7 Best Smartwatches Under 10000 in India 2022

Smartwatches are a modern form of a watch that provides a lot of features except for only showing the time.

That’s Why we bring the Best Smartwatches Under 10000

It shows time, tracks heart rate, your daily steps and activities, sleep activity, GPS and plays music even when you do not have the phone with you.

It provides easy access to some of the smartphone applications and provides an extension to your smartphone even when you do not have your phone with you.

Smartwatches even show incoming calls, notifications, reminders, and navigation, contactless payment as well.

Not just that it is a perfect companion in your fitness journey as you can track steps, calories burnt, distance walked, etc.

When it comes to buying a smartwatch, we get very confused about which one to buy and what to look at while buying the product, the brand and whatnot.

So let us take a scroll and find out the Best Smartwatches under Rs 10,000 that will not just be within your budget limit but also your needs and wants from a smartwatch.

List Of Best Smartwatches Under 10000

1. Amazfit GTR 2e

Best Smartwatches Under 10000


  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters in depth
  • 24 hours average battery life
  • 90 Built-in sports modes
  • Alexa In-Built

Amazfit is topping the list of smartwatches which is well-priced, budget-friendly as well as user-friendly.

That’s why we pick the Amazfit GTR 2e for the first number of Our Best Smartwatches Under 10000.


It has a large 13.9 inches AMOLED HD screen which means there is information on your wrist and with one tap you can read it easily.

The body is slim and has there been the availability of three amazing colors and a range of 50+ watch face themes.

The GTR 2e can fit most of the outfits of yours at any occasion and looks super classy and stylish. You can personalize the watch face with your images and use the customizable modular to focus on what’s important to you.

This model features a more sophisticated circuit design and a thinner body that fits your wrists perfectly and looks amazing.

The product dimensions are 4.7×4.7×1.1 cm and weigh 48 grams.

Battery Life:

It has 1 lithium-ion battery included in the packaging. The smartwatch has an average of 24 hours of battery life. The batteries are included along with the packaging and each lithium battery energy is 2.6 watts per hour.

Build Quality:

The watch is made sturdily to survive extreme situations. The quality of the strap is premium and designed for extreme conditions. It is resistant to abrasions, jerks, and other wear and tear.

It is water-resistant and provides extreme protection against the liquid.

Additional features:

  1. The Haumi-developed Bio Tracker has two biological tracking optical sensors in the watch and can perform 24-hour heart rate monitoring. It covers heart rate zones and provides warnings when you are resting heart rate is abnormally elevated.
  2. It has blood-oxygen saturation measurement, as one of the most important factors of human health, and includes the SpO2 level measurement function. When engaged in intense mental or physical activity, measure your blood-oxygen level if you feel uncomfortable to keep your health firm.
  3. There is sleep quality monitoring for optional performance. It monitors the sleep breathing condition, provides sleep analysis and suggestions for improvement of sleep.
  4. The PAI (personality Activity Intelligence) is a health assessment system that uses algorithms to convert complex data such as heart rate, activity duration and other health data into a single, intuitive score, unique to each user for easy understanding of the physical state.
  5. You can check your stress level and manage the same. It shows a relaxed, normal, medium, or high level of stress.
  6. There are 90 plus sports modes and the watch will produce a corresponding analytical report after you finish, helping you plan your exercise.


The built quality is good.

The response rate is quite fast.

The GPS graph system is very accurate, and the battery life is very good.


No such cons as such.

2. Mi Revolve


  • 10 professional sports modes
  • 14 hours Battery Backup
  • Water-resistant
  • AMOLED Screen


The screen display is 1.39 inches and of AMOLED display type. It gives enough screen space for you to see the information right on your wrists all clearly.

The product is of 4.6×5.4×1.3 cm dimensions and is very much effective and perfectly sized for anyone to access freely. The frame is of steel material and brings in a classy and aesthetic look. It goes well with any of your outfits and looks and traditions.

The monitor shows indicators like stress, sleep, body energy level, and battery as well.

Battery Life:

The smartwatch has an average battery of 14 hours. It has 1 lithium-ion battery included in the packaging.

Built Quality:

The watch is sturdy and made in a way to go through any rough usage and yet stay unscratched. It is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and android 4.4 or iOS 10 and above.

Additional Features:

  1. It comes with a Firstbeat motion algorithm and a leading analytics engine to track fitness and wellness.
  2. It is a user-friendly design with GPS and GLONASS positioning system.
  3. It helps you measure your heart rate, stress rate, and sleep pattern as well.


  1. The display is amazing and also gives a good view.
  2. There are important features like stress level, sleep level, and all shown on the display.
  3. The battery life is pretty amazing.


  1. The tracking rate is not so effective.

3. Noise ColorFit Pro 3

Noise ColorFit Pro 3

Sub Title

  • 14 Sports Mode
  • SpO2 Monitor
  • Customizable and cloud-based watch faces
  • Auto Sport Recognition

Noise ColorFit pro 3 Is a very well-known and well-rated smartwatch that is widely used by a lot of customers.  


The smartwatch has a 1.55 inches True View display. It has a screen resolution of 320×360 pixels resolution.

The screen displays visuals and vivid colors so that you can never take your eyes off them. It has a touchscreen, so you can operate the smartwatch with the help of your fingers by tapping and touching it. The product has a dimension of 4.3×3.9×1.1 cm.

Battery life:

Once charged, the colorfit pro 3 works with an average battery life of 10 straight days without any break. It has a 210 mAH battery Energy content. The package comes with one lithium polymer battery.

Built Quality:

The strap of the smartwatch is made with skin-friendly silicone and is very comfortable. You can choose from the already present watch faces or download a new face from the plethora of cloud-based options available.

It comes with a five 5 ATM water resistance rating, which is not only splash proof but also Dive proof. So simply dive in and let the watch track your workout.

Additional Features:

  1. Track your oxygen level and be aware of the changing levels of oxygen in your body and take steps to keep it balanced. There is an oxygen level monitor which will help you know about your oxygen levels are different stages of time.
  2. There’s a stress level checker as well, which will check your stress levels so that you can avoid both physical and mental burnout. When you find yourself hassling, take a quick time out by triggering the integrated breath mode. You can indulge in some guided deep breathing exercises to get re-energized.
  3. You can track your heart rate 24 hours and all seven days, with the dedicated HR sensor. You can do your daily maximum and minimum fluctuations and double down on positive lifestyle influences.
  4. There is also a sleep monitor which calculates your total sleep time while providing the number of hours you spend in Light, Deep and REM sleep. Track your sleep pattern over time and stay away from triggers that may disrupt your sleep cycle.
  5. There is Autosport recognition and the smart running partner feature which will ensure that your every move is tracked and counted. So, you can surpass your goals.
  6. It makes the right connections and keeps you in the loop with every message, call, and social media notification when you don’t have your phone with you. You can check all of them out in your smart watch and keep updated.


  1. The features that come with the smart watch is very helpful to keep track of our everyday life.
  2. The battery life is pretty good.
  3. It is lightweight and fits comfortably.


  1. With due course of use it might start lagging, however this is a very rare case and there is no such cons.

4. Realme S Pro

 Realme S Pro


  • Stainless-Steel dials with super thin bezels
  • Smart Notification
  • 5ATM Water-Resistant
  • Gorilla Glass 3


The REALME smartwatch has a 1.4 inches large colored touchscreen display.

It has a high resolution of 320×320 pixels which can display vivid and lifelike visuals which are so captivating that you will never want to look away.

It is touch responsive that lets you effortlessly control the watch. You can personalize your watch faces, your style and in your own way.

You can choose one among 12 building exquisite watch faces and change your look for every location. You can also download additional trendy watch faces from the Realme for a fresh look every time you power on the watch.  

Battery Life:

The smartwatch comes with a large and efficient battery and can easily last up to 14 days of continuous use. It comes with one lithium polymer battery along with the packaging. It has an average battery life of seven hours. The lithium battery has an energy content of 20 mAH.

Built Quality:

The watch is sturdy and seems like it is quite durable. With one-button quick-detach, it’s easy to change the strap. Moreover, the watch Waze from 31 g and it’s made from silicon, which is soft and skin friendly and doesn’t stain itself.

The watch also seems to remain undamaged even when it goes through a lot of jerkings or falls from height.

Additional Features:

  1. There is a blood oxygen level monitor which will always be aware of the changes to your body to avoid health problems in the long run. It is specifically designed for those who perform high intensity physical or mental workout and hence monitoring the blood saturation is essential.
  2. The in-built high precision PPG heart rate sensor supports 24 hour and interrupted heart rate monitoring which will measure your heart rate quickly and precisely. You will be alerted if your heart rate is too high or too low in time to protect your health throughout the day.
  3. There are 14 sports mode and real-time display of sports data, meet sports lover various needs. The watch also identifies whether you’re walking or running and accurately does step counting. All your physical exercises like outdoor run, walk, indoor run, strength training, football, Aerobic ability, basketball, table tennis Will be recorded with different modes that are available inside the watch.
  4. There is smart control center that will help you control several things on your watch like turning on the air purifier, turning off the bedside lamp, control your headphones to play the next song. It is not just a watch but a smart home.
  5. You can experience True freedom with the ability to control music and phone camera right from your watch. You can skip to the next song, adjust the volume, or simply take a picture from your phone at the touch of a button.
  6. Receive all your important notifications right on your watch, without taking out your phone. It supports call rejections, app notifications, weather forecasts, and more. In addition, it also features an idle alert and drinking reminder to remind you to move and stay hydrated.


  1. The display area is quite huge and also touch-effective, so you can touch and operate.
  2. The music and camera control option gives you a lot of freedom to stay away from your phone and yet control the important features.
  3. It is water-resistant.


  1. The battery life is not that good and the watch might lag due to continuous use.

5. Zebronics Zeb-FIT5220CH

Zebronics Zeb-FIT5220CH


  • IP68 water-resistant
  • Full touch smart fitness band
  • Metal body and is quite sturdy
  • Wireless connector type


The Zebronics Zeb Smartwatch is a smart fitness watch that comes in a distinct design featuring a square shape including a full metal body with a full touch color display.

It has features packed for the new normal with real-time blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate monitoring, data storage, and many more.

The smart fitness watch features a large square display with a metal body that gives it the ultimate style statement whether you’re busy at work or working out.

It is a super slim watch so that it doesn’t look bulky while you’re wearing it and easily get carried off with all attires. It is a full-Touch smart fitness watch with a 4.4 cm or 1.75 inches large square display.

Furthermore, it has a 2.5 D curved glass and a metal body. It is also available in a limited edition metal strap variant. It has a dual menu UI, so you can switch between list type and honeycomb type as per your preference.

They’re 100+ custom watch faces that can be customized according to your own preferences. The product dimensions are ‎5 x 4 x 9 cm

Battery life:

It has a good battery life of average of 25 days. It is like a lot of days that you can go about without charging and use it. The battery energy content is of 200 mAH.

Built design:

It is very sturdy and passes the a quality check before being introduced into the market. There is no such particular mention of the build design but however according to the customer reviews it seems like the quality of the watch is fantastic.

This trap is also not itchy and sweat resistant and hence it does not cause any sort of irritation on your hands when you wear it. Even if it falls from a particular height, it will not be damaged.

And since it is water-resistant you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in water.

Additional Features:

i) It monitors your blood pressure at regular intervals, and it is helpful to understand and evaluate your lifestyle changes based on the readings.

ii) It measures your heart rate at regular intervals and track your performance during various exercises, and this data can help you make the most out of your workout.

iii) The smart fitness watch comes with a real time blood oxygen saturation level monitor which checks your blood oxygen level in regular intervals. The band also comes with eight sports mode, customizable watch faces and so much more.

iv) You will get smart notifications in your watch even without touching your phone. Calls, messages and third-party app message notifications will all be displayed in your smartwatch and sensitive touch enabled you can easily touch and control these notifications.

v) There are weather forecast apps which will help you know about the weather of the present day as well as the upcoming days and will also alert you about any weather hazards beforehand. vi)It has a water reminder app which reminds you to drink water daily and stay hydrated.


The design and the built-in quality of the watch is quite reliable.

Since it is waterproof do you not have to worry about it getting damaged when exposed to sweat or any sort of water.

It keeps 7 Days data storage and helps you analyze your data.

You can control music and camera shutter from your smartwatch even without touching your phone.


It might lag at times when you’re using it continuously for a long time.

There is no button to receive calls, there are only two buttons, one is to reject the call and another one is to put the call on silent.

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