breeze plus does not come with inbuilt virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Siri Assistant. it lacks this feature.

The weight of a portronics breeze plus Bluetooth speaker is around 450 grams. Since it is only a 450 gram Bluetooth speaker, so it can easily be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker too. It is also waterproof and can be used even when you are doing any pool party.


  1. The bass radiator is good and is a 20 watt speaker
  2. It is IPX6 certified and waterproof
  3. There is TWS technology


  1. There is no USB port
  2. There is no virtual assistant

6. JBL Clip 3

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000


  • 10 hours playtime
  • 3.5 mm audio cable Input
  • Waterproof
  • Integrated Carabiner

The JBL Clip 3 also still has the same three playback buttons as the previous model, but now you’ll find them embedded in the front fabric of the speaker as opposed to the small indents around the edge.

With its latest model, JBL seems to have a coherent design language across its products now as the buttons are consistent with the other speakers in the product line-up.

The biggest upgrade is around the back of the speaker, which is now a solid plastic instead of a cutout for a 3.5mm cable. Especially since there’s still a 3.5mm input so if you did want to plug in all you have to do is provide your cable.

You’re probably not getting a JBL Clip 3 based on whether or not it has an audio cable attached, so you’ll be happy to know that this speaker is just as tough as its predecessors.  One of the best features of the Clip 3 is that, yes, it’s waterproof.  

You can completely submerge it in up to 1 meter of water if needed, thanks to the IPX7 build, and the carabiner being built into the frame just gives it a more rugged feel overall.

The Pairing to the JBL Clip 3 is thankfully pretty simple. All you need to do is power it on press the Bluetooth button along the side of the speaker. From there you can find the speaker in your Bluetooth settings to connect to it.

If you’re having problems and want to reset the speaker entirely then things get a little tricky. First, you need to power on the speaker by pressing the power button. Wait for the sound to play which means the speaker is on and then hold down the play button and the volume up button simultaneously.

The indicator light should begin flashing between white and red before the speaker turns off. You should have completed a factory reset by doing this and then you can just power on the speaker and pair to it by pressing the Bluetooth button as if it were a brand new device.

The Clip series has never been a speaker on the forefront of connection strength and quality, and that doesn’t change with the Clip 3. It does have Bluetooth 4.1, which means that it has a standard range of about 10 meters which I found to be pretty spot on. In regular use there I never had any problems and I find that 10-meter range to be more than enough for my average use.

One downside to note is that it only charges via micro USB, which is a bummer for a recent product release, even at this price point. To charge up the speaker, you’re going to need a micro USB cable (thankfully there’s one provided with the speaker).

Plug the standard USB end of the cable into any USB charging brick and then locate the micro USB input underneath the plastic flap along with the button of the speaker.

The sound quality is amazing and if you like to listen to bass-heavy music, then this is going to disappoint. The battery life is pretty amazing and lasts for a long time. Overall, the JBL clip 3 overall is good and has a good choice.


  1. The battery life is good and lasts longer
  2. The design is stable as well as sturdy
  3. The connection is solid


  1. The bass is lacking
  2. There are no high-quality streaming codecs

7. Saregama Caravaan Mini 2.0


  • 351 Pre-loaded evergreen Hindi songs
  • Up to 5 hours battery backup
  • FM/AM Radio
  • 3.5 mm audio jack

Saregama Caravan mini is the most underrated Bluetooth speakers

The Saregama Carvaan touched the right chords with its design inspired by a classic portable radio. In comparison, the Carvaan Mini 2.0 looks a bit more contemporary with its modern Bluetooth speaker-like design.

The only retro touches are the photos of legends like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar on the speaker grill, and a retractable FM antenna at the back. But the portability is much appreciated as the boxy speaker is easy to carry around, and can fit into most pockets.

There are a bunch of color options to choose from that include Sapphire Green, Sunset Red, Moonlight Black, Regal Blue, Mint Green, and Skyline Blue. Apart from its ease of use and huge collection of preloaded music, the Saregama Carvaan also stood apart because of its looks.

that’s we have put this Bluetooth speakers on the list of the Best Bluetooth speakers Under 3000

The device is designed like an old radio, which is a strong part of its appeal to older audiences. Saregama has sensibly (in our opinion) decided to stick with this aesthetic and has changed very little about the Carvaan 2.0. The speaker looks nearly identical to its predecessor, and the only real difference is the presence of a single additional button on the front, labeled Wi-Fi.

This is the big new feature of the Carvaan 2.0 — Wi-Fi connectivity gives users a new way to play music. The Wi-Fi mode is an extension of the Saregama mode on the speaker, which allows the user to play music collections curated by Saregama.

While the ‘Artistes’, ‘Specials’, and ‘Geetmala’ modes are limited to the speaker’s built-in music, ‘Wi-Fi’ mode lets it stream from a curated list of over 150 online audio stations, which playset tracklists and programs. We’ll go into further detail on this a little later in the review.

If you’re familiar with any previous Saregama Carvaan model, the rest of the feature set is identical.

Its collection of over 5,000 pre-loaded tracks is largely focused on classic Bollywood music spanning through the decades, but there are also devotional tracks and songs for kids. Additionally, you can play your music by connecting an external source device using Bluetooth, USB, and Aux, as well as listening to FM or AM radio.

The front has a small monochrome display that shows basic information, and charging is through a Micro-USB port at the back.

During our review period, we were able to get around 4 hours, 30 minutes of playtime on a full charge, which included the preloaded music, streaming Wi-Fi music, and a bit of Bluetooth audio.

The sales package of the Saregama Carvaan 2.0 includes a charging cable, a wall adapter, an antenna attachment to improve the radio signal, and a small remote which has all the buttons and controls present on the device.

The Saregama Carvaan 2.0 is designed to be used just like the original and is still focused on simplicity. All buttons are physical and offer feedback.

The buttons to switch between modes are on the left, while the Saregama selection buttons and dial are at the front, and the volume dial is on the right.

The power button is a spring-activated button at the top, and there is also a headphone jack to listen to music from the Carvaan 2.0 privately. Overall, the device is a good choice.


  1. The look is all so classy as well as retro
  2. The sound quality is good and clear
  3. It plays retro songs and has a stable audio. It is preferrable for the old and senior citizens.


  1. There is less availability of features and buttons for operation.

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Q1. Which are the Best Bluetooth speakers Under 3000 ?

Ans : Sony Extra Bass XB12, BoAt Stone 1200 and Infinity Fuze 200


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