7 Best Trimmer Under 1500 In 2022 India

Budget of Best Trimmer Under 1500 is quite interesting

There are hundreds and thousands of trimmers available in the market nowadays with a variety of colors, features, designs, etc.

The real difficulty arises when you have to select one between so many options. Of course, regular trimming is required to give proper shapes and touch-ups to your beard.

The most essential things before buying a trimmer are the color, build design, durability, blades, versatility, wired or wireless criteria, and last but not least the price.

So, let us dig in a bit to get a guide about the few Best Trimmer under 1500 so that both your needs and budget are maintained.

List Of Best Trimmer Under 1500

1. MI Beard Trimmer

Best Trimmer Under 1500


  • IPX7 fully-washable body
  • 40 length settings
  • 90 min Run Time
  • Quick Charge

Mi Beard Trimmer is the First choice of Best Trimmer Under 1500

The MI trimmer is an easy-to-use product that can be both corded and wireless. It has self-sharpening stainless blades with skin-friendly rounded tips.

The length can be adjusted from 0.5 to 20mm with 40 different length settings. The ultra-power battery runs up to 90 min of cordless usage and takes 2 hours to get fully charged.

It is IPX7 certified water-resistant and is easy for cleaning and carrying. Since it is not much heavy and space-consuming, it can be easily taken while traveling with the Travel Lock Feature.

The blades are lubricated, but with usage might get dried up. It comes with a warranty period of one year.

In the box: Trimmer, Small comb, long comb, Travel pouch, cleaning brush, and charging cable.

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· The trimmer charges quickly and provides long service.

· The body is fully washable and quite sturdy.

· There are fewer noises while usage.


· The blades get heated up very fast.

· While charging the machine gets heated after few months of usage.

2. Syska Beard Trimmer

Best Trimmer Under 1500


  • Up to 8 Hours Run Time
  • 20 Lock-in Length Settings
  • Water-Resistant
  • Stainless steel

The SYSKA trimmer is has a dimension of 17×3.5x 3.5 cm and weighs nearly 245 grams.

Syska Beard Trimmer is the 2nd number of best trimmer under 1500

It has a self-sharpening stainless-steel blade that is smooth on your skin and very gentle.

The blades are high-quality and very safe as well as hygienic. 8 hours of charge gives a 30 minutes usage time. The head of the trimmer is detachable and can be easily washed.

The length can be set accordingly as there are 20 different length settings. The light indicator helps you understand if the trimmer is fully charged or low or charging.

There is a warranty of 2 years. In the box: Trimmer, combs, cleaning brush, and charging cable.


Has a classy look and design.

The cutting levels are precise and smooth.


The battery life is very limited.

There is an option to cord it.

3. Panasonic Beard Trimmer

Best Trimmer Under 1500


  • Japanese blade technology
  • Stainless-steel blades
  •  Easy to Clean
  • Plastic Body

Here is the 3rd number of best trimmer under 1500

This trimmer has a Japanese blade technology.

The trimmer has a body made of plastic and is very sleeky. The color is very vibrant and quite easy to use. It is battery operated and non-chargeable, but the product does not come with a battery.

It is easy to clean and manageable. The trimmer is washable. The length setting is 0.5- 18 mm. The blades are made of stainless steel and are sensitive to the skin.

It is portable and can be easily carried without any problem.

There are wet/dry features and is lightweight making it handy. It is perfect for hair cutting and trimming the sides of the hair. It has a warranty period of up to 2 years.

In the box: Trimmer, combs, cleaning brush.


It is lightweight and very handy.

The blades are very smooth on the skin.

It has Japanese Technology.


There are few length settings.

The battery life is very less.

No indicator would denote the battery level.

4. Philips QT4001

Best Trimmer Under 1500


  • Skin friendly blades
  • 10 lock-in length settings
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Charging Indication

This trimmer is one of the best trimmers under Rs 1,500 and has a cordless structure. The product can be used for 45 minutes with a charge of 10 hours.

It has a frequency range between 50-60 Hz and a 100-240V voltage. There are 10 lock-in length settings and 1-10mm with 1 mm precision.

The trimmer is so smooth on the skin that it does not leave a single chance of a cut. It prevents any sort of irritation on skin with round-bladed tips.

The head can be detached and washes thoroughly after each use. It has a light indicator to show low battery, empty battery, or fully charged.

So, you get to know about the battery life unproblematically. There is a warranty period of 2 years. In the box: Trimmer, combs, cleaning brush, and charging cable.


It is very smooth on the skin and does not cause any irritation.

The battery life is pretty good. Budget-friendly and gives good service.


The length setting is limited to 10 lock-ins.

It is not corded.

5. Philips BT1212

Philips BT1212


  • Skin friendly blades
  • Up to  8 hours Battery Backup
  • 2 years worldwide warranty
  • Detachable head

Philips BT1212 is the best Example of Best Trimmer Under 1500

Again, coming to Philips, is a very well-reputed and trusted brand when it comes to electronic products.

The Philips BT1212/15 Cordless Trimmer has USB charging for convenient use and comes with a USB cable for more flexible charging via your laptop or computer or any USB adaptor.

The adaptor is not included though. It takes 8 hours to fully charge itself and performs up to 30 minutes. The cutter width is 32mm.

The comb has a variety of sizes from 1-5-7 mm and gives the zero trim look.

The blades are made of stainless steel and have rubber protection with it so that the blades are gentle on the skin and prevent irritation.

The Head is easily detachable and can be washed and cleaned after usage. It has a warranty period of 2 years. In the box: Trimmer, Small comb, long comb, cleaning brush.


The comb has a variety of lengths.

The battery life is pretty good. Smooth on the skin and very gentle.

There is a USB cable for charging, so you can charge anywhere with a USB port.


There is no cord option.

6. Philips BT3203


  • Lift & Trim
  • Dura Power technology 
  • 10 lock-in length 
  • Skin-friendly blades

Philips BT3203 is also considered as the best trimmer under 1500

This trimmer has a very ergonomic design and the best build quality under Rs 1,500. It is a very durable trimmer and has an amazing design and look.

It comes with Dura power technology to ensure power optimization and the trimmer lasts more than six times than any ordinary trimmer.

The blades are quite sharp and made of stainless steel. However, they are very smooth on the skin and provide perfect trimming and shape.

There is a combination of round-bladed tips to prevent irritation and any cut. It comes with 10 different length settings and you can style your beard as per your liking.

The battery lasts up to 45 minutes after 10 hours of full charge. There is a light indicator that shows when the battery is low, empty, full, or charging.

This helps you understand the battery condition of the trimmer. It comes with a warranty of 2 years. In the box: Trimmer, combs, charging cable, and user manuals.


Very smooth and soft on the skin.

The head is easily detachable and can be cleaned properly.

There is a light for indicating battery.


It is not corded.

The length settings are very less.

7. Kemei KM-809A


  • Cordless cum Corded Device
  • Multi-Purpose Use
  • 120-min  Battery Run Time
  • Hair Shaver Epilator

Here comes the 7th number of best trimmer under 1500

This trimmer is best for salon use and heavy-duty. The trimming range is from 0.5-15 mm. It is the best trimmer for a salon because of its unique design and smart look.

It comes with rubber blades that are rust or corrosion protected. Three different length combs help you style the beard in the way you want.

The blades are sharp and can cut through the long hair without any tugging.

This is the best multipurpose trimmer that can be used for hair, face, ear, nose trimming and is maintenance-free. It can be used as corded as well as cordless.

The battery life is up to 120 minutes after a full single charge. It has a warranty period of over 1 year. In the box: Trimmer, Combs, Scissors, Charging cable.


This is the best for professional as well as personal use.

There is an option for both cordless as well as corded.

The blades are very smooth on the skin.


The battery life is low, There are few length settings and could have been better.

Therefore, these are the few trimmers under Rs 1,500 which are very famous and in demand in the market.

This will help you understand how to select a perfect trimmer for all your needs and wants.

How to Choose The Best Trimmer Under 1500

In the modern world all surrounded by technology, inventions life has become fast-paced. Everything is available to us at home and we do not need to go out for anything.

Apart from the list of Best Trimmer Under 1500 let’s discuss the detail about the trimmer like how to choose the best trimmer

The earlier salon was a crowded place as people went there to trim, cut, and set their hair, beards to look presentable.

But now with the expansion of science trimmers have been introduced to meet these needs of a person while sitting at home and doing it themselves.

This not only saves time but also saves unwanted costs, traveling to the salon and waiting in queues.

Trimmers are machines used for cutting and neatening hair, beard, and also ear and nose hairs.

Now, these trimmers also have variations in terms of quality, pricing, performance, and more. So, this article provides a detailed discussion about how to choose the perfect trimmer for your needs.

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Types of Trimmer :
There are trimmers available for several uses like a beard trimmer, nose, and ear trimmer as well as hair clipper.

  1. Beard Trimmer: Beard trimmer is way different from other trimmers. These trimmers have different qualities and designs. The top of the trimmer is pretty wide, and the clipper size is best optimized for a stylish beard cut.
  2.  Nose and Ear hair trimmer: These trimmers use the same functionality as the beard trimmer. These are long instead of wide and shave the ear and nose hairs. Blades, batteries, LED indicators, and others are the same as other trimmers.
  3. Hair clipper: This trimmer comes with a clipper guard that is used to cut the hair. Many brands are making hybrid hair as well as a beard trimmer. These trimmers can be corded, cordless as well as hybrid.

Trimmers require electricity to be used. This electricity is delivered in two types, one by cord and the other by a rechargeable battery. They are as follows:

Corded-use Trimmer requires the power cord to deliver electricity. This kind of trimmer is popular among barbers as they do hair-cuts all day.

They are extremely smooth and powerful than the cordless variant and provide continuous performance. However, they give no freedom of movement and are not much useful for travelers.

Cordless-use trimmer comes with a dedicated rechargeable battery. Also, these models cannot be used as corded models.

They give full freedom to move with a detachable power cord. These are best for travelers. However, they are a bit heavier and go out of power. The battery does not last long and requires a high time for a recharge.

Hybrid trimmers come with a dedicated battery just like a cordless device. But you can use it even if the battery is not recharged, through the power cord.

This makes it popular amongst the users. It is good for travelers and gives freedom of movement. The cord is detachable and can be corded when you want to. But they are heavy.

Now along with these, several other factors should be kept in mind while choosing a trimmer. These factors should be taken into consideration while buying trimmers.

· Gender-specific variant: Obviously, gender matters when it comes to buying trimmers. If you are a man, you need trimmers for facial grooming, sharp-sharpening blades, and skin-friendly.

Again, if you are a woman the trimmer must be effective to trim eyebrows, hair. It is better if it is lightweight. Make sure you buy a hypoallergenic trimmer, if you are looking for Best Trimmer Under 1500 as this will prevent any sort of bumps and irritation on the skin.

· Right Blades: There are several types of blades like Stainless steel, chromium, Japanese steel. Stainless steel blades are a lot economical, easy to maintain as well as smooth and reliable.

Titanium steel is also superior in quality and has high durability. There is no irritation caused by the blades.

Titanium-coated blade though costlier than others. But they are highly durable and extremely corrosion-resistant.

The last type of blade is the ceramic blade, which is expensive but gives a superior hair cutting experience. also, you can get this features in the listed of the Best Trimmer Under 1500

It does not cause irritation on the skin and is highly durable and never undergoes corrosion.

· Quality: The quality and in-built design is an important factor like length and settings. These are available only for beard and body trimmers but not hair trimmers.

We have also take the quality on the top most prior while choosing the Best Trimmer Under 1500

A clipper is a tool that decides the distance between the upper-most surface of the skin and blades. These clipper lengths can be differently adjusted as per need and wants.

The rotating dial is present in several trimmers. So, move the dial and adjust the length. Moreover, an Integrated vacuum can ensure no hair is left over your face or the surface at the time of haircut.

The LED indicator is also important as it demarcates whether it is charging or not. The head should be detachable so that it can be cleaned properly.

· Battery: The battery is only matters for cordless trimmers. Battery life is important and is a necessary factor while selecting a trimmer for yourself. Different trimmers have different battery life, some for an hour while the other for 2-3 hours.

In all the trimmer we have listed in the Best Trimmer Under 1500 section all have the battery backup more than 3-4 Hours you can choose anyone for best battery backup

Some reliable brands that provide proper trimmers are Philips, MI, Kemei, Havells, Kubra, and more.

These brands have made such a positive impact on the market that people rely on them for the best products at reasonable prices. Brand plays a key role always.

The ones with a good reputation are chosen over any other.

Hence, this gives a proper guide about buying trimmers. This will help you find the best trimmer that will work the best for you.

Hey, let’s take some frequently asked question and provide you answer

Q1. Which is the Best Trimmer Under 1500 ?

Ans : Mi Beard Trimmer & Syska Beard Trimmer


I hope you have now cleared all the query and related term to this topic, Best Trimmer Under 1500 and now ready to choose the best trimmer according to your choice and budget

I will suggest you to pick the 1st Number trimmer in our List Called Mi Beard Trimmer Pick that one without any hesitation you are not going disappoint with that trimmer

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