3+ Best Bean Bags Under 500 In India, 2022

Looking For Best Bean Bags Under 500

We all willingly work to get and provide a comfortable life for ourselves, as well as our families and close ones. So, proper and comfortable seating is also very much the need of the hour.

Sitting for hours and working gives us back pain, spine discomfort, sore muscles, so a perfect sitting is very important and is of prime importance.

Apart from chairs and tables, mini sofas, stools a new product that has gained immense importance currently are bean bags.

Bean bags are so popular these days and people are buying them and are quite comfortable and satisfied with the product.

Though maximum people feel that bean bags are expensive, the picture is not so. There are many bean bags available below the price of Rs 500.

Thats why we bring the list of Best Bean Bags Under 500 for you.

So, this article will give a detailed description of what are bean bags, the importance of bean bags, types of bean bags, and also a few bags under Rs 500 that are affordable as well as comfortable. So, let us look further.

1. Caddyfull large Bean Bag

Best Bean Bags Under 500


  • 900g Light Weight
  • Leatherette
  • Faux Leather
  • 59 x 59 x 86.99 cm

This bean bag comes without beads, which can be bought from online sources again. The material and quality of the bag are quite good.

It is also considered as the Best Bean Bags Under 500. The color is navy blue and looks all vibrant. It does not get stained and can be easily washed off. It is well-designed and comfortable for use.


The CADDYFULL bean bag is made up of Faux leather and is quite smooth to sit on. Its primary material is leatherette and upholstery material is also leatherette. It looks very shiny and has a nice outer appearance that would attract anyone to compliment it.


The bag is large and can fit an adult person very easily. It has a product dimension of 59x59x87 cm and is quite big for individual sitting. It is oval and weighs around 900 grams.

This bean bag will get full of Thermocol beans, which can be purchased from Amazon separately. The product is delivered in the pre-assembled state so no need to assemble them. There is a zipper with Velcro for the locking mechanism. It is designed in India.


The bag is moderately durable and is single-stitched. The material does not hold stains and can be removed easily if needed.


The bag is made of a material that is smooth as well as slippery. It has a waterproof surface, so even if you spill your beverage, it will not be ruined. You can also rest your arms at the sides of the bag if you want to.

2. Ink Craft Bean Bag

Best Bean Bags Under 500


  • High-quality fabric
  • Premium durable Leatherette
  • Waterproof bottom oxford cloth
  • Extra strength and double protection

The Ink bean bag comes with the bag cover and without fillings. It is comfortable and fits your aesthetic well. It is one of the premium quality cover best bean bags under Rs 500.

The brand is providing a good, durable product at an affordable price. It has received a lot of positive reviews from the customer, and it’s quite loved by them. It is suitable to be used in any part of your home or even in your workplace.


The beanbag is made with premium quality leatherette. It is washable and can be washed in your machine. The material is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting drenched or damaged due to water. It also has straps so it can behold easily and moved around.


The bean bag is black and color and has a classy look. It is quite large and is made with premium quality material. It can easily accommodate an adult as well as a child together.

It is quite aesthetic and has a very vibrant look which will not act like an outcast in your home at all. You can place it anywhere you want be it in your living room or bedroom or even in your workplace.


It has double stitches provided so that it gets extra strength and is long durable. The material of the beanbag is also premium quality so there are very few chances of it getting damaged. Moreover, the delicate stitches make it long-lasting.


The beanbag is large and will easily accommodate your whole body, and envelop you into it. This is quite comfortable, and you’re surely going to like it. It is also waterproof and water-resistant, so it does not get wet from the inside when soaked in water.

Similarly, the stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting stained if you drop your beverage on it.

3. Sattva Classic Bean Bag

Bean bags under 500


  • Premium leatherette fabric
  • Perfect for long time uses
  • Up to XXXXL Size available
  • ‎73.66 x 73.66 x 111.76 cm

This is one of the well-known brands which provides the best quality beanbags in India. It is quite well-reputed and has a lot of positive reviews from its customers.

This is only a bean bag cover and it comes with no filling. You can buy the fillings separately online. It has a capacity of 100 kg and is brown.


This bean bag cover is made up of premium quality leatherette which protects the bag efficiently. It is also water-resistant and hence you don’t have to fear about the bad getting damaged because of spilling of water.


The bean bag has quite a classy-looking appearance and will match your aesthetic. It can be placed in any part of your house be it the living room or bedroom. You can place this in your workplace as well. The beanbag is made in such a way that it is suitable for any size. It has dimensions of 20X 20X 39 inches. The bean bag cover is brown which gives it a very classy and stylish look. This bag is a lot for such a price.


The bean bag is made of premium leatherette fabric and is also water as well as stain-resistant. It has enough amount of stitches to make it sturdy and not get damaged because of excessive weight. It seems quite durable and can be relied on. The capacity of the bean bag is 100 KG.


It is quite large and provides comfort to the one sitting on it. It surely acts as an envelope around the person sitting and also has enough amount of space for them to raise their hands and legs properly. More or less, it is quite comfortable to be used.

4. Madaar homez Bean Bag

bean bags under 500


  • Artificial Leather
  • Double protection with Velcro and zipper
  • 60 x 60 x 40 Centimeters
  • Indian products

This beanbag is huge and is XXXL which is very large. It is navy blue and it’s only a bean bag cover. It does not come with a bean bag filling and you can purchase it separately online. It is made up of artificial leather but is of the best quality. It also has Velcro production and a zipper for the locking mechanism. This will also protect the beans from getting spilled at any time.


This beanbag is made with artificial leather of premium quality which gives the beanbag a very stylish and modern look. It also makes the bean bags safe. There is double protection with Velcro and a zipper which prevents the beans from getting spilled if it ever happens so.  


The product is very large and can accommodate a person of any size. It can also be used for multiple sitting at the same time. The dimensions of the product are 86 cm in length, 59 cm in width, and height of 86 cm. The color of the material is also a pro. It makes it suitable for any place in the house be it the living room or bedroom or dining room.


The beanbag is highly durable and it also comes with Velcro and a zipper which provides double protection to it. There is an ample amount of stitches that prevent the beans from getting spilled even if the weight is too much. It is quite durable and can be relied upon.


It is very soft and very large, making it very spacious for a person to even sleep if they want to. The material is also premium and is the best beanbag under Rs 500.

What are Bean Bags?

Best Bean Bags Under 500

Bean bags are equal to luxury seating but without spending an immense amount of money as other luxury furniture and are affordable.

In the year 1968 three Italian designers invented the bean bag chair and that bought a whole new revolution in the sitting furniture world. They named it “shapeless chair” as the bag had no definite shape.

 Bean bags are a new replacement for chairs, sofas, stools, and any other such sitting equipment. They are a modern way of seating arrangements for your home.

It is a large fabric bag, filled with polystyrene beans, and is an example of an anatomic chair. Anatomic chairs are those whose shapes can be made by the user. So, you can fill the bean bag with these beans and shape them as per your preferences.

They are very soft, comfortable, gives complete support to your back. It matches the new aesthetic of this generation so well and does not look like an outcast at all.

They are designed in a way to be used anywhere, be it indoor or outdoor. They can be used at home and even in your office or workplace.

When you are uncomfortable and not at ease, you cannot focus on your work be it office work or school works. So,  a comfortable sitting is necessary for proper working and more focus.  

So let us now scroll down to know further.

How are Bean Bags beneficial

Bean bags might be seen as a piece of fancy sitting equipment but they provide some really important health benefits that we are not aware of.

If you suffer from back pain, spine problems, posture problems, and also neck problems, bean bags are the best for you.

You can adjust them as per your sitting and comfort preferences. It helps you support your body rather than making you adjust for comfort. Below are the beneficial effects of a bean bag.

  • The body posture matters

You can sit in the bean bag in any posture you want and the bag will contour every inch of your body. If you face lower spine pressure while sitting or on your lower half of the body, then this is ideal for you.

A pregnant woman will face a lot of benefits from the bean bags since it provides complete support to the spine. They can comfortably sit and ease themselves from the weight of the bump.

While children studying for long hours will find it beneficial as it will support the lower part of the body along with the spine.

  • Eases muscle and joint pains

Doctors recommend it’s patients with joint or back pain to use bean bags for relief and ease. Even those with back injury and surgery cannot sit in chairs all sternly for long hours, so it is recommended for them to use bean bags as they give support to the back.

It soothes the aches and gives support to the whole body.

  • Reduce Tension Headaches

Poor sitting posture leads to neck and shoulder strain which in turn leads to headaches. These bean bags provide perfect support that can ease any tension and headache.  Since there will not be any strain on the muscles, there will be no pain.

  • Back pain Therapy

Many people including children nowadays face back pain due to bad postural habits, or maybe sitting in front of them or because of sitting down on a hard couch or sofa for a long day.

These things will skew your natural posture. But the bean bag molds itself around the body to give you maximum comfort.

And it will not affect your neck with any stress, nor will it stress any of your muscles, so you will sit comfortably for extended periods without any back pain.

  • Ideal for home and office

Beanbag chairs are ideal for any sort of environment no matter whether it’s indoor or outdoor. It is ideal for kids’ bedrooms, offices, living rooms. They can be used anywhere. It gives a relaxed environment and increases the productivity of the people. It protects people from serious back injuries from working for long hours, sitting sternly at the same place without even moving much.

Types of Bean Bags

Best Bean Bags Under 500

Several types of beanbags differ from each other in terms of shape, size, fabric, design, and more. The types of beanbags according to shapes are:

  1. Round Bean Bags: These are the most common type of bean bags found in the market. These are generally round just like a ball but are much bigger. It has a lot of space to mold itself concerning the shape of the person sitting in it.
  2. Gaming Chair Bean Bags: These come in various types and are enjoyed by gamers while playing games. They generally come with a sitting area and built-in speakers to relay audio from the television directly to the person’s chair. It is very comfortable for gamers, and they can play all day long without any muscle pain or back pain.
  3. Square Bean Bags: These are generally square-shaped and have even been placed for armrest attached to them. They are more traditional and will be liked by the old and the adults. They have a more defined shape.
  4. Novelty chairs: These bean bags are generally for children and infants. They come in all kinds of fun shapes and designs like animals, sports, equipment, and even emojis. These will be loved by kids and also there is enough safety ensured so that the kid does not fall off and get hurt.
  5. Large Bean bags: This is generally for several people, and they’re massive and large, which offers multiple people to sit at the same time.

These bean bags just don’t differ in terms of shape but also in terms of size as well. There are several sizes for a bean bag. First, there is kids size which is ideal for children and kids.

This is generally for small kids between the age group of two to 10 years of age. Secondly, comes the teen bean bags which are generally a bit large than the previous one and it’s for kids who belong to the age group of 10 to 16 years.

Moreover, the adult bean bags are meant for adults who are fully grown. It is made in such a way so that it can accommodate the whole body of the adult without causing any sort of pain. Finally comes the massive bean bag chair we just were very tall people or for multiple users at the same time.

Types of Bean Bag Fillings

There are several options when it comes to the filling of the bean bag. The quality of the filling will affect the comfort level of the bean bag chair. There are a lot of fillings which are available in the market, out of which the most common ones are being mentioned here.

Polystyrene beads are small beads that can be easily shifted and transmitted within the bean bag. It gives you more comfort as compared to the others, as it helps you collapse your body into the chair and then get enveloped by it.

Then there is expanded polypropylene, which is beads very much famous in Asia. They’re extremely powerful and very hard to crush. When you crush them they return to their original size. So when you’re sitting in the chair it makes an envelope around you, and the moment you get up it returns to its original shape without you doing anything. It is comfortable.

And the last most common feeling is shredded form, where some bean bags are made with shredded form fillers which contain polyurethane foam which is generally used to make cushions.

Methods to refill a Bean Bag

Step 1:

Take a partner along with you while refilling a bean bag. One of the people needs to hold the bag and keep the mouth open, while the other person simply pours the filling through the mouth. Make sure air does not enter the bag it will be puffed up and seem hard and uncomfortable.

Step 2:

When you have added a sufficient amount of fillings just close the zipper of the bag. Then sit and adjust according to your preferences.

Step 3:

After the whole process is done, check once more by sitting, and if you feel it is too hard then take out some filling. Whereas if you feel like it’s sinking then add some more filling. And you are done!

Top Bean Bag Brands In India

Various famous brands are selling bean bags. The number of brands has increased suddenly in the recent few years. As time is passing bean bags are becoming more famous amongst the people and hence many brands are manufacturing the same. Some of the most well-known brands are:

  1. Sattva Bean Bags: This brand produces bean bags of several varieties and options. They have options for bags with or without beans and also of several colours and textures.
  2. Solimo Bean Bags: This is the most popular brand of bean bags in India. They manufacture a huge variety of bean bags which can be used at home as well as at the office. It is quite affordable and provides the best quality bean bags for under Rs 500.
  3. Couchette Bean Bags: It is well-renowned for its bean bags and varieties. It gives bags with or without beans. The most interesting feature of their bags is that the bean bags come with a footrest which is a very big attraction for the buyers.


So after coming to the end of the article it is now quite clear for you to understand why beanbags are so much preferable right now for comfortable seating in different environments and areas. It is suitable for any space and in any environment.

We have also seen the benefits did the beanbags provide us as compared to the normal chairs and sitting equipment.

It just does not act as a therapeutic sitting tool but also provides us with much comfort and does it at all give pressure on your lower back part of the body.

Hence, but I have been back for a long comfortable hour of working without any back pain, headache, or any muscular pain. The above-mentioned beanbags are very much available in the Indian market and are also quite affordable.

So do not waste your time anymore sitting on chairs and straining your back rather buy a beanbag and give relief to your body even when you are working for long hours.

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