7 Best Keyboards Under 1000 In India

Laptops and computers has become the essential part of life it contributes throng many ways in our life As we have grown there are many components came to ease the use of laptops, but keyboards are the most successful component of the laptops that’s why it’s also too much famous as well as that’s why we thought to introduce you all with the best keyboards under 1000

There are many keyboards out there in market also selling in the name of best one, but reality is far away also due to a hundred of keyboards available in the price range of the INR 1000 this much number is sufficient to confuse the normal people in between the best keyboards and the low quality one 

Best thing about the keyboards, the keyboard lets you type quickly and efficiently. It has a sturdy frame and durable keys, making it ideal for long hours of computer use and that increase your productivity as well as
Don’t worry we will help you in choosing the best keyboards under 1000 we have kept all the important things while choosing the best keyboards for you under INR 1000you can choose anyone without any hesitation, it’s our promise that you are not going to disappoint with any of the keyboards that we have included in this list 

These are the point you have to keep in mind while choosing the keyboards

In choosing a keyboard, you can choose one based on:

1. Keys – There are different kinds of keyboards that come with different types of keys (e.g., mechanical keyboards, Scissor switch keyboards, etc.)

2. Size – Another choice you have is the size of the keys. If you find the standard sizes not to your liking, there are mini keyboards and even ones where you can program the keys yourself to be big or small.

3. Materials – You can choose a keyboard made of plastic, metal and even wood.

4. Wireless vs Wired – You can opt for wireless keyboards, which are generally more expensive than the wired ones, but rely on batteries or a USB cable for their power. Wired ones, on the other hand, run on an electric current from the computer they are connected to and don’t require a battery or electricity running to them from another source.

Let’s dive in to the details one by one and make your choice easier

1. HP K500F

Best Keyboards Under 1000


  • Metal Panel with Logo Lighting
  • Mixed Colour Lighting
  • 26 keys Anti-Ghosting
  • 3 Years Warranty

If you are looking for the best keyboard under 1000 then there are plenty of options for you. When it comes to choosing a keyboard, the first thing would be its functionality. 

Design & Build quality : The HP K500F keyboard has been designed to be easy to use, and will provide a comfortable experience to keep you happy.

it combines a slim, sleek design with a variety of ergonomic features such as an adjustable backlightThe HP K500F keyboard has been designed to be compact, making it perfect for use with notebooks or on the go.

this keyboard comes equipped with a tilt-adjustable stand that allows you to position the keyboard at an optimal angle for both typing and using the mouse.
The ergonomic design of this keyboard is perfect for those who spend a lot of time typing, and will provide a comfortable experience to keep your fingers happy. 

It is designed to meet the needs of your everyday work and home life as well as

This keyboard is designed to be compact and easy to transport, so you can comfortably work from any location. Enjoy the full-size features you need to meet your daily typing requirements with the HP K500F.

It is designed for gaming enthusiast, who require quick and accurate response from the keyboard. The keyboard is equipped with a 26-key Anti-Ghosting function, which can work simultaneously and is suitable for the games that require multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously. 

Features : The keyboard also features a unique blue and red colour back-lit keyboard, which lights the keys in different modes. 

The keyboard also features a unique blue and red colour back-lit keyboard, which lights the keys in different modes. 

The HP K500F keyboard features the exclusive HP Easy-Access media hot keys. This allows you to instantly play, pause, or skip to the next song without leaving the application you are working in. 

Its backlights can be adjusted to three different levels. HP K500F keyboard has a standard layout with a full-size standard print keyboard. 

There is flip-up mechanism lets you use it in a tablet mode which further alleviates hassle from carrying back and forth your laptop to a separate tablet.

Other than that it also features backlit keys for typing in low light conditions and also onscreen control for volume, play/pause, calculator, etc without having to switch to another application.

Should you buy or not :

Yes, you should, if you are looking for the comfortable keyboard then HP K500F will be the best choice for you as it is imposing on its overall performance, and we are also recommended you buy these keyboards. This keyboards also considered as the best keyboards under 1000

2. Portronics Key2-A

Portronics Key2-A


  • Wireless keyboards & Mouse
  • 30 feet wireless range
  • Light-Weight
  • Noiseless Mouse

Are you tired of your keyboard and mouse that have become too old to work smoothly? Upgrade to Portronics Key2-A that is your combo of Multimedia Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

This will be the perfect if you are looking for the best keyboards and mouse under 1000.

The Keyboard is compact and light-weight to be used on all your devices and a Smart TV. It is easy to use as it has multimedia functionality keys and shortcut keys for easy navigation and control.

Both the keyboard and mouse are ergonomically designed for comfortable usage. The mouse works on optical technology, giving it high precision, accurate and fast response.

The keyboard is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which are non-volatile, long-lasting and low power consumption. The Keyboard can connect wirelessly with your devices using Bluetooth technology. Both the devices have a range of 10 meters, allowing you to work anywhere in your room without any hassle.

The Mouse is perfect for Windows laptops, Windows Pc, Mac and Smart TV. With this combo you do not have to keep changing your devices as the keyboard and mouse will work flawlessly with all devices.

Just plug in the USB receiver into your device’s USB port. The wireless keyboard and mouse combo will surely make your work easier, faster and efficient! So, be more productive with Portronics Key2-A, a combo of Multimedia Wireless Keyboard & Mouse.

Should you buy or not :

If you are looking for a comfortable and well-designed keyboard, then Portronics Key2-A will be the ideal choice for you. It is a product that provides its users with great comfortability and also offers high-quality performance. They are specifically considered as the best keyboards under 1000.

3. Redgear MT02


The Redgear MT02 is a mechanical keyboard with a classic design which is still very popular today. The MT02 has a floating keycaps design and a unique layout which is great for gamers.

if you are looking for the best keyboards under 1000 then Redgear MT02 will be the best choice for you

This keyboard also uses the Cherry MX Switches. The MX switches are the most popular mechanical switches on the market. They are easy to press and very responsive. This keyboard has three different modes: Red, Brown, and Blue.

The Red mode uses the Cherry MX Red switches, which is great for gaming because these switches are very responsive. The Brown Mode uses the Cherry MX Brown switches.

These switches are not very responsive, but are great for typing because they are very soft and quiet. This keyboard also has a window key lock to prevent accidental presses of the windows keys.

The scroll knob on this keyboard can also be used to control the volume or the brightness of the red LEDs under the keyboard. The MT02 comes with a USB cable which is braided to make it extra durable.

The best thing about these keyboards is its Window key lock design, can be fixed on position when needed.

there is also the floating keycaps design, which make the full touch experience.

there are 3 modes, which is day-light mode, breathing mode and step-down mode.

if im talking about its build quality it is made up of nice metal base with groove, makes the mouse look more beautiful and luxury.

Changeable scroll knob.

The features which makes this keyboards unique from others is its mechanical switch inside, which is more durable than a normal one. Double polling rate, 1000HZ and 500HZ, you can change it by software freely. there is USB connector which is braided design, which is more durable than a normal one.

The buttons have a nice feel, they aren’t too stiff or too loose and have just the right amount of resistance. The mouse glides smoothly across my dark desk and the laser is accurate when using it for gaming, which is important for any PC gamer.

Should you buy or not :

If you are in search of an ideal keyboard that provides comfort and high-quality performance, then the Redgear MT02 keyboard is the perfect choice for you. It is a product that especially offers great comfortability to its users. It also happens to be the best keyboards under 1000.

4. Cosmic Byte CB-GK 02


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