7 Best Headphones Under 3000 In India 2022

Looking For Best Headphones Under 3000 ?

We tend to carry our headphones everywhere and has become our forever companion. Headphones are a great source while listening to music or watching TV or a series.

Hence, they are essential in our lives right now.

But these are not the only use of headphones as we need them to talk in calls, avoid noisy surroundings by turning on our favorite music and also to listen to classes and lessons.

Proper sound quality associated with comfort is very much necessary and need of the hour. But there are certain features that differs from one headphone to the other.

These features in turn also decide their popularity amongst the consumers as well. So, let us scroll down to know about the best headphones Under 3000 available to us under or near to.

List Of Best Headphones Under 3000

1. Sony WH-CH 150

Best Headphones Under 3000


  • Up to 35 hours of battery life
  • Quick charging
  • Voice-assistant compatible
  • 30-mm Driver Unit

Sony has always been a very trusted and reliable brand for customers.

This is the First choice of the Best Headphones Under 3000

Every product of this brand satisfies the ones in need of the customers as well as their aesthetics. Sony has launched wireless headphones in the market.

This headphone has an over ear placement and comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. It is made of plastic material and weighs 132 grams.

It is fully compatible with all smartphones be it android or iOS. The charge and the battery life are very unique as well as preferable.

A full charge provides up to 35 hours of average battery life. So, you can go for hours without the fear of losing charge.

The headphone is supported by one lithium polymer battery which is already included in the box. It is wireless and helps you have an unrestricted movement.

You can just connect the headphone to the Bluetooth and keep the operating device aside, be it your mobile or laptop and move freely.

They are also sweat-resistant and do not malfunction when in water. There is also environmental noise canceling algorithm.

The unwanted noises won’t interrupt your calls and important meetings. A microphone is in-built with the headphone. It is tangle free as it is wireless and no cable is required.

The ear cushions are soft and can be adjusted according to your comfort.


The battery life is worth mentioning and is as long as 35 hours.

The mic is good and environmental noise cancellation feature stops the unwanted noises from interrupting.

The device gets quickly paired to the operating phone and is very stylish.


The sound quality and audio dynamics are not that great.

Bluetooth version 5.0 is not available.

There is an echo of voice when you’re speaking over call.

You might hear you own voice when you are speaking to someone over a call.

2. JBL Tune 500BT

Best Headphones Under 3000


  • 32 mm Driver Size
  • Up to 16-hour Battery life
  • Pure Bass Sound
  • Lightweight & Comfortable

The JBL headphone comes with a wireless feature which is compatible with all android and iOS smartphones, laptops, audio players, tablets.

Here is the 2nd number of our Best Headphones Under 3000

It comes in colors of white, black, pink and blue with a classy design.

It has a pure bass sound mode which makes the sound clearer. It has an on-ear headphones form factor.

It has multi-point connection allowing switch between two devices. It is light-weight, comfortable and also foldable.

The ear cushions can be folded and easily kept in bags to carry them and does not take up much space.

It is a wireless Bluetooth streaming headphone that can be easily connected to your operating device. There are no messy cords and helps you move freely without any restrictions due to tangling of cables.

Moreover, it is water-resistant and stays protected even when there are water splashes and sweat. So, this can be your perfect partner when you’re going out for gym or exercises.

It has sufficient power life and can support up to 16 hours of usage under optimum audio settings. It takes 2 hours to fully charge itself.

A long press on the play button activates Google Assistant or Siri and is very easy to operate. There is a button built along with the mic that allows you to easily control the sound and manage calls.


They sound better and are perfect for movies and may be music.

The build is good and looks very decent and is comfortable to use.

The bass is good as compared to other such headphones.


The extra bass is not good for calls and meetings.

The microphone quality is not so good.

It puts pressure on the head and becomes uncomfortable to use for long term.

3. Infinity Glide 4000

INFINITY by Harman Glide 4000


  • 4 EQ Modes
  • 40 mm Driver Size
  • Up to 50 Hours Playback
  • Premium Look

Infinity By JBL has started becoming famous in the market by manufacturing various products with one of them being headphones.

The Infinity Glide 4000 has an on-ear headphone form factor and sits perfectly on your ears. It has a commendable battery life that gives a playback time of 50 hours under optimum audio setting.

This headphone is also considered as the Best Headphones Under 3000

The headphone enjoys deep bass output and 4 audio equalizer modes to listen to your music in your personal preferences.

It connects itself with the operating device with Bluetooth v 5.0 with CSR3005 chipset for seamless connection. It also has direct in-line usage option with 3.5 mm audio cable. So, if you want you might join the jack and use it.

This gives you more options. It weighs around 200 grams. The ear cushions are made with soft material to make them light-weight and can be easily folded making it easily carryable.

The whole get-up of the headphone is very attractive, light and comfortable and easy to carry. The build quality is quite good and impressive.

It is water and sweat resistant so carry it while exercising and don’t worry about it getting damaged.


The look of the earphone and feel the sound produces is really good.

The bass is amazing and generally the voices are clear.

The noise cancellation feature really works well and cancels noises from background.

The adjustable headband helps the ear cushions fit any face shape or ear shape. The dual feature of wire as well as wireless is nice.


The covering on headband is not so soft and kind of heavy.

It does not have a good passive noise cancellation.

The Aux cable equalizer and volume buttons are not useful.

4. Skull candy Uproar Wireless

Skull candy Uproar Wireless


  • 3.5 mm Backup AUX Cable
  • Up to 10 Hours
  • 40 mm Driver Size
  • Bluetooth or Wired Connectivity

Skull Candy Uproar is the Best Headphones Under 3000

The Skullcandy Uproar Wireless headphones come Bluetooth connectivity feature up to 33 feet away and auto pairs with your device after initial setup.

It has a 10-hour battery life is long-lasting and can be used all day. You can recharge with micro-USB cable that is provided in the box along with the product.

It generally takes 2 hours to be completely charged. It is supported by all android, IOS and window-based devices.

It also has on board mic or remote that help you adjust call volume, media volume, or manage music on any Bluetooth enabled device.

It has noise cancellation algorithm that works to cancel out all the unwanted ambient noises from your surrounding and provide the best sound quality possible. It is splash and sweat proof perfect for your gym, jogging, cycling.

The soft ear pillows have thick foam material covered with soft synthetic leather which gives comfort to your ears for listening to long hours.

They’re designed to deliver powerful attacking bass, natural vocals, and precision high for every type of music. It has impedance of 32 ohms, frequency response from 20 Hz-20 kHz and drivers are of 40 mm.


Twenty plus hour of battery life when playing music.

It is light-weight and easy to carry.

The bass is very good and provides nice sound quality.

Is a durable product and is designed in such a way


The colors are limited to few options so that can be increased.

Sometimes there are connectivity issues.

5. Sony MDR-XB4

Sony MDR-XB450


  • Extra Bass
  • 30 mm Driver Size
  • Extra-comfort ear pads
  • Tangle-free cable

MDR-XB450 headset is a product of Sony, a well-reputed brand when it comes to headsets, earphones and ear pods. So, it comes with its wired features and is compatible with any android and IOS devices.

It is designed for portability, foldable cups and can be easily packed and carried. There are serrated cables that resist knots and tangling.

Sony MDR-XB450 is the Best Wired Headphones Under 3000

It has a powerful bass of 30 mm Extra bass drivers and deliver powerful sound, despite their moderate size and weight. The frequency is between 5 Hz to 22 KHz.

The ear pads are so comfortably placed with improved acoustic seal as well as powerful bass. The cable length is 1.2 m.

Electro bass booster delivers powerful bass and swivel design for listening on the go. There is a headband over-ear and will sit comfortably on your head and adjust itself to your ears.

It has a mic and noise-cancellation feature that blocks the unwanted noises from the surrounding. The battery life lasts for 12 hours after a single charge and is pretty good.


It gives the best quality for listening to music and get proper effects while watching a video.

The Bass is superb. Battery life is impressive, The whole look is stylish and classy.


The call quality is not so good and the person on the other side sounds low.

Earpads sometimes feel irritating and heavy.

No active Noise cancellation and receiver sometimes hear disturbing noises.

6. MI Super Bass

MI Super Bass


  • Up to 20 hrs Battery Life
  • 40 mm Dynamic Driver
  • Super Powerful Bass
  • Bluetooth 5.0

The MI Super Bass Headphone comes with Bluetooth 5.0 version and much better. It gives a studio quality sound and has an on-ear headphones form factor.

Mi Super Bass is the Best Headphones Under 3000

The Bluetooth range is up to 10m so just connect the headset to your phone and you can easily go hands-free and keep your phone in your pocket while listening and grooving to your favorite music.

This is the advantage of a wireless headset. The sound quality is very impressive and worth mentioning. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle environment, just connect the headphones.

It has super powerful bass and 40 mm dynamic drivers that create deep and impact bass output. It has a battery life of up to 20 hours.

Needless to mention it is water and sweat resistant. All the voice assistant like Google assistant and Siri are supported.

So, without even touching your phone you can activate your voice assistant and ask for any sort of information or give any sort of a command.

Well, it is compatible with all sorts of devices and smart phones. The comfort provided by it is worth mentioning. It is really comfortable and lightweight and fit is perfect.


The battery life is very good and the sound quality as well.

There are no connectivity issues.

It is light-weight and so you can go for long hours of usage.

The bass is good.


The built quality is not so good.

The call quality is also not so good as it can be used outdoors in a very crowded space.

It is not foldable.

Hence, now you can find the best earphones for yourself and treat your ears well.

Listen to good music along with good and nice earphones.

7. Motorola Pulse Escape

Best Headphones Under 3000


  • Noise isolation 
  • 10 hours Battery time 
  • 40 mm drivers 
  • Built-in microphone

Here is the 7th number of Best Headphones Under 3000

The Motorola Pulse Escape headphone comes with a wireless feature, connecting itself to the operating device with Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

There are powerful, oversized 40mm drivers with super bass-driven sound. It is supported by 1 lithium polymer battery and has a playtime of an average of 6 hours.

The battery life is quite good. The headphones have a 40mm driver unit size and the Bluetooth range is up to 12m. So, you can move around freely while listening to your music.

It has an over-ear form factor and comfortable full-size form with earcups. The sound isolation is good and there is no sound leak.

The frequency ranges from 20 Hz-20,000 Hz. It offers potential for maximum bass and loudness levels. It comes with a detachable cable and can be used alternately.

The headphones are water-resistant and small splashes of water or sweat do not cause any harm to the headphones. They can be easily carried to the gym and also during workouts.

The weight is about 411 grams and is good for carrying. The cups can be folded and takes minimal space when packed in your bags.

Overall, the sound is good along with durable build quality and is a good product for the price.


Good product for this price.

The sound quality is good and smooth.

The whole design is quite classy and nice.


The sound might be blurred sometimes.

There might be connection problems.

How To Choose Best Headphones Under 3000

Headphones are a compulsion in our lives right now, as we tend to use them everywhere for talking in calls to listening to music.

Generally, on purchase of smartphones, we get headphones along with the new phone as a part. But once they get a defect it’s time for us to buy new headphones.

So, then we are seen confused and try to understand which one to buy, what to look for while buying, etc.

How can we figure out which is good for us and which one is not? which one will last longer?

also, how to choose the Best Headphones Under 3000

So, these are like general questions that we have while we are choosing our new products. Let us take a look at the article to understand further.

Some common things people look at while purchasing are brand name, quality, and price. These are the most frequent criteria that people look at while purchasing a product.

The first thing is the brand, as well-reputed brands have an upper stack when it comes to preferences. Then they look at the product and wonder if it matches their taste if the design is aesthetically pleasing, if the appearance is nice or not.

After all this, they tend to check the price and analyze if it is worth it or not.

Rational customers know that brand and looks are not important. Other things like sound quality, noise cancellation, sensitivity, frequency response, drivers, etc. are the most important factors.

Let us see what more to expect while buying Best Headphones Under 3000.

The fit of the headphones is important because not all ear shapes are the same. So, there are several headphone factors like in-ear, on-ear as well as over-ear.

Thus, finding the good one that will fit you is necessary because bad headphones will not only harm or hurt your ears, but they might even create hearing issues for those with sensitive ears.  

· The frequency range is generally measured in hertz (Hz) and generally refers to the range of audio frequencies that are headphones can repeat

In the list of Best Headphones Under 3000 we have the listed headphones have the higher frequency range.

So, knowing the frequency response will help you select the right product that you’re looking for. Like if you like to listen to music with lots of basses, then you should look for headphones with a low bass frequency

· Compatibility is a very important criterion that needs to be fulfilled when it comes to purchasing headphones.

If they are not connective and only selectively connected to some devices then it’s a problem as there is no versatility and hence can be a problem.

· Drivers are also responsible for creating the sound within your device. So, the stronger the driver the better will be the overall sound.

Drivers can also boost the different sound effects for a good listening experience.

· Sensitivity should be taken into consideration. It refers to how loud headphones can go and show how electric signals can be changed into acoustic signals.

They are generally measured by sound pressure level (SPL) and also help you understand what is right for you. It’s always preferable to buy a mid-range level of sensitivity headphones because they will not be dangerous to your ears.

· Noise cancellation feature is very important because it will help you separate the unnecessary sound, noises from your background so that they don’t create any sort of disturbance.

You can focus on your work more properly when such unwanted noises will be canceled out.

Even when you’re talking to someone who overalls in some noisy surroundings, this feature will help in delivering a crystal-clear voice and the person on the other side can hear you properly.

·Water-resistant headphones are now on the trend because you can carry them easily while you’re working out at the gym or doing exercise at your house or maybe running long distances.

They can be your perfect partner in the process of staying healthy. They block out moisture from sweat so that it does not get destroyed or defected.

· Lastly, the brand should also be taken into consideration because it is true that well-known and well-repeated brands are much more reliable as compared to the new ones.

However, they should not be the first criteria while you are purchasing headphones.


I Hope you have now cleared about the Best Headphones Under 3000 there are 7 headphones I have mentioned in the Best Headphones Under 3000 on their overall performances, if you ask me to choose which one then I will recommend you to go with the Number 1 and number 2 choice otherwise choose according to your budget, performances and uses

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